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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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For the version of this group after the Super Genesis Wave, see Guardian Units of the Nation.

The Guardian Units of the Nation, also known as G.U.N., is an organization that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics. It is a military organization of the United Federation. Its forces are made up of highly-trained military agents, field agents, and various powerful robotic weapons and vehicles. G.U.N ultimately operates under the orders of the President of the United Federation. It is run by Chief Commander Abraham Tower, who replaced Hugo Brass in 3237, and among its top agents are Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and E-123 Omega who together form Team Dark.



The Guardian Units of the Nation were formed to protect the last remnants of the human race that survived the devastation of the Xorda Gene Bombs. As various human cities managed to make contact with one another, they formed the organization in order to ensure their safety, particularly as they recognized that their world was home to strange new forms of life, such as the Mobians. Unfortunately, they developed a rather merciless approach to their mission, and it was rarely necessary.[1]

Invasion of the ARK

Fifty years ago, the colonel of G.U.N. had received word that Project: Shadow, a project made to make immortality possible, had been a success due to Gerald Robotnik having received assistance from Black Doom. The colonel had his troops invade the ARK so they could use Project: Shadow as a weapon for themselves. But Shadow escaped via an escape pod thanks to Gerald's granddaughter, Maria, who was shot in the back by a soldier while trying to flee herself. The colonel then met with Gerald back on Mobius and ordered him to make a new Shadow on Prison Island, but G.U.N. could not tell if Gerald was trying to "pull a fast one" due to Shadow being so advanced and had Gerald executed.[2][3][4]


Abraham Tower, who was aboard the ARK when G.U.N. invaded, became the supreme commander of the organization after his involvement in both the Overland military and the Heritage Project. Tower, who had long held G.U.N. responsible for the loss of his childhood friend Maria, was determined to see it become a more noble force for good. He carried out large reforms, eliminating tactics and dismissing personnel whom he felt were questionable. As a result, G.U.N. became a far more noble organization.[1]

Capturing Sonic

One of G.U.N.'s most well known operations was their mission to capture Sonic the Hedgehog, when they believed he was responsible for stealing the city's Chaos Emerald. In reality, the emerald was stolen by Sonic's look-alike Shadow the Hedgehog. Although Sonic was captured by Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 despite putting up resistance, he managed to escape from their helicopter while being transported to prison. Eventually Shadow's identity became known, and Sonic was exonerated for the crime.[5]

Refugees and Dragons

Almost a year later, Paladin Team Sigma-Alpha 2 were once again deployed, this time to work with Sonic and the Knothole Freedom Fighters in bringing an end to the terror brought on by the dragon Zan. Sigma Alpha 2 planted the explosives in the dragon's cave that resulted in his death. In exchange for the Freedom Fighter's help and information on Dr. Eggman, Station Square accepted the numerous Overlander refugees that had been rescued from Robotropolis.[6][7]

Other Actions

After the destruction of Robotropolis by Station Square's O.T.I.S. launching a nuclear strike,[8] G.U.N. dispatched their Mobian agent Rouge the Bat to the ruined city of Old Megaopolis to retrieve information about Dr. Eggman's new machine body. Rouge did not return from her mission however, and G.U.N. asked for Knothole's help. Rouge was rescued by Sonic and Bunnie Rabbot, and Eggman's new robotic body was destroyed.[9]

When the Xorda race came to Mobius and activated the Quantum Dial, G.U.N. participated in the global counter attack which included Mobians, Overlanders, and Humans from throughout Mobius. The threat was ultimately eliminated by Sonic and Knuckles the Echidna, the former seemingly dying in the process but in fact being launched across the galaxy.[10]

When Sonic returned from his year-long absence from outer space following the Xorda's attack on Mobius, G.U.N. agents joined the Mes Braves Battalion and the Chaotix at Fort Acorn to prevent Eggman's SWATbots from taking down the force field around the irradiated Robotropolis.[11][12][13]

Shadow's Missions

When the Enerjak crisis emerged, G.U.N. dispatched their newest agent, Shadow, to help protect New Mobotropolis from the Chaos-demigod's wrath. Despite his best efforts however, Shadow was defeated. Enerjak was soon captured by the Egg Fleet however, and Shadow's mission was complete.[14]

Shadow was later given a new mission to go to the Special Zone and bring back a Chaos Emerald. The young mechanic Hope Kintobor built a teleporter to take him there, but sent him to Moebius instead.[15] After an entanglement with Metal Sonic that brought him first to an alternate reality,[16] then to the Sol Zone, Shadow managed to retrieve an emerald from Blaze for stopping Metal Sonic. Shadow then went back to GUN headquarters and was given his next mission.[17]

That mission was to head to New Megaopolis with Rouge the Bat and deactivate Eggman's new weapon, a laser capable of destroying the Knothole Freedom Fighters' force field, their camp, and half of the Eggdome. Shadow recruited the help of Sonic who was sleeping outside the Eggdome along with the others for the final battle. Sonic questioned why Eggman would build something so over the top, to which Shadow replied that intelligence suggests Eggman is losing his last grasp on reality. Sonic disagreed, citing that Eggman hasn't stooped that far yet. The trio tried to disable the Doom Laser, but accidentally shifted it into firing position. Shadow then took off his Inhibitor Rings and used his Chaos powers to stop the laser. He accidentally fell off the laser, but Sonic grabbed his hand, saying they're not going through the whole Shadow falling to his death a second time. Sonic then questioned if Shadow was going to join the final battle against Eggman, to which Shadow replied he owes Sonic much gratitude and the least he could do is allow Sonic to settle things with the doctor himself.[18]

Commander Tower later sent Shadow on a mission to find and possibly recruit E-102 Gamma, an old rogue E-100 Series robot who had been defeating Eggman's robots here and there, and was beginning to wear down and needed help. But Eggman was also interested in find the robot and sent out the last of his E-100 Series to find him, E-123 Omega. Shadow failed at his mission, as he and Gamma were separated after locating him due to Omega. Omega destroyed Gamma, but E-102 gave him "brother" his free will and Omega joined GUN to follow in Gamma's steps.[19]

Shortly after this, Shadow and Rouge were sent on a mission to obtain a Chaos Emerald from the Special Zone and failed. Commander Tower then had Shadow and Rouge team up with the newly recruited E-123 Omega to form Team Dark. The trio then went to the Special Zone again, but this time accomplished their mission after resorting to Plan B.[20]

New Difficulties

Following the launch of the Death Egg Mark 2, G.U.N. was threatened by the World Roboticizer, a weapon which would have destroyed its technology and left it unable to oppose the Eggman Empire. Fortunately, the device's effects on the United Federation and Mobius were thwarted by the brave sacrifice of Sally Acorn, who was transformed into Mecha Sally as a result.[21] G.U.N. would find itself pitted against some of its own. The Eurish Dark Egg Legion, whose membership included several G.U.N. soldiers who had undergone Legionization and brainwashing, launched an attack on Central City. While Shadow and Rouge protected the President, Omega was dispatched at the head of a G.U.N. force to combat the Legionnaires and the robots accompanying them. After a difficult battle, they succeeded in driving the enemy force out of the city.[22]

Note: From this point, GUN's history continues from its new existence in the altered timeline.

Weapons and technology

G.U.N. employs a variety of technology and weapons, including rifles, helicopters, jets, explosives and nuclear weapons. They also maintain an army of robots created for use against Dr. Eggman's, though Omega dismisses them as being "inferior." Their machinery is derived mostly from pre-Mobius human technology, though they have seen some advances, particularly thanks to the Overlanders.


  • The origin of GUN's name probably stems from the Japanese word for "army" which is simply "gun" or "guntai" and then words were made to fit with the acronym.

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