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"G.U.N." redirects here. For other uses, see G.U.N. (disambiguation).

GUN - An abbreviation of "Guardian Units of Nation",[sic] the name for the national defense forces. They are a military organization established to respond to major criminal cases and domestic conflicts. Since the invention of the "Chaos Drive", a semi-permanent power source, a majority of their forces are comprised of fully automatic unmanned mobile machines.

— Description, Sonic Adventure 2 Hero/Dark Manual[2]

The Guardian Units of Nations,[3][4] also known as the Guardian Units of the Nations and abbreviated as G.U.N., G. U. N. or GUN,[4][note 1] is a group that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is an international military and security organization on earth, as well as the national defense forces of the United Federation.[2] Run by an unnamed man as its commander-in-chief,[4] G.U.N. has engaged in multiple incidents where it would protect earth from all sorts of threats, including the Eggman Empire and the Black Arms.

Founded over fifty years ago, G.U.N. has had a key role in several crises in recent history, including the shutdown of Project Shadow, the Space Colony ARK incident, the Black Arms' invasion of the planet, and many others. However, during the War to Take Back the Planet, G.U.N. was "put in their place" by the Eggman Empire, leaving its current status uncertain.[1] In the 2023 Sonic Twitter Takeover Eggman said he managed to dissolve G.U.N. Meaning the organization is no longer around or at least a shell of its former self.



The date of the foundation of the Guardian Units of Nations is unknown, though the organization has been active for several decades as of now. Their original purpose was to respond to major criminal cases and domestic conflicts.[2]

Project Shadow and aftermath[]

Vlc 2016-09-11 23-24-43-141

G.U.N. troops raiding the Space Colony ARK, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Fifty years ago, when the government of the United Federation began fearing the results of Project Shadow, directed by Professor Gerald Robotnik onboard the Space Colony ARK, the top officials of G.U.N. at the time saw the research institution's uniqueness as hostile, and arrived at the decision to set a plan to close the ARK itself. Making up a public story that a biohazard outbreak had occurred within the ARK, the military formulated the so-called "ARK Seal Operation", whose purpose was to close down the spaceship's research facility, destroy everyone and everything (except Gerald) related to the project, and detain the professor as the cause of the accident. When Project Shadow was completed, the ARK was violently invaded by GUN Soldiers, evacuating civilians and killing researchers. During the attack, Gerald put his finishing touches on his research's final result: Shadow the Hedgehog, the "Ultimate Lifeform". Robotnik then had him escape to safety with his granddaughter, Maria. In the ensuing chase, the two got to the escape pods, but Maria was shot by a soldier when helping the hedgehog escape. Mortally wounded, she ejected her friend to earth in a pod.[5]

Within a week, the residents of the ARK had all been moved back to earth, the space station's research facilities had been frozen, and the people involved in Project Shadow, except for Gerald, were announced as victims of the accident told to the public. The plan was completed when the project's prototype, the Biolizard, was sealed away onboard the ARK after finding it in the deepest part of the spacecraft.[5] The ARK was then sealed off, probably to prevent the Biolizard from falling into the wrong hands.[6]

When the operations about Project Shadow ceased on the ARK, Gerald was taken to Prison Island to continue his research under military control. G.U.N. later retrieved Shadow and brought him to the island for Robotnik to continue his work, but when the professor learned that Maria had been killed, he went mad with grief. While it was thought that he was continuing his research with the black hedgehog,[7] Gerald secretly created a program that would cause the ARK to fall to earth and destroy it as his revenge at humanity, going as far as to brainwash Shadow to make him carry out his revenge when he awoke.[6] When G.U.N. began to fear how the professor might retaliate, they incarcerated him. Knowing only the danger of Project Shadow, the military sealed Prison Island and abandoned Gerald's research.[7] Robotnik was subsequently executed while Shadow was placed in suspended animation on the island.

At some point after Project Shadow's end, G.U.N. began using the Chaos Drives - crystallized Chaos Emerald energy developed by Gerald - to power their machines. In no time, most of their armed forces began consisting of highly advanced, automated robots powered by these Chaos Drives.[2]

Sonic Adventure 2[]


G.U.N.'s underground base on Prison Island being invaded by Dr. Eggman, from Sonic Adventure 2.

In Sonic Adventure 2, Gerald's grandson, the infamous Dr. Eggman, learned of Project Shadow when he came across his grandfather's diary by sheer coincidence. Coveting the "Ultimate Lifeform" for his own use, the doctor raided Prison Island and broke into G.U.N.'s underground base there.[8]. After overcoming the various hordes of military robots defending the facility, the scientist awoke Shadow, who showcased his power by destroying a G.U.N. B-3x Hot Shot mech in less than ten seconds.[9]


Sonic escaping from a GUN Military Truck, from Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

FREEZE! What do you think you're doing?! Get that hedgehog!

Sigma-Alpha 2, Sonic Adventure 2

Mistaking Shadow for Sonic the Hedgehog, G.U.N. found the latter the next day. Seeing him as a deserter from the military facility, they caught him and were about to take him to Prison Island. However, when the Sigma-Alpha 2 helicopter containing Sonic was flying over the capital city, the rather rebellious hero broke out and fell into the city down below, where he evaded the various troops hot on his heels.[10] Eventually, G.U.N. sent out their one of their massive military trucks to chase after the hedgehog, but this mission was unsuccessful. That night, Shadow stole a Chaos Emerald from the national reserve bank and ran through the capital city while the military was hot on his heels.[11] Meanwhile, the armed forces had a F-6t Big Foot mech attempt to defeat Sonic, but they saw little success. However, when the blue hedgehog met the black hedgehog soon after and the latter left using Chaos Control, G.U.N. finally caught the hero and imprisoned him on Prison Island.

The next day, G.U.N. met even more interference from Tails and Amy, Sonic's friends who wanted to liberate him. While the fox made his way through Prison Island's base, overcoming the troops protecting it, the pink hedgehog infiltrated the prison and broke Sonic out. In the meantime, Eggman would return to the island with Shadow and Rouge the Bat, having the former plant Eggman Bomboms throughout the facility to destroy it and the latter infiltrate the military base to get the three Chaos Emeralds there. Soon after, Sonic would escape to the Green Forest, where he found the black hedgehog yet again. After a fight between the two hedgehogs that ended in a stalemate, it was revealed that the planted bombs were about to go off in a minute and a half, which would destroy the entire island. As such, Shadow warped himself and Rouge out of Prison Island, while Sonic found Tails and Amy and narrowly escaped with them as the facility was destroyed.

That night, when Eggman made his threat to the United Federation to surrender in the next twenty-four hours, G.U.N. troops would chase after Tails while he was making his way through the capital city to pinpoint the doctor's location. At some point following this, G.U.N. dropped the charges against Sonic and the others.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]


The G.U.N. commander leading his troops during the Black Arms' invasion, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Attention. Emergency broadcast to all mobile units. Headquarters to all mobile units. All points bulletin. Be on the lookout for Shadow the Black Hedgehog. Wanted in connection with the terrorist attacks. Last seen in the vicinity of downtown Westopolis. Orders are, capture him. Dead or alive.

GUN Soldier, Shadow the Hedgehog

In Shadow the Hedgehog, when the Black Arms made a full-scale invasion on earth, G.U.N. troops would be sent all around the world to repel the aliens and protect the attacked cities. The Commander would also prioritize the destruction of Shadow, along with the Black Arms, due to his deep hatred towards the black hedgehog, whom he saw as the indirect cause of the shutdown of the ARK.[12]

While G.U.N. was eventually able to push back the Black Arms from cities like Westopolis, Shadow would cooperate with the aliens at first[note 2] and began looking for the seven Chaos Emeralds to give them to Black Doom, the leader of the Black Arms, and find out about his past.[13] A series of events would take place in the aftermath, such as the President of the United Federation being sent to G.U.N.'s headquarters, presumably for safety. In the end, the military's staff watched as Shadow fought Black Doom in an epic battle and destroyed the aliens' Black Comet with the Eclipse Cannon. By the request of the President, G.U.N. would pay tribute to Gerald and work towards a brighter future, while the Commander would apologize the black hedgehog for his former prejudice towards him.[14]

Sonic Rush[]

In Sonic Rush, Sonic and Blaze would go through G.U.N.'s warship fleet Huge Crisis in the ocean during their respective adventures. Eventually, they would face either Eggman Nega or Dr. Eggman, respectively, in the Egg Hammer Fortress.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)[]

Transmission from HQ. There's an SOS coming from Dr. Eggman's Base. Our last communication with our agent was 26 hours ago. We expect an immediate rescue, Shadow the Hedgehog.

— GUN HQ, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

In Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Shadow was requisitioned by G.U.N. to find Rouge, as she had presumably been kidnapped by Dr. Eggman and was being held at his base in White Acropolis. After that, the military would contact the black hedgehog and the bat for various purposes.

Eventually, when Solaris was removed from existence, the events of the entire incident were undone, including G.U.N.'s involvement during the crisis.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity[]

The International Security Organization, G.U.N., has begun to investigate the event.

— News Reporter, Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

In Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, when the MeteorTech robots began rampaging after the last three Arks of the Cosmos fell to earth, G.U.N. would investigate the event.

Sonic Generations[]

SonicGenerations 2016-11-03 23-19-16-326

Modern Sonic escaping from a renovated G.U.N. Military Truck, from the console/PC version of Sonic Generations.

In the console/PC version of Sonic Generations, an incarnation of the capital city from somewhere in spacetime got transported to White Space where it was drained of color and life. When Classic and Modern Sonic went through this area, both would encounter various of G.U.N.'s robots, as well as an improved G.U.N. Military Truck.

Shadow Generations[]

Sonic Forces[]

In Sonic Forces, G.U.N. opposed the expansion of the Eggman Empire at the start of the War to Take Back the Planet. However, it was brought down by Dr. Eggman using his new power, allowing him to take over 99% of the earth easily.[1] After the war, it is currently unknown if G.U.N. was being rebuilt or was left defunct.

Sonic Frontiers[]

What are G.U.N. military craft doing in here!? Sage has helped me avoid the worst of it, and it doesn't appear to be manned. Is it a defense mechanism? I need to learn more.

Egg Memo #2, Sonic Frontiers
Sonic Frontiers Eggman attacked in Cyber Space

Copies of G.U.N. aircraft surrounding Dr. Eggman in Cyber Space, from Sonic Frontiers.

In Sonic Frontiers, Cyber Space copies of G.U.N.'s craft would appear, apparently unmanned, due to the dimension gathering data from all around Sonic's universe.[15] Shortly after getting stuck in the Cyber Space, Dr. Eggman would narrowly avoid being caught by G.U.N. military craft with Sage's help multiple times.[16]

In the events that followed, various of G.U.N.'s troops would appear in a setting of stages in Cyber Space from Sonic's past memories.

Other game appearances[]

Sonic Rivals[]

Among the 150 collectible cards in Sonic Rivals, there are seven are G.U.N.-related pictures. These cards are "The Commander", "Big Foot", "Flying Dog", "Hot Shot", "Gun Wing", "Hornet-6", and "Shield Hunter".

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood[]

Main Article: GUN Official

Chronicles G.U

A G.U.N Unit, from Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood.

G.U.N. is involved in the events of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood by trying help Sonic and friends find Knuckles. They are first seen helping in destroying the Egg Carrier, later appear fighting off the Nocturnus Clan, and have a headquarters in Central City as well as taking patrol in Mystic Ruins. They are investigating Knuckles' disappearance and hired Team Chaotix to learn more about the Marauders. Just before Sonic and co. traveled to the Twilight Cage, they gave Rouge instructions to gather any Marauder technology for the scientists to research and possibly re-engineer.



Main article: Commander

G.U.N.'s Commander is an efficient officer, never backing down in the face of danger. In his debut, he commands his forces against the Black Arms, serving as the counterpart to Dr. Eggman, Black Doom, and Shadow the Hedgehog. He also harbors a deep hatred towards the enigmatic hedgehog, this being so great in Shadow the Hedgehog that he sent G.U.N. forces after him even though the world largely considered Shadow a hero.

Commander claims he saw Black Doom with Gerald Robotnik releasing Shadow. When the government came to shut down the Space Colony ARK and killed Maria Robotnik, he blamed Shadow for her death, as well as the deaths of all other ARK inhabitants, when, ironically, it was the G.U.N. army that killed most of them. It is unknown why he was on the ARK, but it can be assumed that he was related to one of the researchers connected to Project Shadow, since he said his family was killed along with Maria. It is unknown why he himself was evacuated instead of killed.

In some storylines, he controls the Diablon robot, G.U.N.'s most powerful creation despite it being unfinished. In three of the endings of the games, he teams up with Sonic to fight Shadow. It is unknown whether he controls it personally or via remote, as both are implied through dialogue/lack thereof.

Once he speaks to Shadow before Cosmic Fall, he realizes that Shadow is not evil at all and regrets attempting to kill him. After Shadow defeats Devil Doom and destroys the Black Comet, the President states how ironic it was that people treated Gerald like he was evil, and he ended up saving them all in the end. The Commander and the President realize they were wrong about Gerald's intentions and that he was truly a good-hearted person. They decide they will help create peace for the world in honor of Gerald. In Expert Mode, it is revealed that the Commander had become a grandfather one week before the events of the game.

G.U.N. troops[]


Concept artwork of GUN Soldiers, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Since the invention of the Chaos Drives, G.U.N.'s forces have been predominantly fully automatic, unmanned machines.[2] However, the military also employs human soldiers, who also make the bulk of their armed forces.

GUN Soldiers[]

Foot troops of G.U.N. armed with combat knives or a variety of firearms. They first appeared in a cutscene in Sonic Adventure 2, and reappeared as common enemies in Shadow the Hedgehog. They mostly wear black and blue, but they also have green, tan, black and brown camouflage clothes for various terrains they fight on, and commonly are armed with pistols, sub-machine guns, assault rifles and over-shoulder explosives. Some also are equipped with riot shields to protect them from frontal attacks.


Beetle Series[]

These are saucer-shaped one-eyed floating robots that appear in Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog, and Sonic Generations. They function as obstacles that block your path forward or serve as tiny attack platforms. There are several different types of beetles, which either hover with a fan and cannot move or feature a turbine to fly around with. The Beetles in Shadow the Hedgehog have the number "05" on them.

Image Name Appears in Description
SonicGenerations 2015-02-03 13-24-41-211 Mono Beetle Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Generations Basic unarmed Beetle that simply floats in place.
GUN Beetle Gun Beetle Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Generations A Beetle armed with a projectile gun.
GUPE8P-546 Rocket Beetle Shadow the Hedgehog A Beetle armed with 4-Shot RPG rocket launcher. Iron Jungle is the only stage to involve the Rocket Beetles, featuring about 17 of them.
Bomb Beetle Bomb Beetle Sonic Adventure 2 A Beetle that constantly drops bombs.
Spark Beetle Spark Beetle Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog A Beetle with an electrical shield that it switches the discharge on and off.
GUN Spring Spring Beetle Sonic Adventure 2 A Beetle with a Spring on top of it.
SA2GoldBeetle Gold Beetle Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Generations (3DS) A special Beetle that can teleport in Sonic Adventure 2 after appearing for a short amount of time. If destroyed, it awards 1000 points to the player.

In Sonic X, the Gold Beetles have a number "01" on them.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, these Gold Beetles can move slightly faster than the Gun Wings and require two hits to defeat instead of one. They can't teleport and aren't as gold as previous versions. Due to gameplay mechanics, Shadow will be awarded 1,000 Dark points upon their destruction.

Gun Wing SA2 Gun Wing Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog Like a G.U.N. Beetle, except it has wings that lets it move around.
Bomb Wing SA2 Bomb Wing Sonic Adventure 2 A Wing that generally flies in a circle while dropping bombs.

Hunter Series[]

Hunters are tall white humanoid robots that have the number "02" on them.

Image Name Appears in Description
Sonic Generations 2014-11-3-22-31-26-30 Gun Hunter Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rush, Sonic Generations Hunter with some kind of projectile weapon. Some fire blue projectiles that trap enemies.
Laser GUN Laser Hunter Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Rush Hunter with a powerful laser gun. In Sonic X their laser beams are green when fired.
Gun hunter2 Shield Hunter Sonic Adventure 2 Hunter equipped with a large powerful shield. It can use either a gun or a laser. Can only be destroyed at their feet when they lower their shield to open fire.

Rhino Series[]

Rhinos are blocky, tank-like robots with the number "03" on them. They usually attack by attempting to ram into their target.

Image Name Appears in Description
Rhino Jet SA2 Rhino Jet Sonic Adventure 2 Basic Rhino. It simply rolls around, trying to hit enemies.
Rhino Cannon Rhino Cannon Sonic Adventure 2 Rhino armed with a cannon.
Rhino Rush transparent Rhino Cannon (Sonic Rush) Sonic Rush Rhino with a jet-propelled Spring on top.
GUN Spikes Rhino Spike Sonic Adventure 2 Rhino with spikes on top, protecting it from air attacks.
Rhino Metal SA2 Rhino Metal Sonic Adventure 2 Rhino covered in thick armor, can be destroyed with Sonic's Magic Hands ability.

Hawk Series[]

Hawks are large, floating robots with the number "04" on them. They have two cylinder-shaped engines that they use to hover and maneuver in the air.

Image Name Appears in Description
GUN Hawk1 Gun Hawk Sonic Adventure 2 Hawk that fires several projectiles once it spots an enemy.
Mono Hawk Gum Hawk Sonic Adventure 2 Hawk equipped with a sticky stun missile launcher. After immobilizing an opponent, it attacks them with two spikes mounted on its wings.
Laser Hawk Laser Hawk Sonic Adventure 2 Hawk armed with a laser gun.
Egg hawk Sky Hawk Sonic Adventure 2 Hawks that fly around in the sky, only to swoop down to crush enemies.
Bomb Hawk transparent Bomb Hawk Sonic Rush Hawk that hovers in the air while dropping bombs.

Hornet Series[]

Hornets are flying, eye-like robots with several appendages that hold bombs. When they spot an enemy, they fire the bombs toward it. They have the number "05" on them.

Image Name Appears in Description
Hornet-3 SA2 Hornet-3 Sonic Adventure 2 Hornet armed with three bombs.
Hornet -6 Hornet-6 Sonic Adventure 2 Hornet armed with six bombs.
Hornet-9 SA2 Hornet-9 Sonic Adventure 2 Hornet armed with nine bombs.
Phoenix SA2 Phoenix Sonic Adventure 2 A red Hornet-3 that moves slightly faster and has faster bombs.
Laser Hornet SA2 Laser Hornet Sonic Adventure 2 Hornet armed with three laser guns.

Artificial Chaos[]

Artificial Chaos are robotic versions of Chaos from Sonic Adventure that exist on the Space Colony ARK. They are all prototypes of the Ultimate Life Form and were created by Gerald Robotnik.

Image Name Appears in Description
Artificial Chaos2 Artificial Chaos P-1 Sonic Adventure 2 A standing Artificial Chaos that fires lasers from its eyes.
Artificial Chaos1 Artificial Chaos P-100 Sonic Adventure 2 A floating Artificial Chaos that splits into hundreds of small Cells, which attack enemies.
GUPE8P-422 Cell Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog A tiny cell of an Artificial Chaos P-100.
Artificial Chaos1 Float Type Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog An Artificial Chaos that floats in the air as an orb of water, these appear identical to Artificial Chaos P-100. All Artificial Chaos in Shadow The Hedgehog are of this type, although they cannot shoot lasers.
Artificial Chaos2 Guard Type Sonic Adventure 2 A standing Artificial Chaos that uses its long arms to stab enemies, these appear identical to Artificial Chaos P-1. Some can retract their heads into their bodies, protecting them from damage.


Image Name Appears in Description
GUNTrooper GUN Trooper Shadow the Hedgehog A green robot with red markings, it can only use the Semi-Auto Rifle.
GUPE8P-777 Giga Trooper Shadow the Hedgehog Similar to the GUN Trooper, except it is heavily armored, camouflage-colored, and can use any weapon.



Image Name Appears in Description
SG3DS-Blue Eagle Blue Eagle Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS) Bomber plane that appears in several stages of Sonic Adventure 2. It drops bomb showers, and appears to be based on the Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback. It appears to have a feet form like the gun hunter robots, rather than wheels for landing gear.


Image Name Appears in Description
Sonic2app 2016-08-06 23-10-40-138 G.U.N. transport helicopter Sonic Adventure 2 A large helicopter that appears in the opening cutscene of the Hero story. It bears a striking resemblance to the Russian Mil Mi-24 Hind. The helicopter has the identification code "Sigma-Alpha 2". According to writing on the helicopter, it may be that either the machine or it's model was named "LONGBOY622_15A", or short "LONGBOY".
GUN Assault Helicopter G.U.N. assault helicopter Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Frontiers A military helicopter that flies around the city stages in Shadow the Hedgehog that can be destroyed or held onto. A holographic replica of an unmanned variant appears in Sonic Frontiers in the city Cyber Space Stages.
In Sonic Frontiers, the helicopter is based on the American AH-64 Apache.

Ground vehicles[]

Image Name Appears in Description
GUNMilitaryTruckModel GUN Military Truck Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic Generations A huge truck that chases Sonic in the City Escape stage, crushing anything in its way, though it eventually crashes into a brick overpass. In Sonic Generations, the truck that chases Modern Sonic features three large saw blades and a pair of rocket boosters.
GUN Military Police Vehicle Military police vehicle Sonic Adventure 2 Appears in Mission Street.
S06Buggy G.U.N. Armed Buggy Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) A basic military jeep equipped with strong G.U.N. armor that can be used by Shadow.
HMMWV HMMWV Shadow the Hedgehog A large, strong Armored Personnel Carrier. It can be used by Shadow, and is usually found behind the Secret Door.
Armored transport vehicle Shadow the Hedgehog A huge van-looking vehicle seen in G.U.N. Fortress. It cannot be used, and is just a destroyable object.
GUNMotorcycle GUN Motorcycle Shadow the Hedgehog A military motorcycle that can be found and ridden by Shadow in Lethal Highway.
SSS Dark Rider Dark Rider Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, Sonic Speed Simulator A G.U.N motorcycle that Shadow custom-fitted to suit his personal tastes.
S06Hovercraft Hover Craft Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) A hover craft that is used by Shadow to traverse over large areas of water or quicksand.
GUN tank Tank Shadow the Hedgehog, Sonic Frontiers A green tank can be seen in Shadow the Hedgehog in the cutscene where Black Doom threatens the earth. In Sonic Frontiers, a holographic replica of a G.U.N Tanks appears in the city Cyber Space stages, although it is black instead of green.


Image Name Appears in Description
Vlcsnap-2011-05-26-20h23m47s50 Aircraft carrier Sonic Adventure 2 A huge aircraft carrier seen outside Prison Island. Blue Eagle planes are kept on them.
Warship Shadow the Hedgehog An equally huge ship sporting large cannons. Two can be seen outside the GUN Fortress.


Image Name Appears in Description
Air Fleet and the Eclipse Cannon G.U.N. battleship Shadow the Hedgehog Huge, heavily armed airships that can be found in the skies over earth. The Air Fleet stage in Shadow the Hedgehog takes place on one of these. It bears resemblance to Dr. Eggman's Wing Fortress from Sonic the Hedgehog 2
The rocket Mobile rocket Sonic Adventure, Sonic Adventure 2, Shadow the Hedgehog A rocket that is held onto and used to travel to high areas. In Shadow the Hedgehog, it comes with a parachute for controlled descent.
GUNturret GUN turret Shadow the Hedgehog A powerful Heavy Machine Gun turret that, if destroyed, Shadow can pick up and use. Dr. Eggman considers it a piece of junk.
GUPE8P-472 Gun Lift Shadow the Hedgehog A type of GUN Turret that runs on a rail in Lost Impact. It is usually used for transport, but can reveal the hidden weapon in case of emergency.
S06Glider Glider Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) A jet glider that is used by Shadow to fly over long distances.

Big Foot[]

The Big Foot walkers are large bipedal walkers that can hover in the air. In Sonic Adventure 2 and Shadow the Hedgehog, they are manned by a G.U.N. pilot. However, in Sonic X, they appear to be completely robotic or remote-controlled, along with being somewhat weaker.


The F-6t Big Foot, from Sonic Adventure 2.

The F-6t is the first Big Foot featured in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is teal, yellow, and red. It attacks by flying above Sonic and firing its Gatling gun, occasionally landing to fire its missiles. It appears as one of the first bosses in Sonic Adventure 2 and its Sonic X adaption, both of which where it was fought and destroyed by Sonic. According to Sonic X, this Big Foot is 3.4 metres (11 ft. 11 in.) tall, 4.8 metres (16 ft. 3 in.) wide, and weighs 9.2 tonnes (10.14 short tons).[17]
A newer version of the Big Foot that is colored teal, yellow, and red. It appears in Shadow the Hedgehog and usually guards the later levels of the game. They are the second strongest standard enemy belonging to G.U.N.. They carry Gatling Guns, which Shadow can pick up after he has defeated them. This Big Foot is much stronger than the Sonic Adventure 2 variant, and takes many more Homing Attacks to defeat.
The Type B is similar to the F-6, except it is camouflage-colored and is armed with two quad missile launchers on its shoulders. It appears in Shadow the Hedgehog as fairly uncommon enemy, although it is the strongest unit belonging to G.U.N.. It never uses its Gatling gun, but fires homing missiles very quickly. After being destroyed, it drops a lock-on missile launcher.


Nearly identical to the F-6t Big Foot, except for a particle beam cannon built into the torso. The main difference between the two is that Big Foot makes three overhead machine-gun passes before landing and firing missiles, while the Hot Shot only passes overhead once. It appears only in Sonic Adventure 2 and its Sonic X adaption, where it was fought and defeated by Shadow.
A flying mech that is identical in equipment to the Hot Shot, with the exception of not needing to land, as it lacks legs. It appears in Sonic Adventure 2, where it traps Rouge on Prison Island.
Jump Walker Vehicle

A Jump Vehicle, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

A small walker that can jump to very high heights. It appears in Shadow the Hedgehog, where Shadow can use it for himself. There are two variants, one featuring two machine gun turrets, and one that doesn't. The armed version cannot jump as high as its un-armed counterpart, but it gains the ability to hover.
Appears in Shadow the Hedgehog in one of Shadow's flashbacks. The Heavy Dog is a large, disc-like machine that tries to stop Shadow and Maria from escaping the Space Colony ARK. It is armed with several homing missile launchers all around its body, and it can drop floating mines that will explode after some time. Its most dangerous armament is its Particle Beam Cannon, a weapon that fires blue energy waves in all directions. Interestingly, blueprints for the Heavy Dog can be seen on the walls of room it is fought in. Presumably, the Heavy Dog was built aboard the ARK, corresponding with what Shadow said about "weapons of mass destruction" being built there.
Blue Falcon (Model)

The Blue Falcon, from Shadow the Hedgehog.

Appearing in Shadow the Hedgehog, the Blue Falcon is a different version of the HD1 Heavy Dog, exchanging the bomb-launching capabilities for enhanced speed and strength. It is assigned to guard the Eclipse Cannon from invaders. The Blue Falcon is armed with the same missile launchers and Particle Beam Cannon as the Heavy Dog, but features the ability to drop powerful bombs instead of floating mines.
  • The Blue Falcon is said to be named after Captain Falcon's car in the F-Zero series, possibly since Sega helped develop F-Zero GX and F-Zero AX.
The Diablon appears in Shadow the Hedgehog as one of the possible final bosses. It is a humanoid robot, fully equipped with a powerful energy shield, jet-pack, strong laser gun, and the Antimatter Cannon, which, after some necessary charging, creates an explosion of energy that causes destruction across a large radius. Diablon is controlled by G.U.N.'s Commander (whether remotely or internally is unknown, as both ways are implied by the game), and is accompanied by Sonic when fought by Shadow. Its serial number and name are displayed on its wrists. It can be confronted in the G.U.N. Fortress, Final Haunt, and Black Comet stages.


Sonic Adventure 2[]

Weapon Description
Gun Fires large yellow projectiles.
Laser Fires a thick green laser beam.
Gum Laser Fires blue projectiles that stick to enemies, trapping them.
Bomb Spherical bomb that explodes after a few seconds. It is either dropped by Beetles or fired by Rhinos.
Minigun Fast-firing machine-gun used by the Big Foot, Hot Shot, and Flying Dog. Can be assumed to be the same as the Gatling Gun from Shadow the Hedgehog.
Missile launcher Homing missile launcher with four missiles, also used by the three mechs. Can be assumed to be the same as the 4-Shot RPG from Shadow the Hedgehog.
Particle beam cannon Energy weapon used by the Hot Shot and Flying Dog. It takes time to charge, but the blue energy shot fired creates a large explosion, while also featuring some homing capabilities.

Shadow the Hedgehog[]

Shadow the Hedgehog revealed a much larger and more realistic arsenal of weapons for G.U.N. (and Shadow) to use.

Weapon Description
Knife Combat knife used by G.U.N. troopers on the Space Colony ARK in The Doom.
G.U.N. shield Large bulletproof riot shield used by G.U.N. troopers. Shadow can not use it.
Pistol Semiautomatic pistol resembling a USP Tactical, used by GUN troopers.
Sub-Machine Gun Small, MP5-resembling sub-machine gun used by most G.U.N. troopers and small robots.
Assault Rifle Large assault rifle, resembling both a SIG SG551 and a G3, and is used by G.U.N. troopers and robots.
Gatling Gun Fast-shooting powerful minigun used by the Big Foot.
Heavy Machine Gun Long, powerful machine-gun used as stationary cannons and robot weapons. It resembles the Browning M2 .50 Caliber Machine Gun.
Bazooka Shoots an explosive rocket straight forward, used by G.U.N. troopers and robots.
Tank Cannon A large green cannon, found behind the locked key doors in Iron Jungle and Prison Island, and a cage in the GUN Fortress-based multiplayer map. Its shots are almost as powerful as a Chaos Blast, though no enemies use this weapon.
Grenade Launcher Shoots explosive grenades that arch downward. Seems to be based on the Milkor MGL, but without a stock or holo-scope.
RPG Bazooka-like weapon that uses Lock-on technology to fire homing missiles.
4-Shot RPG Missile launcher used in the Big Foot, Heavy Dog, and Blue Falcon mechs. Also used as hand-held by numerous Beetles, mechs, and soldiers. It can lock onto 4 separate targets, then fires a rocket at each in quick succession. Similar to the M202 FLASH (Grim Reaper).
8-Shot RPG Larger missile launcher that is used by the Big Foot and Giga Troopers. It can lock onto 8 separate targets, then fires a rocket at each in quick succession.
Laser Rifle Fires green lasers that bounce off any surfaces. It is only found in Expert Mode in Black Comet.
Particle beam cannon Fires multiple blue energy waves in all directions after charging up, and is built into the Heavy Dog and Blue Falcon. It cannot be used by Shadow.
Anti-Matter Cannon Creates a massive energy explosion around the Diablon, which is the only vehicle seen equipped with it. Shadow can not use it.


GUN Fortress[]

Main article: GUN Fortress

G.U.N.'s headquarters appears in Shadow the Hedgehog and is considered the most secure shelter on earth. The President is taken there for safety when the Black Arms attack Central City. The underground fortress is heavily guarded by three mother computers, armed security cameras, and an immeasurable number of G.U.N. troops and mechs. It is located in a mountain near the sea, as seen on the platform where the goal ring is located. It serves as one of the five final stages of the game.

Prison Island[]

Main article: Prison Island

A large jungle island used as a prison and research base by G.U.N. In Sonic Adventure 2, Dr. Eggman first came there to find G.U.N.'s secret weapon, which turned out to be Shadow the Hedgehog. Some time later, Sonic the Hedgehog was captured by GUN due to a misunderstanding and imprisoned deep inside the island, but he was quickly rescued by Miles "Tails" Prower and Amy Rose. At the same time Shadow, Eggman, and Rouge the Bat attacked the island in order to take G.U.N.'s Chaos Emeralds. They succeeded and planted several explosives on the island, blowing it up as everyone escaped.

However, Shadow the Hedgehog revealed that the explosives had only destroyed G.U.N.'s main base and spilled toxic waste into the rivers. G.U.N. still has some overgrown paths and prison cells in the jungle, and they use them to hold captured Black Arms soldiers. In the game, Charmy Bee goes to the island to look for some hidden data disks on behalf of Vector the Crocodile, and the player can choose to help him find them.

In other media[]


Sonic X[]

GUN Sonic X

G.U.N.'s logo, from Sonic X.

In the anime series Sonic X and its comic series published by Archie Comics, G.U.N. is a military branch. They extracted Eggman's technology and with a few tweaks, they managed to create their own robots. They also took Eggman's Egg Fort and turned it into their attack vehicle, the G.U.N. Fort V3.

Books and comics[]

Archie Comics[]


G.U.N.'s logo, from the Archie Comics.

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, G.U.N., its full name being Guardian Units of the Nation, was the sole military resource meant to project the United Federation. Most of their technology was based upon the early 21st Century earth tech, with some Overlander. G.U.N. was created long after the Gene Bombs when the various remaining human city-states began to communicate and organize. As strange new life began to populate Mobius, it was up to G.U.N. to protect the last of humanity. As such, they were a grim and ruthless organization - sometimes warranted, other times not. Under the leadership of Abraham Tower though, G.U.N.'s ruthlessness and self-importance was greatly diminished and its questionable operations were removed. As G.U.N. began to emerge in the outside world, they would ally themselves with the Kingdom of Acorn/Republic of Acorn in the ongoing war against Dr. Eggman and the Eggman Empire who threatened G.U.N.'s territories.

Following the Super Genesis Wave, G.U.N.'s history became virtually to their game counterpart. In this new continuity, they would aid in the Shattered World Crisis and prevent a second invasion of the Black Arms.



GUN Paramount

G.U.N.'s logo, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (film).

In the Sonic the Hedgehog film series produced by Paramount Pictures and its spin-offs, G.U.N. (short for Guardian Units of Nations) was formed after the events of first film as a global taskforce devoted to protecting the Earth from extraterrestrial treats, though they also work against the threats posed by Dr. Robotnik. Its commander is Walters and member is Agent Randall Handel.

Deeming Sonic the Hedgehog a threat, G.U.N. enacted Operation: Catfish, which led to Sonic and most of his associates' capture. However, after the fugitives were freed and Robotnik's return was made apparent to them, G.U.N. tried to apprehend him, only to be outclassed by his new power. After Robotnik was defeated, G.U.N. worked on clearing up his mess, during which they discovered a clue to a 5-decade-old file of Project Shadow.


  • The full name of the organization was a source of confusion. In the 2012 re-release of Sonic Adventure 2, the helicopter at the start of the Hero story features a clearer texture, making it possible to read "Guardian United Nation" on the side. The official strategy guide of Sonic Adventure 2 in Japan introduced it as "Guardian Units of Nation".[citation needed] The former is considered an error made by the port team, and the latter is thought to be a small translation error involving singular and plural.
  • The origin of G.U.N.'s name probably stems from the Japanese word for army, which is gun or guntai, and then words were made to fit with the acronym.
  • G.U.N. is based on the United States Armed Forces, though they have been seen using Russian Aircraft in Sonic Adventure 2.
  • G.U.N. may be based on the United Nations, since both are factions that fight for the peace of the world. It being an implied multinational military might also be a reference to NATO and the military of the USA, both of whom have been criticized for their hypocritical method of using military might to maintain world peace.
    • This reflects the irony of G.U.N.'s name as "Guardian Units of Nations" sounds heroic compared to "GUN", which is obviously a dangerous weapon.
    • Additionally, the background colors of various G.U.N. logos in Shadow the Hedgehog appear to use the same shade of blue used on the flag of the United Nations, along with featuring similar olive branches.
  • An unused voice clip in Shadow the Hedgehog has Dr. Eggman stating to Shadow that G.U.N. tried to copy his designs, though what he is exactly referring to is unclear.
    • This line may reference G.U.N.'s appearance in Sonic X, in which they studied Eggman's technology in order to develop their line of robots.
  • In the Dark Beginnings teaser for Sonic X Shadow Generations, G.U.N. makes a brief cameo appearance. When Maria begs Shadow to save her grandfather after they witnessed the escaped Gizoid headed directly to his lab, Shadow received a vision showing G.U.N. soldiers approaching ominously, foreshadowing the impending G.U.N. raid that would ultimately result in Maria's demise.





  1. While the acronym G.U.N. is most commonly pronounced as a word, [ɡʌn], like real-world guns, it has been rarely pronounced with individual letters, as [ʤi ju ɛn].
  2. At one point in Shadow the Hedgehog's Expert Mode, Cream thanks Shadow for saving her. This is something that can be done in Cryptic Castle, which is acceeded after helping the Black Arms in either Digital Circuit or Glyphic Canyon. As such, it can be assumed that Shadow opposed G.U.N. during at least the early phases of their invasion.


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