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This group exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

A Guardian Robot from Sonic the Comic #66. Art by Nigel Dobbyn.

Guardian Robots are a group that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a range of powerful robots built by the ancient Echidnas of the Floating Island.


The Guardian Robots were created by the ancient echidnas of the Floating Island to be used as heavy infantry in the war against the Drakon Empire. When the echidnas disappeared, the robots were left untouched for millennia.

In the present day, one robot was claimed by the evil echidna scientist Doctor Zachary. Zachary used the robot to gain the trust of Knuckles the Echidna, by claiming that he (Zachary) was the first Echidna to return home and that the robot was hunting him.[1] After Knuckles had shown Zachary the location of the Emerald Chamber that housed the Chaos Emeralds, Zachary secretly summoned the robot. The robot fought Knuckles and knocked the young echidna out, then made for the Emerald Chamber where it destroyed the Master Emerald and absorbed its power.[2] When Knuckles attacked the robot again, the robot hit him with a powerful energy blast from its visor, leading Zachary to (falsely) believe that Knuckles was dead and thus reveal his true intentions. Zachary climbed into a cockpit inside the robot's head and swore revenge against the ancient Echidnas. The robot flew away, but Knuckles caught up with it and damaged one of its wings before it could leave the island.[3] Knuckles managed to decapitate the robot with a rock, and a tremor knocked Zachary and the robot's body off the edge of the island. Knuckles was able to use the robot's head, which had absorbed the Emerald Energy, as a temporary replacement Master Emerald to stabilize the island.[4]

Once Knuckles managed to secure a new Emerald to contain the raw energy, he transferred the power out of the robot's head into the Master Emerald. In the process, the accidentally re-activated the robot's head, which began firing energy blasts at him and heavily damaging the Emerald Chamber. The robot would also have destroyed the Chaos Emeralds to halt the power transfer, but was prevented from doing so by Knuckles. When the robot's power was sufficiently depleted to use its power beam, it spoke to Knuckles (who had not realized it could talk), revealing that its energy level was critical and that it would soon terminate. Knuckles, realizing that the robot was the nearest he had come to finding out about his lost people, disconnected the robot, intending to search its memory banks at a later date.[5] Knuckles had the robot's head placed in an alcove in the Emerald Chamber, where it frequently conversed with Porker Lewis.[6]

Zachary barely survived his fall from the island, but was found by Doctor Robotnik and rebuilt, in the process gaining an arm cannon, mechanized dreadlocks and a glass eye). Zachary informed Robotnik that the Emerald Hill Folk were hiding on the Floating Island and led him there,[7] accessing a secret storage room containing several other Guardian Robots and reprogramming them with some software of his own devising to make them his unstoppable slaves.[8] Zachary and Robotnik used the Guardian Robots to capture the Emerald Hill Folk from the Mushroom Hill Zone, then ambush Knuckles and Porker Lewis when Knuckles returned home to the Floating Island after a long voyage.[9] Knuckles, Porker and Emerald Hill Folk were attached to a giant machine that would permanently integrate them into a biological computer. Knuckles managed to break free and trashed the controls before engaging the Guardian Robots in battle. When Robotnik revealed a secondary control system, Knuckles evaded the Robots and tried to destroy that as well, but was shot down by Zachary.[8] Just then, the Black Asteroid exploded in the sky overhead, and the resulting electromagnetic pulse crashed the biological computer and wiped out the modern software that Zachary had used to control the Guardian Robots.[10]

After Robotnik was captured and Zachary disappeared, the guardian robots rebooted. The frightened Emerald Hill Folk attacked them, believing they were still controlled by Zachary, until Knuckles interrupted the fight and explained matters.[11] The Guardian Robots' original programming was restored, and they served Knuckles loyally from that point on, aiding him in keeping the island safe from various threats such as an invasion by the Drakon Empire[12] and D.R.A.T.'s failed assault.[13]


The bulk of the Guardian Robot is its large head. This is the main base of the robot and contains its 'brain'. The head can also open up to reveal a cockpit large enough for a single pilot, with controls for echidna warriors to use to manually control the robot. The head is largely spherical, with gold armor plating on the front resembling a face. It has a single eye-like visor across the middle of this face, which can discharge powerful energy blasts, particularly effective when fully charged with Chaos Energy.

The rest of the body looks spindly, but in fact possesses tremendous strength and durability. Despite its somewhat fragile appearance, it is nearly indestructible. Vast amounts of kinetic force is required to dent the armor, combined with the lethal reflexes and built in weaponry it is virtually invincible. The three fingers on their hands also acts as gun barrels. The long arms can unfold into wings with limited flight capabilities, and some are also equipped with jetpacks.

Although capable of being reprogrammed, controlled and piloted, the guardian robots are also possessed of some consciousness and the ability to talk.[5]


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