The Guard Type[1] (ガードタイプ Gādotaipu?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle. It is a model of synthetic life-forms created by Professor Gerald Robotnik as a part of the Artificial Chaos project, a series of experimental cyborg weapons based on the ancient deity Chaos which roam the Space Colony ARK.


By default, the Guard Types are blobs of water with a grey/white mechanical head shaped like Chaos 0's inside them. This head has Project Shadow's symbol on its forehead, light green pupil-less eyes, turquoise outlines, and a brainstem on the bottom. However, they can pop their heads out on top of their bodies, making them look like Artificial Chaos P-1s.


In Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Adventure 2: Battle, Guard Types are only found in the latter half of the games' storylines and the last story, but are some of the toughest foes encountered. They are found in the following Stages:

Character Stage
Normal mode Hard mode
Tails Eternal Engine
Cannon's Core
Dr. Eggman Cannon's Core

In gameplay, the Guard Types keep their heads inside their bodies by default, causing Lock-On Missiles and the Volkan Cannon shots to bounce off them. However, they can still be destroyed with one hit with the Punch/Propeller Punch at close range. When they spot an enemy, the Guard Types lift their heads out from their bodies and attack quickly by reaching out with long and extremely accurate tentacles in a circular pattern to stab the player, so even though some are quite slow at turning, their attack makes up for it. A tip to avoid being hit is to be behind them. Alternatively, these variants may target the player with eye laser shots.

While a Guard Type's head is out, the player can hit it to destroy this enemy in one hit. When destroyed, Guard Types award the player with two hundred points and drop their power source: a Chaos Drive.

Powers and abilities

Guard Types are capable of firing lasers from their eyes and can extend tentacle-like stretches of water from their bodies (much like Chaos 0 itself), which are sharp enough to pierce their foes. Their liquid body structure likewise renders the majority of their bodies impervious to conventional harm, something which the Guard Types use to shield their heads.


The Guard Types' only weak spot on their otherwise invulnerable bodies are their solid heads. If its head is damaged, the Guard Type will be destroyed.





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