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For the skill, see Grd Skill.

The Guard Skill[1] is a mechanic that appears in Sonic Battle. It is a category of skill-based moves that the playable characters use to determine their guarding movement.


Guard Skills are techniques that allow the user to defend themselves against incoming attacks during a match. Each individual Guard Skill is performed in its own unique way, although the user generally forms a swirling purple shield around themselves when using their Guard Skill.

When performed, the Guard Skill makes the user invulnerable to damage. In addition, if the player successfully blocks an attack with the user's Guard Skill, half of the received damage will be transferred to the Ichikoro Gauge. If the blocked attack was a Special Move, the player's Ichikoro Gauge becomes completely filled up instead.

While all Guard Skills are the same in function, each one has its own strengths and weaknesses that are determined by two attributes: speed and power. There are even some whose functions vary; some last for only for about a second when used while others may last a little bit longer.

To perform a character's Guard Skill in gameplay, the player has to press Lgba.png.

List of Guard Skills

Name Number Icon Skill Points to enable
Chao Knight 130 SBSKILLchaoknight.png 5
Chaos Guard 172 SBSKILLchaosguard.png 20
Grd Skill 193 SBSKILLgrdskill.png N/A
Guard Mode 151 SBSKILLguardmode.png 20
Knuckles Guard 046 SBSKILLknucklesguard.png 15
Rouge Guard 088 SBSKILLrougeguard.png 5
Shadow Guard 67 SBSKILLshadowguard.png 10
Sonic Guard 004 SBSKILLsonicguard.png 10
Tails Guard 025 SBSKILLtailsguard.png 15
Ult. Grd Skill 214 SBSKILLultgrdskill.png 30


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