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You may be looking for E-13 Guardbot.

The Guard Robo is a character that appears in Sonic Battle. It is a sentry robot model built by Dr. Eggman.


Guard Robos are near identical in appearance to Chaos Gamma, another robot created by Dr. Eggman. The only differences Guard Robos have to Chaos Gamma is that they are grayscale in color, however the light blue strip on the Guard Robo's back remains the same.


Guard Robos are, as their name suggests, typically used by their owners as security enforcers; Guard Robos are often deployed when there is a security issue or if a member of staff feels threatened. However, Guard Robos can also be used for additional purposes, such as training exercises, or assistance in battle.


Guard Robos were created by Dr. Eggman in order to sell them to make extra money. The Guard Robos are deployed by the Central Lab as well as several proprietors in Night Babylon, including Rouge the Bat. Additionally, Eggman has a number of Guard Robos at his base, Gimme Shelter.

Guard Robos were first encountered during Tails' chapter. After Tails tripped a security alarm at the Central Lab after accessing restricted government information, the Guard Robos were deployed and Tails and Emerl were forced to fight their way through them in order to escape. After fleeing from the Central Lab, the two were ambushed by Guard Robos deployed around Central City, forcing them to make their way back to Emerald Town through Holy Summit. After a run in with Shadow, the duo faced one last Guard Robo in Central City, before finally escaping the city and the Guard Robos.

The Guard Robos were next seen in Rouge's chapter. Rouge used a Guard Robo from her club, Club "Rouge", in order to help train Emerl to be a thief.

During Knuckles' chapter, he and Emerl fought a Guard Robo after a store clerk working at Night Club mistook Emerl for an E-121 Phi series robot. After accidentally losing Emerl, Knuckles fought several more Guard Robos as other store clerks working in Night Babylon had heard about the incident at Night Club, causing the clerks to believe that Knuckles was a threat.

In Cream's chapter, both Cream and Emerl were captured by Eggman and held prisoner in Gimme Shelter. Whilst trying to find a way out, the two stumbled upon a couple of Guard Robos who identified the two as intruders and attacked them. Another Guard Robo was seen again at the end of Cream's chapter, who assisted Chaos Gamma in fighting Cream and Emerl.

Guard Robos are seen one last time in Shadow's chapter. Guard Robos are deployed in Gimme Shelter after Shadow and Rouge tripped an alarm after they broke in. During the battle, Shadow left himself open to an attack by a Guard Robo and was rendered unconscious, which forced Rouge to deal with them herself and carry Shadow back to her residence.

Powers and abilities

Guard Robos possess the same abilities as Chaos Gamma and therefore possess a great deal of abilities, such as being able to convert their bodies into a drive or flight mode, transforming their hands into various weapons, such as a buster drill, or electric daggers, and firing explosives from a shoulder-mounted cannon.


  • Guard Robos do not speak during battle, making it harder for the player to avoid the explosion that happens upon their defeat.
  • Guard Robos are similar to the E-121 Phi robots, as they're both grayscale copies of a robot (Gamma and Emerl respectively).
  • "Guard Robo" also happens to be ZERO's Japanese moniker in Sonic Advance 2.
    • According to one of the official Japanese guides, Saikyou Kouryaku, the Guard Robos are given the unofficial numbering of E-124 "α2", giving them another connection to ZERO.

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