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This character exists primarily within the Sonic the Comic continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.

Grimer Wormtongue[2] is the secondary antagonist in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He was Robotnik's chief scientist and lab assistant. Grimer is shown to be the main technical genius in Robotnik's organization.


Grimer is a green-skinned red-eyed Igor-type character who bears the brunt of much of his master's wrath. He wears a white lab suit and has a metal pack of unknown purpose on his back.


Faithful servant

During the rule of Robotnik's, Grimer served as Dr. Robotnik's chief scientist and was responsible for designing many of the doctor's weapons and robots. It is unknown when or how exactly he came to be in the doctor's service. Grimer was known to conduct horrifying experiments on the Mobians, whether for some greater purpose or simply because Robotnik enjoys watching others suffer.

Scientific genius and criminal mastermind

During his carrier, Grimer was responsible for many creations that Robotnik often took credit for. However, he has been coerced or manipulated into making devices for villains other than Robotnik, including the Alpha Device for the Brotherhood of Metallix[3] and the Brain Scanner for Commander Brutus.[4] Their reign over the planet eventually came to an end, but Grimer was convinced by Robotnik that the fight was not over yet.

When Robotnik disappeared after his brief existence as a god, Grimer was arrested and imprisoned at Metropolis City High Security Prison. Grimer managed to escape from his cell and take control of the prison, holding its Prison Governor hostage. Somehow, he managed to acquire control of a Metallix robot and use it to capture Sonic and extract information regarding Robotnik's disappearance. He later managed to hack into the Kintobor Computer and turn it against Sonic. This attack was merely a diversion, however, as Grimer planted hidden tracking programs in Kintobor's mainframe. With this software in place, Grimer was able to monitor Sonic's every move.

The Search for Robotnik

After striking a deal with Nack the Weasel, Grimer initiated a plan to rescue Dr. Robotnik, who Grimer had learned had been shrunk to a sub-atomic size. Using Nack's own shrinking tech, the two villains infiltrated the Floating Island, deploying a dragon-like Badnik to distract Sonic and Knuckles. They entered the island's Emerald Chamber and found the exact location where Robotnik had vanished, using advanced shrinking technology to shrink themselves down to sub-atomic size. They descended into the Microverse and discovered the planet Shanazar, where Robotnik was supposed to be located. Sonic followed in their wake and all of them were imprisoned by the royal guards shortly after arrival. They were granted an audience with the Grand Vizier, who turned out to be Doctor Ovi Kintobor. Grimer and Nack were sent back to the palace dungeon whilst Sonic remained free, and they remained there until Kintobor reverted back to Robotnik some days later.

Desperation and Resignation

After reuniting with his master, Grimer continued to work with Robotnik toward reconquering Mobius. Together they created the Dimension Blender, a machine which would merge the Microverse with Mobius and jumpstart global chaos, allowing Robotnik to take advantage of it and re-dominate the world. Due to the interference of Sonic, Amy Rose and the magically-transformed Princess Kupacious, the plan went awry. While the Microverse merged with Mobius, the planet was left intact and the process only serve to create new Zones that became accessible via gateways that had appeared across Mobius.

The failure of this plan drove Robotnik over the edge and he eventually decided to just annihilate the entire planet and be done with it. With the arrival of the Plax who revered Robotnik as a god of destruction, Grimer realized that Robotnik truly intended to wipe out everything, including him. With this realization, Grimer betrayed Robotnik and informed the Freedom Fighters of his plan. The Plax later attacked but then scanned Grimer's mind when he told them that Robotnik wanted to destroy them too. The Plax realized that Robotnik was using them and attempted to stop him, but they were all killed when Robotnik absorbed the life energy of Mobius. A great battle ensued between Robotnik and the Freedom Fighters, which ended with Robotnik losing his power and his base being destroyed.

Trying to cheer up Robotnik, who was left depressed after his plan to kill Mobius had failed, Grimer released Chaos. Soon after, Grimer realized his master had gone suicidally insane when he found out Robotnik's new plan consisted of summoning Chaos to the Chaos Emeralds and watching Mobius die in the process. Grimer finally snapped, calling his old boss crazy and quitting his service.


Grimer while operating out of Metropolis City High Security Prison, from Sonic the Comic #143. Art by Richard Elson.

Grimer was pathologically loyal to Robotnik, willingly taking all the abuse meted out to him and staying at his side throughout.[5] When he was briefly left in charge of the Metropolis Zone, he was as draconian as possible in order arrest many citizens (for crimes such as being outside during the 5 o'clock curfew that was announced at 5:10 and having 'longer than regulation' ears) so Robotnik would be pleased (although this in fact led the citizens to revolt, contributing to Robotnik's downfall as dictator of Mobius).[6] When driven to help Robotnik, he has proven to be a very competent and dangerous enemy: when imprisoned in the Metropolis City High Security Prison, he secretly took over the jail and used it as a base of operations to launch multiple assaults on Sonic, including a Knuckles Metallix attack,[7] and to hack the Kintobor Computer.[8]

Several times he was in positions where he could have become an independent villain but he always remained loyal to Robotnik. When Robotnik was overthrown (and Grimer was still free), he rescued his master from his trial;[9] he pretended to defect to the Drakon Empire as part of Robotnik's grand plan when he could've just as easily genuinely defected;[10] and when Robotnik was shrunk to the size of an atom, Grimer plotted tirelessly from behind the scenes to retrieve him.[7] His only act of weakness occurred when Robotnik attempted to destroy the entire planet; realizing this included him, Grimer helped the Freedom Fighters. However, he returned to his master's side immediately afterwards.

Powers and abilities

Grimer is a mechanical genius and inventor comparable to Robotnik himself, and was the main force behind creating the Metallix robots. As a testament to his skills, the Metallix robots were created by Grimer, even in an alternate reality in which Robotnik had never existed and could therefore not provide him with assistance.[11]


  • He is named after Gríma Wormtongue from The Lord of the Rings.[5]
  • On the sonicthecomic Yahoo mailing list, Nigel Kitching has revealed that originally Snively was going to be Robotnik's assistant as he thought that he was required to use the character (as the television cartoon was debuting); when Kitching discovered he didn't have to (and, indeed, was not allowed to because Fleetway did not have rights to the character), he created Grimer instead. The script for "Girl Trouble, Part 1" (from Sonic the Comic #21, Grimer's first appearance) has all his lines attributed to Snively. Unlike Snively, Grimer is not personally ambitious, but actually aspires to being Robotnik's servant.[12]
  • Grimer's origin and species is never made clear, but Nigel Kitching has said that he is definitely not an alien. Kitching figured that Grimer was probably some kind of reptile.[13]


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