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Griff is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is an anthropomorphic goat and the leader of Lower Mobius.


A handsome anthropomorphic goat, Griff has orange-tan fur, with a light beige chest, dark brown hair, dark brown eyebrows and tail, brown eyes, and light gray horns. Unlike many other anthropomorphic residents of Mobius, he has hoofs and goat-like legs that bend back at the knees.


TV series


When Dr. Robotnik rose to power in Robotropolis, Griff and a group of citizens escaped and created an underground city below Robotropolis called Lower Mobius. Griff and a few others were responsible for maintaining an energy crystal that served as the city's power source and artificial sun. However, over time, the crystal's power began to run out.[1]

Season one


Griff stealing the Power Rock.

When Sonic, Sally and Antoine needed help escaping from the Swat-Bots in Robotropolis, Griff showed up and took the trio to safety. Afterward, he took them to Lower Mobius, where Dirk greeted them. Sometime later, Griff learned about some incoming Ratbots and asked Sonic for help. Together with Sonic, Sally and Antoine, Griff went to fight the robots. While Sonic managed to destroy many of the Ratbots, Griff's Hover Sled broke down during the fight. Fortunately, Sonic used a Power Ring to push the Hover Sled and everyone onboard it back to Lower Mobius, where they were safe from the Ratbots. Griff thanked Sonic and was allowed to hold the Power Ring Sonic used. Griff later met up with Dirk, who showed him that Lower Mobius's energy crystal would soon run out of juice. Desperate, Griff decided they should use the power source the Knothole Freedom Fighters used to make Power Rings. He did not know if he could trust them however, so he decided to earn Sally's favor. Griff thus met up with Sally and began earning her affection with compliments and flowers. It made Sonic and Antoine come over and compete for Sally's favor. However, when they began arguing with each other, Sally decided to leave them and stick with Griff, who offered to drive them back to Knothole Village. After arriving in the Great Forest, Griff let Sonic, Sally and Antoine off his Hover Sled. He then pretend that his Hover Sled had broken down, prompting Sally to suggest that he should spend the night in Knothole, which Griff accepted. Later, Sally took Griff to the Lake of RIngs, where she let Griff hold a Power Ring. Later, under the cover of the night, Griff dived into the lake and stole the Power Rock from the machine that produced Power Rings. Griff then went to his Hover Sled and flew back to Lower Mobius. After he had inserted the Power Rock into Lower Mobius's power supply however, Dirk informed him of incoming Ratbots. Although Griff stood ready with the villagers to fight the Ratbots, he was soon defeated. Nevertheless, Sonic arrived and helped destroy the Ratbots. Apologizing to Sonic afterward, Griff gave him the Power Rock back. Sonic, however, knew that Dr. Robotnik was their common enemy and decided to support Griff by breaking a fragment off the Power Rock so that Lower Mobius could use it. Moved, Griff accepted the gift and thanked Sonic.[1]


Griff is gallant towards women. While he has problems trusting strangers, he is nonetheless willing to help even those he does not know when they are in trouble. He also is very devoted to and involved in the survival of Lower Mobius. As such, he is willing to commit lies, betrayal and even theft if it means ensuring his home's sustainability. Despite this, he is not aggressive or evil, but only desperate.[1]

Powers and abilities

Griff is extremely familiar with the tunnels that run under Robotropolis and connect with Lower Mobius. He is also a capable pilot when it comes to piloting Hover Sleds. Also, although he is not very good at fighting, he knows how to use a stick in combat.[1]





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