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The Green Hill Zone is a location that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. It is one of the numerous hill Zones on South Island.[1][2] The Zone was at first inhabited by the original Freedom Fighters and several Emerald Hill Folks. Because of this, the Zone used to be a target by Dr. Robotnik until all its prominent residents moved to the Emerald Hill Zone.



The Green Hill Zone was one of the first locations to be attacked by Dr. Ivo Robotnik when he first launched his campaign for world domination. Badniks coming to kidnap Mobians invaded the Zone, but Sonic the Hedgehog was able to stop them, and subsequently set off to stop the first of Robotnik's many plot.[3]

To keep Tails safe early on, Sonic would leave the fox cub behind in the Green Hill Zone while he went on missions.[4]

On one of his early adventures, Sonic came to the Green Hill Zone to stop Dr. Robotnik's Neutrino Accelerator. After blasting through Badniks and rescuing Mobians, Sonic took the device out.[5] Sonic subsequently scoured the Zone to find Tails who had gone missing, saving the local Mobians who were used as organic batteries for Badniks along the way. Upon find Tails, who had been turned into a Robofox, Sonic was saved from an ambush from Robotnik and his Flying Egg by Tails when the fox regained control of his body, returning himself to normal in the process.[4]

When Tufftee went missing, Sally Acorn and Tails found Sonic in the Green Hill Zone and had him get Sally's brother back home.[6] During one of Sonic morning routines in the Green Hill Zone later on, Tails was kidnapped by Arachbot, but Sonic managed to save him.[7]

Ruled by Robotnik

Robotnik would make an attack on the Zone during Christmas, when he set up a fake Christmas celebration with the intention of blowing up everyone who attended. However, Sonic foiled that plan by getting rid of Robotnik's bomb.[8]

B.A.R.F. were often stationed in the Green Hill Zone to pick up the pieces of broken local Badniks. There, the duo would foil the Freedom Fighters' attempt to spread a computer virus among the Badniks to turn them into benevolent "Niceniks".[9][10][11] While visiting the Green Hill Zone later on, the Freedom Fighters were lured away from it so Badniks could attack it without opposition. However, Amy was able to foil their attempt.[12]

After another successful raid by Sonic, Robotnik decided to place Badniks from the Palmtree Panic Zone in the Green Hill Zone to surprise the Freedom Fighters.[13] Unfortunately, the Badniks from the areas could not get along and the Palmtree Panic Zone Badniks took over the Zone.[14] Cam and Bert reacted by creating the Seven Badniks and took the Zone back.[15][16]

Post-Ruled By Robotnik

As the Green Hill Zone was celebrating the end of Dr. Robotnik's dictatorship, the Mad Ferret caused a rocket to destroy the Zone's Statue of Freedom in an attempt to deprive the residents of hope for Robotnik. His plan amounted to nothing though when Tails managed to keep the residents' spirits up.[17]

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