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Green Hill Zone

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Green Hill Zone is the first Zone in Sonic Jump and its sequel Sonic Jump 2.


One morning, Sonic is woken up by a call from Tails who says Eggman is up to no good again. Tails mentions the Chaos Emeralds are involved but Sonic has trouble hearing due to Tails' connecting breaking up. Tails informs Sonic that he must come to his research facility and Sonic leaves to meet Tails there.



Sonic scaling Green Hill Zone.

In this iteration of the iconic Green Hill Zone, the Zone seems to take place at a rocky mountain that hosts tropical palm trees and sunflowers. In the background, another mountainous region can be seen in the distance across the clear blue lake. The floating platforms in the Zone consists of two sections; half of it is made of brown checkered soil and the other half consists of grass growing on top of them.


The Zone consists of three acts followed by a boss fight against Dr. Eggman at the end of the third act. If the player reaches the goal with at least fifty Rings, they will receive a fragment of the red Chaos Emerald.




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Sonic Jump - Green Hill Zone

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