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Sonic Runners Adventure
Green Hill

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Green Hill is the first playable stage in Sonic Runners Adventure. This stage is a re-imagination of Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive.


Green Hill is a blue-skied lake area with numerous blocky islands dotting the water and a massively wide waterfall up front. These islands' soil are covered in checkerboard patterns in different shades of brown, and on top of them are green-striped grass and the occasional palm tree or two. In the background are also block-based brown mountains with waterfalls running down them. Along the playable path are also all kinds of flowers.


Having received a transmission from Tails who tells him to come to South Island, where Dr. Eggman is up to his old tricks again by kidnapping Animals, Sonic arrives in Green Hill to find Tails. Following the eyewitness accounts of local Flickies and clues left behind by Eggman and his robots, Sonic locates a Badnik-producing facility and shuts it down before finding Tails. There, the fox cub reveals that a bright flash knocked him out during his scroll on the island, and when he woke up, he was in Eggman's clutches and forced to built the doctor a robot teleporter. Sonic proceeds to track down Eggman afterward and defeats him in battle. However, Eggman manages to escape through his damaged robot teleporter in the aftermath, forcing Sonic and Tails to follow him through said device.


Like other levels in Sonic Runners Adventure, levels in Green Hill have the playable characters running down a path ridden with obstacles, gimmicks and enemies non-stop, and it is the player's job to keep themselves alive until they reach the goal. Along the way, the player can complete certain mission objectives (a few of which are needed to complete the level). The stage is ideal for Speed Type characters.


The following levels and their mission goals are found in Green Hill:

Level Stars
Name Level type Favored
Mission goals
1 2 3
1 N/A Homecoming Finite Speed Collect 60 Rings Collect 90 Rings Collect 130 Rings
2 N/A A New Threat Finite Speed Defeat 5 Badniks Defeat 10 Badniks Defeat 15 Badniks
3 N/A The Light Looped Speed Collect 440 Rings Collect 550 Rings Collect 660 Rings
4 N/A Hello Robo! Finite Speed Defeat 10 Badniks Defeat 15 Badniks Defeat 20 Badniks
5 N/A Rumors Looped Speed Collect 535 Rings Defeat 45 Badniks Collect 620 Rings using Espio
6 N/A The Chase Finite Speed Defeat 25 Badniks within 160 seconds Defeat 40 Badniks within 160 seconds Defeat 50 Badniks within 160 seconds
7 N/A Infiltration Looped Speed Collect 445 Rings Collect 490 Rings Collect 565 Rings
8 N/A The Horde Finite Speed Defeat 45 Badniks Collect 1,400 Rings Defeat 55 Badniks using Shadow
9 N/A Old Friend Looped Speed Collect 530 Rings Collect 620 Rings Collect 710 Rings
10 16 Pirate Stash Infinite Speed Reach 1,300 meters within 130 seconds Collect 1,250 Rings within 130 seconds Defeat 65 Badniks within 130 seconds using Shadow
11 19 Villain Stash Infinite Speed Reach 1,450 meters within 125 seconds Reach 1,650 meters within 125 seconds Reach 1,850 meters within 125 seconds
12 N/A Kick that Egg Boss N/A Collect 160 Rings within 100 seconds Defeat the boss within 100 seconds Defeat the boss with no damage within 100 seconds


  • The music for this stage prior to the game's 1.0.7 version update on 16 July 2020 was "Green Hill: Act 1" from Sonic Generations.





Name Artist Length Music Track
"Beyond The Speed Of..." Tomoya Ohtani 3:29

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