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Sonic Generations (console/PC)
Green Hill

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Sonic Generations (Nintendo 3DS)
Green Hill

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Is it me, or is that place we were just in awfully familiar?

Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Generations (console/PC)

Green Hill (グリーンヒル Gurīn Hiru?) is the first Stage in both the console/PC version and Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic Generations. This level is a re-imagination of Green Hill Zone from the original Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Mega Drive, and part of Classic Era.



Act 1

Classic Sonic at Green Hill.

Classic Sonic's rendition of the well known zone consists of the young hedgehog running through the section at pacing to high speeds running up downward-vertical spirals, loop-de-loops and running on ceilings and platforming on wooden swings while bouncing on springs to the nostalgic end level signpost.

Act 2

Modern Sonic at Green Hill.

Modern Sonic's take on the level begins with him pacing and eventually speeding through Green Hill performing extreme "Freestyle Tricks", grinding, and blazing through by using his boost move (only available to Modern), going up half loops and doing dangerous and sometimes unorthodox ways to get through. His levels focus on the newer generation, taking elements from Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Colors, by performing Freestyle Tricks, and going to extreme treacherous areas. After pacing throughout the level he comes to a cave where a Giant Chopper starts destroying the rails Sonic is Grinding on. Afterwards, a bit more platforming must be completed before the end of the level.

Nintendo 3DS

Act 1

The playthrough of Green Hill Act 1 is initiated when the player begins a new game, much like when starting a new game in the console/PC version of the game. In terms of layout, Green Hill Act 1 is a nearly identical recreation of the original Green Hill Zone's first Act in 2.5D. As such, the player will initially follow a single stretch of road until it eventually splits up into lower and higher paths.

Act 2

Green Hill Act 2 can be played after completing Green Hill Act 1. On this version, Green Hill Act 2 features a stage layout different from its console/PC counterpart. The playthrough of this Act also occurs entirely in 2.5D. During this Act, the player will come across collapsing totem poles that more often than not will fall on Modern Sonic when he passes them. However, these totem poles can also be targeted with the Homing Attack, thus allowing the player to skip across them without risking them hitting Modern Sonic. In some cases, these collapsing totem poles can even be used to reach higher routes, which are usually faster than lower routes.

When reaching the end of the Act, a giant totem pole will appear and begin collapsing on top of Modern Sonic. In order to avoid getting crushed by this totem pole, the player has to use the Boost to outrun it. After that, the player will arrive at the Goal Ring.

Challenge Acts


Act 1

  1. Doppelganger Race!: Face off against Sonic's double and beat him in a race to the goal.
  2. The Buzz Bombers' Revenge!: Beware of Buzz Bombers! Reach the goal before time runs out.
  3. Knuckles: Horde of Enemies: A horde of enemies will try to interfere in your race with Knuckles.
  4. Swingset Circus: Use swings to go up and up and reach the goal in the allotted time.
  5. High Speed Challenge: Collect Power Sneakers to reach the goal before time runs out.

Act 2

  1. Look Out Below!: Reach the goal before time runs out, but watch out for the crumbling course!
  2. Tails: Way Past Fast: Race to the goal against Tails in his airplane.
  3. Doppelganger Race!: Face of against Sonic's double and beat him in a race to the goal.
  4. Jump Rush: Master the Jump Panels as you bounce your way to the goal within the time limit.
  5. 300% Boost Gauge Challenge: Your Boost Gauge is tripled. Reach the goal to earn the Boost Gauge Up Skill!


Act 1

No. Mission Type Description Reward
Type Name
001 Die-Hard Clear Green Hill Act 1 in 0:45.00 without losing a life! Sound Green Hill
002 Ring Collector Collect 50 Rings in Green Hill Act 1 in 0:45.00! Art 1991 Illustration
003 Keep the Pace Grab Time Items and clear Green Hill Act 1 in time! Sound Marble
004 Rampage! Defeat 10 enemies in Green Hill Act 1 in 1:00.00! Art Illustration 4
005 Stealth Attack Clear Green Hill Act 1 in 1:00.00 without defeating enemies! Sound Star Light
006 Item Collector Get all Item Boxes in Green Hill Act 1 in 1:00.00! Sound Splash Hill - Act 1
007 Special Trial Defeat 1 Newtron in Green Hill Act 1 in 0:30.00! Model Sonic

Act 2

No. Mission Type Description Reward
Type Name
008 Perfection Clear Green Hill Act 2 in 1:30.00 without taking damage! Art Illustration 5
009 Ring Collector Collect 100 Rings in Green Hill Act 2 in 1:00.00! Sound High Flying Groove
010 Keep the Pace Grab Time Items and clear Green Hill Act 2 in time! Sound Endless Possibility
011 Rampage! Defeat 10 enemies in Green Hill Act 2 in 1:00.00! Sound Un-gravity
012 Stealth Attack Clear Green Hill Act 2 in 1:30.00 without defeating enemies! Sound Free
013 Special Trial Defeat 2 Choppers in Green Hill Act 2 in 1:00.00! Model Dr. Eggman




The following are the suggested clear times for achieving a high enough score to achieve each Rank:

S-Rank A-Rank B-Rank C-Rank D-Rank
Act 1 0:00:00 - 0:37.00 0:37.01 - 1:00.00 1:00.01 - 1:20.00 1:20.01 - 1:40.00 1:40.01 - 9:59.99
Act 2 0:00.00 - 1:00.00 1:00.01 - 1:10.00 1:10.01 - 1:25.00 1:25.01 - 1:40.00 1:40.01 - 9:59.99


  • Despite the level being a remake of Green Hill Zone, some elements of other similar levels are included in the stage, most notably the corkscrews from Emerald Hill Zone
    • However, Act 1 of the 3DS version has the exact same layout as Act 1 on Green Hill from Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • The stone totem poles featured in this level seem to be the same ones found in Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing's Seaside Hill.
  • This is one of the only stages in Sonic Generations to be in both versions of the game (Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC & 3DS) the other being Casino Night (but only through the Downloadable content for the former.)
  • In the sign post at the end of the level, on the PS3/360/PC versions it shows Classic Eggman while on the 3DS version it shows Modern Eggman.
  • A demo for Modern and Classic Green Hill was released on 19 October 2011.
    • Prior to this, a demo for Classic Green Hill was released on June 2011 for at least 20 days until it the demo was re-released in October 2013 with Modern Green Hill.
  • Act 2 of Green Hill in the Console/PC version seems to be the only classic level that isn't falling apart (the modern versions of Chemical Plant and Sky Sanctuary are falling apart). Ironically, the totem poles are falling apart in the 3DS version's second act.
  • In the Xbox 360/PlayStation 3/PC version, Green Hill is one of the two zones to have a "Going Fast" version of the act 2 song, the other being Sky Sanctuary. It's also the only zone with a "Boost" remix in the 3DS version.
  • Buzzer's appear in this stage even though they didn't appear in the original game. It's only present in the console version though, as the 3DS version has Buzz Bombers instead.
  • The color of the textures in the Console/PC version resembles the ones from the original 16-bit version while the 3DS ones resemble the ones from the 8-bit version.
  • This is one of the four levels of the 3DS version of Sonic Generations that have appeared previously on a handheld game. The other are Casino Night, Water Palace and Tropical Resort.
  • Because the player plays Classic Sonic's level first regardless, this is the only level where there is only one "character saved" cutscene.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
"Green Hill: Act 1" Tomoya Ohtani 1:49
"Green Hill: Act 2 - Normal" Kenichi Tokoi 2:21
"Green Hill: Act 2 - Fast" Tomoya Ohtani 2:22
N/A (White Space) Jun Senoue 0:35


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