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Sonic 3D Blast
Green Grove Zone

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The hills are alive with the sound of camshafts, engines, and various other machinery. The Flickies have been turned into nasty robots, and it’s up to you to guide Sonic through Green Grove Zone!

— United States instruction booklet, Sonic 3D Blast (Sega Saturn)[1]

Green Grove Zone is the first Zone of Sonic 3D Blast. As with the other Zones in this game, Green Grove consists of two standard Acts followed by a third Act containing only the boss fight.


Green Grove Zone is a typical Green Hill-esque first Zone. It is presented as a grassy and hilly area in the midst of Flicky Island, and has a brown ground with light brown checkerboard patterns. There are also high walls here and there which are a uniform brown color with a slightly rough texture. Blue flowers and shallow puddles also appear in different locations as decorations. One section also takes place near a waterfall.



Act 1 and 2 are divided into two and three sectors, respectively, where the player must find and destroy five Badniks within the available areas. Each of them contains a Flicky in a specific color, which Sonic must touch to make it follow him. Each sector also has a Dimension Ring which the player must deposit the Flickies they have collected into. After collecting and depositing all the available Flickies into the Dimension Ring, the wooden hatch blocking the hatch below it will open, allowing the player to head into a tunnel that will take Sonic to the next sector. Eventually, after completing the last sector, Sonic will be warped away in a pillar of light.

Green Grove Zone is a simple Zone with few obstacles and changes to the overall layout of the level. Around the environment are mostly hills that do not require momentum to be climbed. While steeper slopes appear in a few places, they can be climbed normally, and there are sometimes even Dash Panel in front of them. Loops also appear here, but they are fully automatic.

Other game elements in Sonic 3D Blast that appear in Green Grove Zone are red Springs that point upwards. Most of them are only used to get to Sonic icons, but a few of them are used to scale walls and get to higher sections. In Act 1, there is also a Cannon and walls blocking underground passages that can be destroyed. Bombs and iron balls can also be found on the ground. Act 2 also features Cannons that rotate and shoot in four different directions.


Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Starts off in a large, rather uneven square room filled with multiple Rings near the edges of the walls. Sonic has time to grab a few before his nemesis finally arrives on the scene.


Main article: Green Grove Zone boss

The boss of Green Grove Zone, from Sonic 3D Blast.

The boss of Green Grove Zone is Dr. Robotnik piloting a modified Egg Mobile with pincers that are used to carry an iron ball. The fight takes place in Act 1, on quite flat, rectangular terrain. When the fight begins, Robotnik gives Sonic a few seconds to collect Rings. After that, he goes on the attack by periodically throwing his iron ball at Sonic. The iron ball seems possesses a tracking mechanism, so keep moving while it bounces around the floor. Robotnik can be attacked by hitting his Egg Mobile when it descends to pick its iron ball back up. It requires five hits to be beaten.

Tails and Knuckles locations

In Act 1 and 2, the player may encounter Tails and Knuckles. They can take the player to the Special Stage for fifty Rings.

Act 1

  • Knuckles is located in the first sector. Here, there is a wall behind the hill with the Dash Panel, where a small piece of it looks a bit different from the rest of the wall. The player can destroy it with Spin Dash. From here, the player will enter a tunnel and a hidden room with Rings, a Gold Shield TV and a Cannon. After firing the Cannon, the player will reach the previous sector, but this time Knuckles will be standing there.
  • Tails appears in the second sector. After completing the first sector and getting out of the passage to the second, the player has to go left and head down a slope. From there, go left all the time until Sonic has to cross a bridge to the other side. From there, go down the next slope. After that, the player will have returned to the starting point of the Act, except that Tails will be waiting for Sonic there.

Act 2

  • Knuckles is located in the second sector. At the very beginning, right after the semi-automatic section, go as far as possible to the left. Knuckles can then be found at the end of a dead end.
  • Tails is located in the second sector. After encountering a Snake, the player should keep going right. Eventually, they arrived at a point where one of the corridors will be blocked by a stone. Destroy it with Spin Dash. This will unveil a hidden path with several Rings, an Invincible TV, and a Spring ready to be use. Tails can eb found at the end of this path.


  • The music that plays in the Sega Genesis version of this Zone was reused in Sonic Adventure as "The Air ...for Windy Valley" for Windy Valley.
  • The music that plays in this Zone in the Sega Saturn version was remixed as part of "It Really Doesn't Matter", a song in Metropolis Street Racer, another game created by Sega which Richard Jacques composed music for.
  • Green Grove Zone was originally named "Green Alley Zone"[2]


Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Green Grove Zone Act 1 (Genesis) Jun Senoue 3:00
Green Grove Zone Act 2 (Genesis) Jun Senoue 8:43
Green Grove Zone Act 1 (Saturn) Richard Jacques 3:10
Green Grove Zone Act 2 (Saturn) Richard Jacques 3:18


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