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The Great Unknown is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. It is a great wasteland that is home to the Wolf Pack.



The Wolf Pack's base in the Great Unknown.

The Great Unknown is a large rocky wasteland where only rock formations can be found. Canyons and huge crevices often appear here. The Great Unknown is also home to hazardous lakes filled with toxic waste. Above one area, there are also perpetual storm clouds that shoot lightning bolts of such incredible power that they can reduce even a Doomsday Pod to ashes with just one strike.[1] There are as well hot springs and miniature volcanoes in certain outposts.[2]

The Wolf Pack also resides in the Great Unknown. This group has its own network of underground tunnels, the entrances of which are hidden. In addition, the Wolf Pack has left engravings on the walls around their hideout that warn about a (fake) curse in order to deter potential intruders.[1] The Wolf Pack tunnels ultimately connect to an ancient underground temple that belongs to the Wolf Pack's community.


TV series

Season two

The Void 139

A portal into the Void in the Great Unknown.

While Sonic was running across the Great Unknown, he was caught by surprise when a portal into the Void opened up in front of him. Regardless, Sonic managed to escape the suction of the portal with the aid of a Power Ring. Afterward, Sonic found a strange artifact on the ground, which he took with him back to Knothole Village. That artifact later brought Sally and Bunnie to the Great Unknown, and subsequently into the Void itself, through some kind of spell. Sonic later came back to the Great Unknown with Nicole to find his friends. Meanwhile, Dr. Robotnik and his fleet followed Sonic to investigate the Void activity in the Great Unknown and prevent Naugus from escaping the Void. Eventually, Robotnik decided to attack Sonic, believing that he was working with Naugus. When Sonic later got caught between a Void portal and Robotnik's forces, Sonic took Nicole's advice and let himself get sucked into the Void. Robotnik then ordered his forces to guard the portal into the Void when they could not close it so that no one would get out. Sometime later, Sonic pulled the King out of the Void and into the Great Unknown. However, it turned out that the one Sonic pulled out with him was actually Naugus disguised as the King. Initially, Naugus immobilized Sonic in crystal, but he then decided to allow Sonic to go save the rest of his friends from the Void. Meanwhile, Naugus went to deal with Robotnik, who begged him for forgiveness for trapping him in the Void. While Naugus humiliated the doctor, Sonic pulled the real King, Sally, Bunnie, and Ari out of the Void. Soon after though, Naugus and the King had to return to the Void or risk dying from not existing within the Void. Meanwhile, Robotnik managed to escape the Great Unknown before the Knothole Freedom Fighters could capture him. Before the King left them however, the heroes received the King's list of all the Freedom Fighters on Mobius.[3]

Cry of the Wolf 270

Sonic being chased by a test Doomsday Pod in the Great Unknown.

A test Doomsday Pod later attacked the Great Unknown, burning the surrounding land, until it crashed following an attack on it by the Wolf Pack. Dr. Robotnik thus sent Snively out to the Great Unknown to fix the machine. Sonic, Sally, Antoine and Dulcy later came to the Great Unknown to look for the Wolf Pack. During their journey, Sonic stopped just before hitting a lake full of toxic waste and also stopped Dulcy from flying into the region's storm cloud field. Eventually, the heroes reached a dead end in a canyon. There, Nicole translated some scribbles on the walls that told about a warning of a curse. While Antoine panicked about this curse, he accidently discovered a secret tunnel leading further in. Sonic, Sally and Antoine entered this tunnel together, but Dulcy could not accompany them because of her claustrophobia, so she returned to Knothole Village. After wandering through some dangerous underground tunnels, the heroes encountered a wolf from the Wolf Pack, who agreed to take them out of the tunnels. Eventually though, the wolf opened a trapdoor and the heroes fell into the Wolf Pack's command center, where they met Lupe. Soon after, the Knothole Freedom Fighters agreed to help the Wolf Pack destroy the Doomsday Pod, and Lupe agreed to help the heroes contact the other Freedom Fighter groups. Not long after, Sonic, Sally, Antoine and the Wolf Pack fought the test Doomsday Pod and Snively's army, but they had to retreat back to the Wolf Pack's base when the Doomsday Pod survived their attack. When Swat-Bots then tried to find the Freedom Fighters in the tunnels, Sonic and Sally let themselves get captured and brought to Snively, only to defeat his Swat-Bots and tie Snively himself up. They then downloaded the Doomsday Pod's plans from Snively's hovercraft and decided to destroy the Doomsday Pod by luring it into the Great Unknown's storm cloud field. After the lightning there destroyed the Doomsday Pod, the Great Unknown was safe, and both the Wolf Pack and the Knothole Freedom Fighters celebrated their victory.[1]

Sonic and Tails later went to some hot springs in the Great Unknown to get some rest and relaxation. While there, however, they noticed some of Robotnik's aircraft carriers fly over them, and decided to follow them. Eventually, Sonic and Tails found themselves at Drood Henge. There, the pair sabotaged Snively's excavation of the area, setting him back a while, before returning to Knothole Village. Once the place was back up and running, Robotnik came and obtained the first Deep Power Stone from the excavation. The Knothole Freedom Fighters later returned to Drood Henge where they kept the second Deep Power Stone from falling into the hands of Robotnik.[2] Sonic later met up with Sally, Antoine, Dulcy, Tails and Chuck in the Great Unknown after having failed to destroy the Doomsday Machine. Coming up with the idea of using the Deep Power Stones to destroy the Doomsday Machine, Chuck told Sonic to go steal the one Robotnik had. While Sonic carried out his mission, Sally and Chuck laid a new strategy, which they implemented after Sonic returned with the Deep Power Stone.[4]

Points of interest

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Great Unknown

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, the Great Unknown is a location on Mobius where the Wolf Pack used to live.


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