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Great Megalith

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Great Megalith (グレート・メガリス Gurēto megarisu?) is the ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth area of Sonic and the Black Knight. It holds one of the four barrier stones. This area contains many imprisoned Townspeople and traps.


Great Megalith holds the barrier stone that Sir Gawain travels to. The barrier stone says "When the sacred sword pierces stone, so shall return the power." As these words came about into Gawain's head, he wonders about King Arthur's sword, Excalibur, the greatest of all sacred swords.


This area appears to be connected to Titanic Plain. The name of the area might be taken from the large eroded megalith that appears in the beginning. Many prison camps are placed there as jails for innocent citizens of the Grand Kingdom. The portable prisons can also be seen being moved by trolls. Later on, however, the path leads to a long cavernous tunnel that leads to the stone.


Name Goal Followers
Beat the Clock Reach the goal before time runs out 600
Diehard Challenge Clear without being defeated 400
Hide and Seek Find 10 Hidden Fairies 200
Special Challenge Destroy 12 columns 250
Chain of Enemies Defeat 50 enemies in a row 400
Legacy Reach the goal 200


  • At the beginning, Great Megalith looks like Titanic Plain at night.
  • Receiving a 5-star Rank in this area unlocks Sir Lamorak in multiplayer mode.
  • This is the only possible area where the Knights of the Round Table can harm a Townsperson in-game.






Name Artist Length Music Track
Great Megalith Tommy Tallarico 4:03
Great Megalith

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