Template:Character Great Battle Kukku 15th (グレイトバトルクック15世 Gureito Batoru Kukku Juugo Sei?),[1] also known as the Great Badoru Kukku or simply Kukku,[2] is the main antagonist in Tails Adventure. He is the leader of the Battle Bird Armada. He orchestrated an attack on Cocoa Island to seize the Chaos Emeralds for world domination, but was foiled by Tails.


The Great Badoru Kukku is about twice the size of Tails. As a humanoid bird, he is mostly covered in light brown feathers, has long green tail feathers, and has a very large beak with an even larger lower mandible that resembles a large chin. Also, around his neck, he has a collar of white feathers. He possesses rather thin arms, but large forearms and hands, a pronounced and slightly round lower torso, and thin legs.

Kukku wears a large back hat in the shape of a bearskin with the Battle Bird Armada insignia on the front and a long curl on the back. He also wears a pair of pince-nez glasses with dark blue lenses which covers his eyes. He is dressed in a red sleeveless coat, dark green one-pants with high-heeled shoes, white gauntlet with golden rims at the wrists, and white gloves.


At some point in his life, the Great Badoru Kukku had a son, Battle Kukku 16th. Scheming to take over the world, the Great Badoru Kukku lead his Battle Bird Armada to Cocoa Island when he learned the Chaos Emeralds were currently located on the island, so he could seize the Emeralds and use their limitless powers for world domination.[3] When they got to Cocoa island in the Battle Fortress, Kukku wasted no time and lead a massive battalion of his army through Poloy's Forest, destroying and setting everything ablaze while retrieving the Chaos Emeralds. Exhilarated by his impending victory, Kukku then ordered his soldiers to find the last remaining Chaos Emerald.[3]

From that point onward, however, Great Badoru Kukku's operations came to a halt when Tails began fighting the Battle Bird Armada to save Cocoa Island. After the Battle Fortress had re-launched from its concealed position near Cocoa Island, the Great Badoru Kukku faced Tails in combat when he infiltrated the fortress. In the insuring fight, Kukku was killed when he blew up from the battle while Tails emerged victorious, and the Battle Fortress plunged into the sea.


The Great Badoru Kukku is a maniacal dictator-like figure and a master of evil.[3] When speaking, he has a tendency to end his sentences by crowing like a rooster.[3]

Powers and Abilities

The Great Badoru Kukku has demonstrated high physical durability, being able to withstand several exploding bombs up close before being defeated. He also has at least above average physical strength as he was able to lift up Tails with one hand and throw him a significant distance.


The Great Badoru Kukku is the final boss of Tails Adventure. He is fought at the end of Battle Fortress 2 right after defeating Battle Kukku 16th.

At the beginning of the battle, the Great Badoru Kukku will walk back and forth in the right side of the arena, flinging bombs in Tails' general direction. Though this attack can be avoided when walking on the ground by dodging the bombs, the player can avoid the attack by flying with Tails directly above Kukku, from where the player can at the same time drop Bombs on Kukku. After having taken enough damage, Kukku will start moving across the entire arena, crouching down and rolling bombs along the floor when Tails is down low, which can be dodged by flying above the ground, and spraying them up high like a fountain when Tails is flying above, which can be dodged by flying directly above this boss. Also, if the player gets too close to Kukku, he'll pick Tails and throw him across the room. After being hit fifteen times, Kukku will be defeated, and the player will have cleared this boss.

Appearances in Other Media

Archie Comics

Main article: Grand Battle Kukku XV

The Grand Battle Kukku VX in the Archie Comics.

In the Archie Comics' Sonic the Hedgehog comic books and spin-off comics, Great Battle Kukku is named Grand Battle Kukku XV, or the Battle Lord for short. In this media, he is the fifteenth member of the Battle Kukkus, the father of Speedy, and the leader of the Battle Bird Armada. A strong believer that his people are destined for dominance, the Battle Lord lead the Battle Bird Armada in an obsessive search for Babylon Garden which was left behind by his forbearers, the Babylonians, in order to obtain control over Mobius.

When the Battle Bird Armada took residence at Cocoa Island, the Battle Lord and his forces had a skirmish with the Knothole Freedom Fighters, namely Tails, Antoine and Bunnie. Later, when deserters from the Battle Bird Armada, the Babylon Rogues, discovered the means of finding Babylon Garden, the Battle Lord forced them to rejoin him and help him recover Babylon Garden from New Mobotropolis. However, his plans were ruined when Sonic made Babylon Garden crash along with the Battle Bird Armada's base, and the Battle Lord swore the Babylon Rogues would pay dearly for their part in this incident as he escaped from his base.


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