Gravity Points, often shortened to GP, is a special type of fuel for Extreme Gears in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity. It replaces Air in Sonic Riders and Sonic Free Riders, and is a fundamental part of the gameplay during a race.


In gameplay, Gravity Points are stored in the GP Gauge which shows the amount of Gravity Points the player possess. Gravity Points allow a player during a race to perform Gravity Actions, such as Gravity Control and Gravity Dive. Both these actions consume Gravity Points and once the racer's GP Gauge is depleted the player can no longer use any Gravity Actions.

Much like Air in Sonic Riders and Sonic Free Riders, there are numerous ways for the racers to accumulate Gravity Points:

  • Running start: Depending on how close when the racer passes through the starting line will net the player GP. Can grant up to 100 GP.
  • Performing tricks: Performing Tricks, where the amount of GP received is based on the Rank of the trick; the higher the rank, the more GP earned.
  • Skill actions: Grinding on grind sections, air-riding and smashing through obstacles.
  • Meteor Burst: Performing a Meteor Burst while using Gravity Dive.
  • GP Boost: The GP Boost power-up item that can be obtained from Item Boxes can replenish the GP Guage. They can come in 30, 50, 100 or MAX.
  • Accessing Wall Routes: When accessing "Wall Routes" with Gravity Control, the player will earn 30 GP.

Different Extreme Gear have different GP accumulation rates, meaning some Extreme Gears will earn less Gravity Points than others when performing the same actions. In a normal race, the player can adjust the race settings to have a low, normal or high GP accumulation. If the setting is low, some Extreme Gears will not be able to accumulate GP with performing Tricks.[1]

Additionally, some Extreme Gear have abilities that lets the racer replenish GP through unusual methods, such as the G Shot which grants extra GP for each obstacle destroyed during Gravity Control.


  • In Survival Battle, once the player has depleted his/her GP Gauge, the player will be forced to run on-foot until the player received a GP Boost power-up, which may be a reference to Sonic Riders that once the player ran out of Air, the player had to run on-foot until the player managed to accumulate Air.


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