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Gravity Dive is a move used by all playable characters in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, which is granted by wielding an Ark of the Cosmos or a Gravity Band. When performing this move, the user creates a black hole to gain a burst of high speed through mid-air without the need of riding an Extreme Gear. It is a useful, sometimes vital, move for the player, as it serves as an easy way to pass opponents on long stretches of track.


Story-wise, in order for the user to perform Gravity Dive, the user must possess an Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band which is required due to their gravity-altering properties. In order to perform Gravity Dive in gameplay, the user must have accumulated enough Gravity Points (GP) in their GP Gauge by performing tricks, grinding, opening certain Item boxes etc. If the user has even a little amount of GP, the player can perform Gravity Dive.

When performing Gravity Dive, the user activates their Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band, which is signified by an brief explosion of light erupting from the Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band that turns all colors from the user's perspective monochrome. Once activated, the Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band will generate a temporary black hole further down the track, thus creating a powerful gravitational disturbance that makes all objects within a large radius of the user to enter zero-gravity. This results in larger objects along the side of the track, such as trains or tree trunks, to be torn off the ground and to float closer to the center of the track. At the same time, the user slowly gets off their Extreme Gear and starts floating above the ground, holding the minimized Extreme Gear loosely at their side. Once in position, the user usually shouts a personal quote and is, in an instant, pulled through mid-air towards the black hole at maximum speed. While flying through the air, the user has free movement abilities, can plow through most obstacles and can freely control their movements in all directions, though the player will slowly descend back to the ground if the Gravity Dive is used high above. Once the player runs out of Gravity Points or chooses to deactivate Gravity Dive, the user falls back on the ground and gets back on their Extreme Gear and resumes racing at high speeds.

When performing the Gravity Dive in gameplay, the player has to do the following actions to initiate and stop Gravity Dive:

PS2 Wii (remote) - forward Wii (remote) - sideways Wii (GameCube Controller)
Press and hold down R1ps3.png to activate Gravity Dive. Release R1ps3.png to deactivate it. Flick the Wii Remote upward to activate Gravity Dive. Flick again or press Snnwii2buttondisco.png to deactivate it. Flick the Wii Remote upward to activate Gravity Dive. Flick again or press WiiDSA.png to deactivate it. Press and hold down Lgame.png/Rgame.png to activate Gravity Dive. Release Lgame.png/Rgame.png to deactivate it.

It is worth noting that the Gravity Dive can be utilized most effectively over longer distances on straight parts of the racing tracks.

When performing the Gravity Dive, there are two ways that allows the player extra speed boosts and Gravity Points in the game. When the player utilizes the Gravity Dive, the player can steer into the obstacles that are pulled into the track from using Gravity Dive. This will result in a Meteor Burst, which immediately gives the player an extra boost of speed and more Gravity Points. However, this action leaves behind a black hole, which is signified by a circular disturbance in gravity outlined in white. The opponents can then pass through these black holes and gain similar boosts.

The objects that can be meteor bursted are listed here:

Quotes of usage


  • The only stage that players cannot use Gravity Dive at will is at Mobius Strip when Master Core: ABIS is present. The boss controls when Gravity Dives are automatically used, even if any racer does not have any GP in which case they hover helplessly in mid-air instead.
  • The way Master Core: ABIS performs the Gravity Dive is more or less a reverse version of the move; when performing it, Master Core: ABIS does not create a black hole that draws it forwards, but rather becomes the black hole and draws others towards itself while it remains stationary.
  • In Survival Ball and Survival Battle Modes, should the player be using the Wii remote, a single flick of the remote won't allow them to traverse a far distance with Gravity Dive. Rather, the player has to keep holding the Wii remote in the air in order to travel long distances with the Gravity Dive.



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