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The Gravity Dive[1] is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique where the user utilizes an Ark of the Cosmos to glide through midair using a black hole while riding Extreme Gear.


Gravity Dive refers to the ability to increase one's speed using gravity. In order to perform Gravity Control, the user must possess at least one Ark of the Cosmos. When performing Gravity Dive, the user activates their Ark of the Cosmos, thus causing a brief explosion of light erupting from said object that inverts all colors from the user's perspective. The user will then generate a temporary black hole further down the track,[1] creating a powerful gravitational disturbance that affects all objects within a large radius. This results in objects alongside the tracks to be torn off the ground and to float closer to the center of the track. At the same time, the user slowly gets off their Extreme Gear and starts floating weightlessly above the ground, holding their minimized Extreme Gear loosely on their side. Once in position, the user shouts a personal quote and is, in an instant, pulled forward at maximum speed, gliding through midair in semi-flight very quickly. When the Gravity Dive later ends, the user falls to the ground again and resume riding on their Extreme Gear.


In gameplay of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the Gravity Dive has several mechanics tied to it. Most notably, in can increase the playable character's speed for a short while by granting them a semi-flight ability. Gravity Dive is initiated slowly, but rewards the player with tremendous gliding speed if they are able to stay in the air. While gliding, the user can freely control their movements in all directions, though the player will slowly descend back to the ground if the Gravity Dive is used high above. Sometimes, Gravity Dive also allows the player to get to higher routes or discover alternate shortcuts. During the player's flight, obstacles, the type of which depend on the track, will also float on the sides in a weightless state. By touching these obstacles, the player will bounce off them in order to trigger a Meteor Burst, which grants the player a large amount of Gravity Points and temporary speed boosts. Activating Gravity Dive and Meteor Bursts also leads to the formation of Gravity Rings. Also, when the Gravity Dive ends, be it either manually or automatically, the playable character will fall back down to the ground and resume riding their Extreme Gear at normal speeds, losing their speed boost

Gravity Dive tends to be most effective in designated sections, often at the beginning of straight roads on the tracks. Such sections are usually spacious areas with lots of obstacles on the sides to trigger the Meteor Burst with. These sections are also signaled by the presence of gravitational accelerating rings. In addition, each user of the Gravity Dive shouts their own own quote when triggering the move:

In order to perform the Gravity Dive in gameplay, the player must have accumulated even a small amount of Gravity Points in their GP Gauge; without this, the move will fail. Gravity Dive can also not be performed if the playable character is under the effects of Speed Down or Parts Lock. Also, utilizing Gravity Dive will drain the GP Gauge very quickly; if the player's Gravity Points are depleted during Gravity Dive, the Gravity Dive cancels out automatically. To perform the Gravity Dive in gameplay, the player must use the following controls:

PS2 Wii
Wii Remote
Wii Remote
Activate Hold R1 Flick Wii Remote up Hold Lgame/Rgame
Deactivate Release R1 Flick Wii Remote up / Snnwii2buttondisco Flick Wii Remote up / WiiDSA Release Lgame/Rgame

Notably, Gravity Dive can also end automatically in automated sections on different race tracks. Also, during Survival Race and Survival Ball, Gravity Dive is performed immediately without a preparation phase, but it only lasts for a short while. Also, the player cannot regain Gravity Points while gliding. Also, in Survival Ball and Survival Battle, should the player be using the Wii remote, a single flick of the remote will not allow them to traverse a far distance with Gravity Dive. Rather, the player has to keep holding the Wii remote in the air in order to travel long distances with the Gravity Dive.


  • The Mobius Strip is the only track in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity where the playable characters cannot perform the Gravity Dive on their own, as Master Core: ABIS controls all the Arks of Cosmos and automatically triggers Gravity Dive where the player approaches it.
    • The way Master Core: ABIS performs the Gravity Dive is more or less a reverse version of the move; when performing it, Master Core: ABIS does not create a black hole that draws it forwards, but rather becomes the black hole and draws others towards itself while it remains stationary.




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