Gravity Control is a move used by all playable characters in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, which is granted by wielding an Ark of the Cosmos (or a Gravity Band in Free Play mode). This move serves as a vital game mechanic for the player, especially in single-player mode, and is often required to win several of the game's races. When performing this move, the user can manipulate gravity to quickly change their directions when riding an Extreme Gear at high speeds. This allows the user to either make sharp turns or to select an alternate course through the racing tracks.


Story-wise, in order to allow a user to perform Gravity Control, the user must possess an Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band which is required due to their gravity-altering properties. In order to perform Gravity Control in gameplay, the user must have accumulated enough Gravity Points (GP) in their GP Gauge. If the user has even a little amount of GP, they can perform Gravity Control.

When performing Gravity Control, the user activates their Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band, which is signified by a small wave of light and ripples erupting from the Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band, followed by the Ark of the Cosmos/Gravity Band itself glowing. This causes the gravity in the user's nearby vicinity to be negated, causing nearby objects and the user itself to enter zero gravity, though the user will still move in the same direction as when the Gravity Control was activated (albeit at a slower pace). Once in mid-air, the user can directly select any new direction to head towards, even when the user were going at full speed on Extreme Gear. Once the direction has been selected, the user propels themselves forward at high speeds with a quick shift in gravity, while other objects caught in the gravity shift are destroyed, allowing the user to resume racing on their Extreme Gear at high speeds. This is sometimes referred to as "Gravity Drift".

To perform Gravity Control in gameplay, it is required that the player has Gravity Points in their GP Gauge; otherwise, any attempt to use it will fail. When performing Gravity Dive in gameplay, the player must execute the following actions:

PS2 Wii (remote) - forward Wii (remote) - sideways Wii (GameCube Controller)
Press PSSquareButton.png while tilting the left analog stick in the desired direction to head in. Press Button1.png while pointing the Wii Remote or pressing Controlpadds.png in the desired direction to head in. Press WiiB.png while tilting the Wii Remote or pressing Controlpadds.png in the desired direction to head in. Press SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO.png while tilting the analog stick in the desired direction to head in.

Sonic racing down a wall route after using Gravity Control

Gravity Control is foremost used to give the players an advantage in Extreme Gear races; when the player is about enter a sharp turn at high speed, Gravity Control can be used to quickly alter the player's direction when entering this turn, allowing the player to pass through the turn without ramming into the walls and lose speed. However, Gravity Control can also be used to select alternate routes on the racing tracks which are located on the walls, fittingly called Wall Routes; if the user is launched into the air by a quarter-pipe nearby a Wall Route, the player can use Gravity Control to redirect themselves towards this route and race down it vertically This will grant the player additional Gravity Points. Also, by using Gravity Control in the same manner during mid-air tricks, the player can also use it to send themselves flying towards a possible shortcut on the racing track that cannot be reached otherwise. Performing Gravity Control also affects the BGM, fast-forwarding it to a certain section. 

Wheel type Extreme Gear, however, cannot use Gravity Control to the full extent of the other Gear types, as performing Gravity Control will result in the rider to drop immediately to the ground, which is not useful in making a sharp turn and still race at high speeds. This, in effect, means that Wheel type Extrem Gear have difficulty in accessing Wall Route shortcuts. One of the Gear Parts, GC Boost UP, enables Extreme Gear that are equipped with it to be launched at a greater speed after performing Gravity Control.


  • In gameplay, the eruption for this move appears identical for every character. In the CGI opening cutscene of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity however, it appeared a blue color in Sonic's grasp instead of plain and transparent. It is unknown if this means the color of the Ark of the Cosmos and its gravitational field actually matches its user's color scheme alike.




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