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Gravity Control[1] is a move that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is a technique where the user utilizes an Ark of the Cosmos to create shifts in gravity for the purpose of instantly changing one's direction while riding Extreme Gear.


Gravity Control refers to the ability to manipulate gravity. In order to perform Gravity Control, the user must possess at least one Ark of the Cosmos. When performing Gravity Control, the user assumes a pose on their Extreme Gear and raises their arm that is wearing the Ark of the Cosmos. The Ark of the Cosmos subsequently gives off a small wave of light and releases ripples, followed by the Ark of the Cosmos itself glowing, which is accompanied by the sound of gravity bending. The gravity in the user's nearby vicinity is then negated, causing various nearby objects and the user itself to be suspended in space.[1] The user itself also slows down and will drift through midair for as long as Gravity Control is in effect. The user then selects a new direction for gravity to pull them. Once the choice is made, the user gets pulled in their chosen direction at high speed for an instant using a quick shift in gravity. The other objects caught in the gravity shift are destroyed in the process, however.



Sonic racing down a wall route after using Gravity Control, from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.

In gameplay of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, Gravity Control has several applications. Most notably, it replaces the Air Slide from Sonic Riders, allowing the player to send their playable character shooting ahead in a certain direction for an instance for the purpose of getting through tight corners or U-turns. When triggering Gravity Control in such situations, the playable character slows down and drifts forward through midair while the player can select a direction to head in. Once the player has chosen their direction, the playable character is launched forward at near maximum speed and is able to resume racing at high speed. During the execution of Gravity Control, objects around the playable character will enter zero gravity until the playable character is launched, at which point the objects are scattered and destroyed. Additionally, Gravity Control can also be used to reach Wall Routes; if the user is launched into the air by a Trick Zone nearby a Wall Route, the player can use Gravity Control to direct themselves towards this route and race down it vertically. This will grant the player Gravity Points. By using Gravity Control in the same manner during Trick Actions, the player can also use it to reach an otherwise unreachable shortcut on the track.

In single-player modes, performing Gravity Control affects the default course's background music, causing it to playback from a different section as long as the player's GP Gauge does not deplete completely while using it.

Wheel type Extreme Gears cannot use Gravity Control to the full extent of the other Gear types, as it results in the playable character dropping down to the ground faster and launching themselves forward at slower speeds than normal. Instead, they rely on their Slide Turn maneuver to get through tight turns. They also have problems accessing shortcuts like the Wall Routes. The GC Boost UP Gear Part on the other hand enables its Extreme Gear to be launched at greater speeds when using Gravity Control.

In order to perform Gravity Control in gameplay, the player must have accumulated even a small amount of Gravity Points in their GP Gauge; without this, the move will fail. Gravity Control can also not be performed if the playable character is under the effects of Speed Down or Parts Lock. Also, utilizing Gravity Control will drain the GP Gauge of Gravity Points; if the player's Gravity Points are depleted during Gravity Control, the playable character will fall to the ground without accelerating forward. To performing Gravity Dive in gameplay, the player must use the following controls:

PS2 Wii
Wii Remote
Wii Remote
Hold Square + hold left analog stick in desired direction > release Square Hold Button1 + point Wii Remote / hold Controlpadds in desired direction > release Button1 Hold WiiB + tilt Wii Remote / holdControlpadds in desired direction > release WiiB Hold SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO + hold analog stick in desired direction > release SNNBGAMECUBEDISCO

Notably, Gravity Control be can canceled manually or end automatically after some time.


  • In gameplay, the eruption for this move appears identical for every character. In the CGI opening cutscene of Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity however, it appeared a blue color in Sonic's grasp instead of plain and transparent. It is unknown if this means the color of the Ark of the Cosmos and its gravitational field actually matches its user's color scheme alike.




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