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This object exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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The Gravity Boots[1] are objects that appear in the Sonic Boom television series. They are boots created by Dr. Eggman that can counteract anti-gravity effects.



The Gravity Boots are metallic black boots with thick grey soles and heels that are collected to grey toe caps. Each boot also has a pair of grey straps and a grey cuff with a red button on the front.

Abilities and traits

When activated, the Gravity Boots prevent their wearer from floating around while under the effects of anti-gravity by restoring gravity's effects on them. However, they cannot maintain normal gravity for their wearer under the effects of increased gravity. The Gravity Boots are controlled by Dr. Eggman's wrist controller.[1]


TV series

Season two

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Eggman holding his Gravity Boots.

In preparation for his usage of his Anti Gravity Ray, Dr. Eggman pulled out his Gravity Boots to counteract the device. However, when the Anti Gravity Ray got stuck on Cubot in high gear, causing it to scramble Cubot's mind, Eggman ended up caught in the rampant anti-gravity field it created. He thus had to use his Gravity Boots to stay grounded until his dealings with the Anti Gravity Ray were over.[1]



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