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Gravel is a character that appears in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. He is a resident from the Special Zone and the muscle of the villainous Fundamental Four.


Gravel is a large-framed humanoid made entirely of earth (resembling soil, with small tufts of plant matter on his "skin").


Along with the rest of the Fundamental Four, Gravel spent four years in prison due to the Chaotix Crew. Seeking revenge, the Fundamental Four escaped prison and attacked the Chaotix's Satellite Base, with Gravel leading the frontal assault. As a battle ensured, Gravel unbalanced the heroes for his team, before taking out Vector while his teammates handled the rest.[1]

Potamental Four

The Fundamental Four as a pot, from Sonic the Comic #81. Art by Nigel Dobbyn and Steve White.

As Gravel and his team trapped the Chaotix (sans Charmy) in a machine to liquidize them, Gravel was keen on tracking down Charmy. However, before they could executed the Chaotix, Charmy came with serveral worker bees from the Hive. As the bees split Hydran over Gravel, the pair was mixed together with Squall and Flare by the bees as they used the quartet's abilities against them. Ultimately, the bees fashioned the Fundamental Four into a pot, trapping them, although Gravel's consciousness survived the process to experience his prison.[2]


One of Gravel's most notable feature is that he speaks only unintelligible gibberish, although his teammates seem to understand him fine and respond as normal.[1]

Powers and abilities

The strongest of the Fundamental Four in terms of physical strength, Gravel can easily smash through walls with explosive effects and cause earthquakes by slamming the ground.[1]


  • Gravel's name is the same as the one for the unconsolidated mixture of rock fragments, a reference to the element he embodies.
  • Out of the Fundamental Four which represent the classical elements of Ancient Greece, Gravel represents earth.
  • Just as the Fundamental Four are a parody of the Fantastic Four, Gravel appears to be a parody of the Thing.
  • When speaking, Gravel's speech bubbles always had rough edges.


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