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This character exists primarily within the Sonic Underground continuity.
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Granny is the leader of the Mountain Folk of southern Mobius. She is an elder that spends much time sitting in her rocking chair, reaching a point where she is constantly bent double, even when standing up.


Granny has a shock of curly white hair and has lost all of her teeth except one.


Young Granny

A younger Granny on her rocking chair

Years ago, she was given a gold medallion by Queen Aleena, representing the Mountain Folk's ownership of their land. During a hoedown, she placed the medallion in her music jug for safekeeping while she danced with Zeb, leader of the Valley Folk. However, she forgot that she'd put the medallion away and thought that it was lost. She accused Zeb and the Valley Folk of stealing it, so that they could claim the Mountain Folk's land, and vowed never to play any more music until it was returned. This led to a feud between the two groups that lasted for years.[1]

In the present day, the mountain girl Serro brought the Sonic Underground to see her. They convinced her to put the feud aside temporarily to help the Valley Folk destroy a dam that, if completed, would flood the land of both groups. However, at the meeting with Zeb, she saw that Serro was holding hands with a valley boy named Jerod, and immediately backed out. She pulled out a gun, as did Zeb, but they were interrupted by Sonic. Sonic and Sonia convinced them to settle the matter through music, not through fighting. Since the Mountain Folk hadn't played any music in years, Granny picked Sonic to play on their behalf; Zeb picked Sonia. Sonic Underground sang "How You Play the Game", convincing both sides to work together.[1]

Granny participated in the attack on the dam. After it was destroyed, she offered Sonic her music jug as a thank you, only to find her gold medallion inside. Finally remembering what had happened at the hoedown so many years ago, she apologized to Zeb and the feud was over. Zeb suggested that they pick up where they left off. She and Zeb gave their medallions to Sonic Underground, then had a new dance together.[1]


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