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Granifer Giganticus is a race that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is an ancient race of rock monsters known for their perpetual sleeping habits.



Members of the Granifer Giganticus race are colossal behemoths whose bodies are made entirely of boulders held together in a humanoid shape by unseen forces. They have glowing veins across their bodies, with extra large glowing areas at their joins, and glowing eyes.

Characteristics and culture

The Granifer Giganticus is a proud race of mountain-dwellers.[1] They operate on a rather primitive mindset, remaining rather docile and mind their own business when unprovoked. They speak only through roars and growls, yet can be quite grouchy, hostile and even monstrous when disturbed.

The Granifer Giganticus race have a penchant for sleeping. They are known to sleep for at least a thousand years at a time and it takes them about a year to properly doze off.[1] Despite their composition, the Granifer Giganticus race are capable of ingesting water for psychological processes. Their breathe also smells like dead jellyfish.[1]

Powers and abilities

Granifer Giganticuses are quite powerful; Dr. Eggman theorized that just one specimen could destroy entire cities and even subjugate the entire world with his help. Possessing superhuman strength, they are strong enough to knock a large boulder from the countryside on Seaside Island to Hedgehog Village with a single kick and uproot trees with one hand. Additionally, their physical composition gives them great durability and their roars are strong enough to create powerful gusts. As demonstrated by their sleeping habits, they also have lifespans that are over a thousand years long.[1]

A noticeable skill the Granifer Giganticus race has is their ability to disassemble and reassemble their entire bodies at will. This skill lets them camouflage themselves as piles of boulders, possibly to remain undisturbed while they sleep.[1]


TV series


The Granifer Giganticus race originates from the era of the Ancients. For unspecified reasons though, the entire race disappeared from the surface of the world.[1]

Season one

Centuries after the last sighting of a Granifer Giganticus, a specimen was awoken by Sonic and Knuckles. In a rampage-like daze, the rock monster tried to return to sleep. As Team Sonic tried to help the rock monster fall sleep however, Dr. Eggman attempted to capture him, only to fail. During the commotion, the rock monster kidnapped Sticks to have her singing lull him to sleep, but Team Sonic saved Sticks and made the rock monster doze off at Dr. Eggman's lair.[1]

Known Granifer Giganticuses


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