The Grand Kingdom, found in the north-west of the kingdom

The Grand Kingdom an area that appears in Sonic and the Black Knight. It is one of the four known domains of King Arthur's kingdom in the world of Camelot.


Visible on the game's map screen, the Kingdom takes up the north-west corner of the game world. It is where the capital of the kingdom, Camelot Castle, can be found. Aside from the capital, the area is generally dominated by forests, especially in the north, with several small settlements within them.

From the Grand Kingdom, The Highlands lies to the east of it, The Outlands to the south and Avalon directly south of the Grand Kingdom.


  • Camelot Castle: A giant fortress-city, hosting a thriving town for the townspeople and Castle Camelot.
  • Knight's Passage: A system of sewers and waterways beneath the great city fortress of Camelot Castle.
  • Deep Woods: A sprawling woodland of old-growth trees, with spiked vines, marshes, ponds, and gorges.
  • Shrouded Forest: A part of the Deep Woods twisted into a white landshape of hostile flora by Merlina's magic.
  • Dark Hollow: A crown-shaped fortress created from the ruins of Castle Camelot.



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