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The Grand Gold Flicky Hotel[1] is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by IDW Publishing. It is a large hotel located in Sunset City.


The Grand Gold Flicky Hotel is an orange-red, multi-storey building with white outlines. It possesses several white-framed windows with dark glasses. It also has a roofed entrance with the building's name on it that is held up by two blocky pillars. The hotel's most recognizable feature however, is a golden fountain in a square in front of the entrance, which has a large golden statue of a Flicky in its center that squirts out water.


Crisis City

When a Zombot outbreak erupted in Sunset City, the Grand Gold Flicky Hotel got turned into a fortification where Team Dark and the city's defense force would organize the survivors. A barricade made of damaged cars was set up and officers would defend it with Burst Wispons. While Rouge was at the hotel coordinating the officers, Sonic arrived there. As Sonic and Rouge brought each other up to speed on current events however, survivors arrived at the hotel with Zombots hot on their heels. Sonic thus left to push the Zombots back. Soon after, Shadow arrived with a truck to take the survivors away in. The survivors in the Grand Gold Flicky Hotel proceeded to enter the truck under Rouge's guidance while Omega and Shadow kept the hordes of Zombots away.[1]

After all of the uninfected citizens boarded the truck, Rouge drove off and while Omega stayed behind with Sonic to fight the Zombots, including Shadow. Omega sustained serious injuries but he and Sonic were soon rescued by Tails and Silver.[2]



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