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Grand Egg Imperial

The Grand Egg Imperial

The Grand Egg Imperial is a flying fortress used by Dr. Eggman in the Sonic X anime series. It appears to be a combination of several of Dr. Eggman's earlier flying fortresses he used in the series.



Homebound Saga

Ep50 06

The Grand Egg Imperial under construction.

Dr. Eggman constructed this giant flying fortress out of the either recovered or rebuilt Egg Fort, Egg Fort II and Egg Carrier. After being launched to fend off an attack launched by a rogue military officer named Card Passer, it was used to try to take over Sonic's native world after Eggman was warped back to that world. It was badly damaged by Amy's Piko Piko Hammer, and then released a tracking missile on Tails in the Hyper Tornado. However, it was destroyed by Super Sonic when he warped there using Chaos Control.[1][2]




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