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This group exists primarily or exclusively within the Pre-Super Genesis Wave continuity.
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The Gorilla Army is a group that appears in the Archie Comics. They are a clan of Mobian gorillas who inhabits the Great Rainforest on the planet Mobius. They were initially a timid, gentle and peaceful group, but the pressure of the First Robotnik War eventually pushed them to take up arms against Dr. Robotnik to protect their home. After briefly running afoul with Sonic, they allies themselves with the Knothole Freedom Fighters when the heroes pushed back the latest of Robotnik's aggressions.


Simon being exiled from the Gorilla Army, from Sonic Universe #30.

Originally a peaceful society, the Gorilla Army were years ago among the many to fall under threat from Dr. Robotnik as his forces began to spread, but they opted to stand by their peaceful ways, believing they could stay hidden in the jungle. However, one of their number, the militaristic Simon, wished to fight back against the doctor, but his grandfather and the other peaceful Gorillas opposed the idea. As such, they exiled Simon so he could fight Robotnik himself.[1][2]

Eventually, Robotnik and his robots encroachment the jungle, forcing the gorillas to take up arms to fight off the invaders. The battles eventually turned the Gorilla Army tough, fearless and warlike and their village became an armed camp,[3] which convinced them that Simon's path was indeed the right one.[1] Simon later returned after swearing allegiance to Mammoth Mogul, and was made aware of the change in his people before being offered the rank of sergeant and leader of the clan. While he accepted his new title, Simon-hereafter known as Sergeant Simian-deemed his people unworthy of him and left.[1]

The Gorilla Army in the year 3235, from Sonic the Hedgehog #45.

The Gorilla Army continued to fight Robotnik, eventually encountering the Knothole Freedom Fighters Sonic the Hedgehog and Rotor Walrus when they came to the jungle. Suspicions of them, the Gorilla Army took them prisoners and forced Rotor to cook and create weapons while ignoring Sonic's warnings that Robotnik would attack. Sonic attempted to trick them to free them by offering them a cache of weapons (by stealing them from their own warehouse), but his carelessness got him discovered. Soon after, Colin Kintobor Jr. attacked with his Eco-Destroyer, terrifying the Gorilla Army, though they all shortly after fell asleep from a stew Rotor had filled with Narcolyptus Berries. Fortunately, the Knothole Freedom Fighters and Mobie, a Cave Bear, came to their aid, helping them drive off the menace, and the Gorilla Army allied themselves with the Freedom Fighters.[3] Mobie subsequently took up residence with the group, who remained ever-vigilant at protecting the Great Jungle.[2]


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