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The Gopher Highwayman[1] is a character that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog television series. He is the subject of a ghost story that Sonic told to Tails.


The Gopher Highwayman is supposedly an anthropomorphic gopher, but headless. His body is ethereal, and only a pair of eyes can be seen where his head should be. For attire, the Gopher Highwayman wears a black hat with a feather pierced on it, a gray shirt, a black cape, and brown gloves and cowboy boots. He is also usually depicted with a gold medallion in his hand.


TV series

Season two


The Gopher Highwayman up close.

While out training with Tails, Sonic told Tails a ghost story about the Gopher Highwayman at the bonfire in the middle of the night. According to Sonic, the Gopher Highwayman made a mistake by stealing a medallion from a certain sorcerer, and lost his head as a result. From then on, he would wander the forest as a ghost. This story frightened Tails and Antoine, but Sonic calmed them both down. Later at night, Tails would dream about the Gopher Highwayman standing on a nearby hill on top his bison before coming down to him and showing him the medallion. When Tails then woke up from his nightmare, he saw a faint-glowing ghost-like figure wander through the woods. After a long night full of scares though, Tails discovered that the glowing figure was not the Gopher Highwayman as he had thought, but just Antoine covered in some bioluminescence weed. The next day however, Tails found the Gopher Highwayman's medallion while he was extinguishing the bonfire. This scared not only him, but also Sonic, who grabbed his friends and ran away with them after hearing a ghostly laughter.[1]


The Gopher Highwayman is a terrifying entity who likes to scare others and laugh at their horror.[1]

Powers and abilities

The Gopher Highwayman knowns how to ride a bison.[1]


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