Golden Bay Zone, or just Golden Bay,[1] is a Zone that appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle. It was added to promote the Sonic the Hedgehog film.


Similar to City Escape, the stage is based on real-life San Francisco, which appears in the movie. The similarities are reflected with the music being an instrumental version of Escape from the City.


Golden Bay has three tracks. These are:

Image Name Level required Difficulty
GoldenBay - StreetRetreat.png
Street Retreat 1 Easy
GoldenBay - SuburbanSpeedway.png
Suburban Speedway 4 Medium
GoldenBay - HighHillPark.png
High Hill Park 7 Hard


  • This is the only Zone in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle to not be based on an existing level in the Sonic the Hedgehog series.
  • This is the only Zone to feature the drone-like Badniks from the Sonic the Hedgehog film, appearing as stationary enemies through the tracks.



  1. In-game loading screens

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