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The Gold Shield[1] (ゴールドバリア[2] Gōrudobaria?, lit. "Gold Barrier") is a TV power-up that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. When obtained, this power-up grants the user a shield that protects from damage and enables Blast Attack.


TVs that contain Gold Shield display an icon depicting a golden sphere with a bright center. The Gold Shield itself take the form of a pulsating golden sphere.


Sonic using the Blast Attack granted by the Gold Shield, from Sonic 3D Blast.

In the gameplay of Sonic 3D Blast, when picking up the Gold Shield, Sonic will get enveloped by the Gold Shield. While wearing it, Sonic will be protected from a single hit that would otherwise inflict normal damage. It also makes him able to perform the Blast Attack. Once damage is taken, Sonic will lose the Gold Shield and suffer knockback without taking damage. However, it does not protect Sonic from dangers such as bottomless pits.

It is worth noting that the Flickies following Sonic also receive a small Gold Shield when Sonic obtains one; the Flickies' Gold Shields do not disappear upon taking damage unless Sonic also takes damage.


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