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The Gold Cameron (ゴールドキャメロン Gōrudokyameron?) is a robot created by Dr. Eggman that appears as one of the types of enemies in Sonic Heroes.


Gold Cameron protecting itself.

The Gold Cameron is an upgraded version of the Cameron with a reinforced golden shell, which makes this robot immune to Power Formation attacks. To destroy it, it needs to be flipped over using Speed Formation's Tornado Jump, and then its defenseless belly must be attacked. It has six HP and awards four hundred points when destroyed. The Gold Cameron can be easily destroyed if the player uses a fully-leveled up Speed Formation attack.

Level appearances

They are found in Power Plant for Team Dark and Team Chaotix, Casino Park for Team Sonic and Team Dark, and in Frog Forest for all teams except Team Rose. They appear in all these levels in Super Hard Mode, along with Grand Metropolis. In addition, they are present in Robot Carnival (except Team Rose) and Robot Storm (except Team Rose and Chaotix).

Notably, in Team Chaotix's missions in Power Plant, the player is required to destroy a certain number of Gold Camerons to complete it.

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