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This group exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.
For the Gogobas' counterpart from another dimension, see Gogobas (alternate dimension).

Okay, maybe you shouldn't have trusted me. We better split before we get Gogoba'd into doing something annoying.

Sonic the Hedgehog, "Return of the Buddy Buddy Temple of Doom"

The Gogobas are a group that appears in the Sonic Boom series. They are a tribe[1] of anthropomorphic chinchillas[2] who live in Gogoba Village on Seaside Island. Although weak of stature, they are expert manipulators, ensnaring their victims with nice behavior and heavy guilt trips.


Characteristics and culture

The Gogobas live a simple lifestyle. They have a tribal-like society with a chief serving as their leader. They are also seemingly self-sustaining as they grow their own food. However, they are not fighters and possess no form of defenses for their village, making them an easy target for invaders.[3]

An example of Gogobas earning the favor of others.

The Gogobas possess a humble, shame-mongering culture.[1] To the outside observer, the Gogobas are an incredibly nice and selfless people. They always offer the best of their services and resources and do not wish to bother others with their troubles, never once showing consideration for their own well-being and misery. This behavior makes them seem like pushovers as they offer no resistance when attacked. In truth, the Gogobas are devious experts in manipulating others using guilt, and their selflessness is only a façade to further this.[3]

While telling about their services to others or mentioning others' behavior, the Gogobas casually note how it is at horrid costs to themselves, thus instilling a strong sense of guilt. This way, their victims cannot say no to the Gogobas' requests.[3] For a Gogoba to show helpfulness and friendliness is to insult their culture, making such members unfit to be a part of their tribe.[1] That said, despite their shrewdness and penchant for manipulation, the Gogobas are not without conscience; the best way to escape them, is to guilt trip the Gogobas themselves.[3] However, the Gogobas insist (poorly) that they are incapable of feeling guilt.[4]

When not making use of their guilt-trips, the Gogobas exhibit a very lazy disposition. They also tend to complain a lot and ask annoying questions, making them a highly unsuitable workforce.[5] Also, despite their tribal lifestyle and isolated habitat, the Gogobas have at least some familiarity with modern culture; they have visited Hedgehog Village numerous times for various reasons, and their Chief has even starred in a television show.[6]


TV series

Season one

The Gogobas being robbed.

As the Gogobas were plundered by the Weasel Bandits, Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails got rid of the bandits. Seeing that Sonic and Tails could serve as their protectors, the Gogobas guilt-tripped them to stay several times with royal treatments at the expense of themselves until they got them to stay. Though the Gogobas were given a defense system by Sonic and Tails so they could protect themselves, they let themselves get caught in it so the duo could stay. Eventually though, the Gogoba Chief let Sonic and Tails go after they guilt tripped him. In response, the Gogobas moved into Sonic's Shack so Sonic could protect them. No sooner, Dr. Eggman attacked the shack. After stopping him, Sonic and Tails guilt-tripped the Gogobas into following Eggman, making them settled in his Lair where they kept annoying Eggman.[3] Eventually though, the Gogobas returned to their village.[7]

A number of Gogobas later attended the trial between Sonic and Dr. Eggman, where Eggman sued Sonic for injuring him. When Eggman was shown to be fine, the Gogobas fled as Eggman retaliated with his robots.[8] Sometime later, they held a game of Limbo in their village, with Sonic joining in on the festivities.[7] Another time, several Gogobas came to see Bro-Down Showdown live in the Village Center. However, they were forced to flee and seek shelter when Obliterator Bot attacked the set.[9] The Gogobas would soon after come to the Robot Battle Royale, where they saw Eggman steal Tails' Hypnobot at the end.[10] Later, a lone Gogoba would visit Meh Burger.[11]

Season two

Knuckles tries to join the Gogobas.

Hearing that an asteroid would impact the earth, a Gogoba showed up to buy a spot in Eggman's bunker to ride out the impending apocalypse in. Although the Gogoba did not get a spot, Team Sonic would stop the asteroid.[12] Seeking a foster family, Knuckles would join the Gogobas. However, the Gogoba Chief cast him out once he realized Knuckles was too friendly and helpful to be a part of their tribe.[1] Amy and Bea the Bee later tried hiding from Dr. Eggman among the Gogobas, but the Chief ended up ruining their plans.[4] Gogoba Village would not long afterward get engulfed by an erupting volcano's lava, leaving several Gogobas and their chief stuck on a rock in a lava river. Fortunately, they were saved by Team Sonic and their new member, Steve Eggman.[13]

A group of Gogobas eventually joined Mark the Tapir's walking tour, during which they saw Amy wear a flea collar in Tails' House.[14] The residents of the rebuild Gogoba Village (minus the Chief) later got kidnapped by the Froglodytes, who forced them to mine for the Tummel Crystal on behalf of Dr. Eggman in their catacombs. While working, the Gogobas drove their captors nuts. Although the Gogoba Chief persuaded Team Sonic to go rescue his people, the team got captured by the Froglodytes. After the Gogobas found the Tummel Crystal, Amy manipulated one of them into helping freeing her team from their chains, allowing them to foil Eggman's plans and get the Gogobas home.[5] The Gogobas later met Sonic when he brought them an order from Meh Burger. Although it had been ordered by someone else, the Gogoba accepted the meal nonetheless, albeit not without forcing Sonic to obey some of their demands in return.[15]


  • The Gogobas were briefly mentioned in "Eggheads" before their debut, as a part of a television show Sonic was watching.
  • T.W. Barker once mentioned, as a part of one of his confidence tricks, that the Gogobas have burial grounds. However, it is unknown whether or not this is a fact he fabricated for the sake of his scheme.[16]




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