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This location exists primarily within the Sonic Boom continuity.
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For the location in another dimension, see Gogoba Village (alternate dimension).

Gogoba Village is a location that appears in the Sonic Boom television series. It is a small settlement in the jungle on Seaside Island where the Gogoba tribe lives.


Gogoba Village is a small tribal settlement located in the jungles on Seaside Island. The village consists mostly of tent-like mud houses with a few bamboo-stilt ornaments.[2]


TV series

Season one


Sonic and Tails having a stand-off with the Chief.

One day, as Gogoba Village was ransacked by the Weasel Bandits, Sonic the Hedgehog and Miles "Tails" Prower stumbled upon the village and got rid of the bandits. Believing Sonic and Tails could protect Gogoba Village from invaders, the Gogobas guilt tripped the duo until they made them stay as their defenders. In an attempt to escape, Sonic and Tails created a defense system for the village, only for the Gogobas to mess it up and guilt trip them even more. However, the Chief let Sonic and Tails go after they guilt-tripped him. However, the Gogobas would not let go of Sonic, so they left their village to live in Sonic's Shack.[2] Returning to their village later on, the Gogobas would have a game of Limbo with Sonic joining them.[3]

Season two

Looking for a foster family, Knuckles the Echidna traveled to Gogoba Village to join the Gogobas. However, he got cast out when the Gogobas realized he was too friendly and helpful to be a part of the tribe, although not before the Chief had him fix the village's well.[4] Amy Rose and Bea later hid in Gogoba Village to avoid Dr. Eggman while he sought to take Bea back. When Eggman recalled Bea remotely though, Bea left the village once she got outside.[5] The lava from an erupting volcano would not long after engulf Gogoba Village, destroying it. Fortunately, its residents survived this catastrophe.[6] Though Gogoba Village was eventually rebuild and repopulated, the Froglodytes would arrive and take all the residents, except for the Chief, away to work in their mines. Team Sonic soon after stumbled upon Gogoba Village when they got lost in the woods, and the Chief managed to guilt-trip the team into saving his people and getting them back to the village.[7]

In an attempt to occupy Sonic to ensure the success of Eggman's latest scheme, Orbot tricked Sonic to do a Meh Burger delivery run to Gogoba Village. Unfortunately for Orbot, Sonic quickly resolved the misunderstanding with the Gogobas and got back on the road.[8] Gogoba Village was later almost hit by an Eggman missile. Thanks to Team Sonic though, the missile got steered into the mountains instead.[9]

Points of interest


  • It is said that Gogoba Village smells just like widabits.[11]
  • There is a television show named after Gogoba Village, called The Real Housewives of Gogoba Village.[11]


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