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Goblins are creatures that appear in the Sonic the Comic series published by Fleetway Editions. They are a sentient species of green-skinned humanoids that live in the same dimension as the foxes of the Nameless Zone.



Goblins are humanoid creatures with large, pointy ears. Their skin tones can range from between green, grey, and brown. They are also much taller than most Mobians and usually have very ugly appearances, with several wrinkles, large noses, warts, and beak-like lips present on several members.

Characteristics and culture

Goblins are a war-centered species, initiating conflicts as they see fit and are even violent to those among themselves.[1][2] The goblins are ruled by a monarch. At one point this was Queen Vulpecula Huntar, whose home was Castle Morbidden to the north of the Nameless Zone.[1] Later, Roubal became the king of the new Goblin Kingdom and effectively annexed the Nameless Zone through treaty with the Enchanter Kings.[2]

Goblins are shown to enjoy eating foxes, though their diet is not exclusive to just this. Due to this, they are extremely antagonistic towards foxes and will try to kill them either by "playing" hide and seek with them or by tricking them.[3]

List of Goblins


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