Goal Post Juggle 2 is the third Challenge Act of Planet Wisp Act 1 in the console/PC version of Sonic Generations. It is unlocked after clearing every Stage in the modern era and is playable only as Classic Sonic.


This Challenge Act takes place across a modified version of the second section of Planet Wisp Act 1, starting from inside the factory and stretches slightly towards the opening. This Act is filled with flamethrowers that can be turned off with Switches, sawblades, Fans, and yellow Springs. The Act also has a number of Time Bonuses lying around to increase the player's time limit.

Much like the first Goal Post Juggle, the player has to guide the floating Goal Post to the end of this Act. This is done by knocking it forward with the Spin Jump while it is in midair. However, this act is easier than its predecessor, and there is lots of time to score an "S" Rank. Should the Goal Post touch the ground, it adds five seconds to the player's time. If the player hits the Goal Post ten times in succession, it gives them a number of Rings.


The Act starts with the Goal Post falling down atop the player to initiate its transport. First, the player must guide the Goal Post to the top of a staircase of platforms and then across two gabs with flamethrowers (which can be turned off using the Switches between them). From there, the Goal Post must be taken across the highest platforms and then into the lower corridor slightly ahead of there, although this can prove troublesome as the walls are so close that they can bounce the Goal Post backward before it reaches the corridor. This corridor eventually leads out into the open.

In this second section, the player must scale a series of platforms to the right, some of which has yellow Springs with the Goal Post, to reach the final section on the top. It should be noted that on the very bottom of the left side of this section is a hidden slope for the Spin Dash which is a shortcut to the final section. The final section has some sets of platforms at the beginning. Here, the player must knock the Goal Post to the top of the platforms and then take the long way around to reach it. From there, the Goal Post must be guided across some recesses with Fans (which can be deactivated with a Switch), sawblades and Egg Pawns to reach the end of the Act.



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