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The Glove[1] (グローブ Gurōbu?) is an object that appears in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed. It is a defensive Pickup item that protects the racer from obstacles.


The Glove resembles a baseball glove with a red and white circular stripes label (a target symbol) placed on the center of it.


Metal Sonic using the Glove.

In gameplay, the Glove can block any Pickup item projectiles aimed at the user and deflect any obstacle, regardless of which direction the source of harm may come from. When using it, the Glove appears on the back of the racer's car, where it will remain active for about fifteen seconds or until it has blocked a hit. If the Glove wears off on its own without blocking anything, it begins a vanishing animation and disappears, although the Glove's effects will not disappear until the Glove itself disappears.

It should be noted that on some courses such as on Ocean View and Graffiti City, the Glove allows for an invincible-bypass to stage hazards/obstacles without being negated afterwards, especially if the hazards themselves can be damaged but not destroyed.

If activated while an attack is aimed at the user, the Glove can grab the projectile, allowing the user of the Glove to use the projectile against others. This function works on every projectile except All-Star Move projectiles, and immediately after using it, the Glove will disappear.

To use the Glove in gameplay, the player must collect a Pickup item that has the Glove icon and then press the Weapon button. This item can also by collected via the Super Pickup items or Bonus Chance. In the case of a Super Glove, the normal Glove is collected for a Super Glove's duration, can be activated to extend it if the said Super Glove is about to disappear.


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