Globotron (グローボン Gurōbon?, "Globon") is the boss for Tropical Resort in the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors. Globotron's only appearance was in Tropical Resort, in the Nintendo DS version of Sonic Colors. At first, it seems to be the usual floating sign in Dr. Eggman's Incredible Interstellar Amusement Park, but it transforms itself to form arms and eyes to reveal that the sign is actually a towering robot. 


With its long lanky arms, it will ball up its fists and smash them down on the ground to create a massive shock wave. Sonic must strike its hands after it attacks to deal damage to Globotron. It is still dangerous even when damaged and will escape the middle of the battle field to chase Sonic. It then chains together a combo of two palm slaps and a double fist smash on the ground, dealing major damage. It will pause after the double fist smash, giving more opportunities for attacks against it. If Sonic scores enough hits Globotron will get dizzy and the stage will be illuminated by red lights as alarms sound off, it will then fall on the ground exposing its true weak spot; a golden colored Eggman head. If the player does not attack the head, Globotron will bounce back up and continue to attack Sonic faster than it had before. After destroying the Eggman head, a massive explosion will destroy Globotron.

An alternative, and easier, way to defeat Globotron is to strike its fist with a boost. This will release a Red Wisp, allow Sonic to use Burst to go up to the top screen and damage Globotron severely. However, this only works after encountering the Red Wisp on Sweet Mountain.


  • Globotron is the Nintendo DS version's equivalent to Rotatatron. Both act as the bosses of the Tropical Resort stages and in the story of the Nintendo DS version it is Globotron's arm that causes the Mind Control Ray to malfunction.


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Sonic Colours (DS) Tropical Resort V.S

Sonic Colours (DS) Tropical Resort V.S. Boss

The Battle with Globotron on the DS.


Tropical Resort Planet Wisp Boss - Sonic Colors (DS) Music Extended

Tropical Resort Planet Wisp Boss - Sonic Colors (DS) Music Extended

Also plays during Drillinator fight

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