(Spike Glitch: There's actually no evidence that a physical Japanese cartridge of this exists. It's a patched feature in re-releases.)
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==''[[Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)|Sonic the Hedgehog]]''==
==''[[Sonic the Hedgehog (1991)|Sonic the Hedgehog]]''==
===Spike Glitch===
===Spike Glitch===
[[File:Sonic1-version3.jpg|thumb|Version 3]]When [[Sonic the Hedgehog|Sonic]] is hurt, his temporary invincibility won't protect him from spikes. The most common case of this glitch is in the Green Hill Zone, where two sets of spikes are next to each other. Sonic will bounce from one set to the next and die instantly. Even with a shield, Sonic will just bounce back and forth until he dies on the third hit. This even works with other attacks. If hit by a Badnik, he can die if he lands on spikes, or even if he just quickly jumps into them before he stops flashing. ''Sonic the Hedgehog'' Version 3 (released in Japan) fixes this glitch.
[[File:Sonic1-version3.jpg|thumb|Fixed.]]When [[Sonic the Hedgehog|Sonic]] is hurt, his temporary invincibility won't protect him from spikes. The most common case of this glitch is in the Green Hill Zone, where two sets of spikes are next to each other. Sonic will bounce from one set to the next and die instantly. Even with a shield, Sonic will just bounce back and forth until he dies on the third hit. This even works with other attacks. If hit by a Badnik, he can die if he lands on spikes, or even if he just quickly jumps into them before he stops flashing. This glitch is fixed in ''[[Sonic Jam]]'' if [[Spin Dash]] is enabled, as a bonus unlockable version in ''[[Sonic Mega Collection]]'' (which was the default version in ''[[Sonic Mega Collection#Sonic Mega Collection Plus|Sonic Mega Collection Plus]]''), and in the 2013 mobile re-release.
===Game Crash in [[Labyrinth Zone]]===
===Game Crash in [[Labyrinth Zone]]===

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Glitches are mistakes and errors in games caused by overlooked software data. Various Sonic games have a selection of them listed below. While some are useful or even hilarious, others may be harmful to the player's games, gaming systems or their save files.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Spike Glitch



When Sonic is hurt, his temporary invincibility won't protect him from spikes. The most common case of this glitch is in the Green Hill Zone, where two sets of spikes are next to each other. Sonic will bounce from one set to the next and die instantly. Even with a shield, Sonic will just bounce back and forth until he dies on the third hit. This even works with other attacks. If hit by a Badnik, he can die if he lands on spikes, or even if he just quickly jumps into them before he stops flashing. This glitch is fixed in Sonic Jam if Spin Dash is enabled, as a bonus unlockable version in Sonic Mega Collection (which was the default version in Sonic Mega Collection Plus), and in the 2013 mobile re-release.

Game Crash in Labyrinth Zone

If the player uses the spin attack past the finishing sign on the right side of the screen and presses the down button in Labyrinth Zone Act 2, the game will crash. This glitch is much less likely to occur in the Mega Drive version of the game.

Marble Zone "Go through blocks" Glitch

Some of the blocks in Marble Zone Act 2 and 3 allow the player to crouch through them; however, the player will die if they attempt to stand up while crouching in the blocks.

Final Zone Glitch

If the player hits Dr. Robotnik two times on the last hit, they will have to hit him another 255 times to defeat him.

Background Glitch

In any Zone in this game, the player must first enter the debug menu and kill themselves, and then right before the player falls out of the screen, he or she must become one of the debug mode rings or any other object and take themselves back to the top and place themselves down, which will cause the screen to glitch. This also works with Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and all lock-ons of Sonic & Knuckles.

Sonic Dies by Going Too Fast

In rare cases, when Sonic goes through the two shuttle loops, Sonic may die after exiting the second shuttle (before the section with several rings in the air). This is because the game is not programmed with "blast processing" and the game will register Sonic falling out of camera view as falling into a bottomless pit.

Walk around the Signpost Area

When the player goes past the signpost at the end of the level, if they go to the right past the screen and jump just as the signpost stops, it is possible to walk around the signpost area. This glitch can also be used in Sonic 2.

Outrunning the screen in Green Hill Zone

In the Sega Master System version of the Game, in Green Hill Zone Act I, there is a hill with an invincibility upgrade on top and speed shoes after it. The player must get the speed shoes and go left back up the hill. On top of it run to the right and roll down the hill. Sonic will be thrown upwards and out of the screen, the camera starts moving to the right, until it stops at the goal post, where Sonic will be standing. The player must then move to the left and touch the goal post will finish the level, skipping most of the level. This trick also works in the Game Gear version to a limited amount, but Sonic won't get to the end, he will only skip a small part of the level.

Tails Glitch

On the iOS and Android version of Sonic 1, if you go to no save mode then enable debug mode and go to character 00, then go to Green Hill Zone Act 3, then kill yourself 2 times with the spikes. The last time kill yourself by using debug mode and going under the ground and dying saying GAME OVER. Then go to a Sonic ONLY account and now you have Tails. (WARNING: If you beat the act, Tails will stay with you permanently)

Golden Sonic Glitch

On the iOS version and Android version of Sonic 1, during Debug Mode, place down an S monitor, smash it, and turn into Debug again. After you hear the transformation noise, go back to normal, and Sonic's fur will turn golden, but his quills will not be upturned, and he will run normally, rather than flying.

Sonic's Super Design

In the iOS and Android version, play as Sonic, and turn Super in any way while playing in Debug Mode. Turn into Debug after turning into Super Sonic and pass the Goal Post. Wait for the sign to stop spinning, and you will not be able to move. Press back and you will be able to move again. When the zone's music starts back up, go out of Debug Mode, and Sonic will basically still be Super Sonic, but you are back to normal Sonic's speed and his fur is at the normal blue color. You will stay this way until you get to the next act or end the game. Sonic's run will also be Super Sonic's glide.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Level Select and Debug Mode

This may or may not be a glitch; it is clear that the level select and the debug mode were created deliberately, probably for play-testing purposes, but it is entirely possible that the decision to leave them in the game during distribution was accidental and therefore that the fact that they remain accessible to this date is an oversight in the game's code, as is consistent with the definition of a glitch. In any case, many of the glitches in this section are attributable to the availability of these features; therefore, it is common courtesy to indicate the manner in which this availability is achieved.

At the title screen, scroll down past the bottom; another possible choice, options, will appear. Enter the options menu and play the following sounds in order: 19, 65, 09, 17. (17 September 1965 is Yuji Naka's date of birth) . If a ring sound is heard, the player must restart the game (by holding A button for Mega Drive/Genesis and pressing start) and return to the title screen. Otherwise, play the sounds in order again.

Once the passcode has been entered the player will be returned to the title screen, Before the choices appear, the player must hold down A. After the choices appear, continue holding down A and press start. If you are now at the level select screen, proceed to the next paragraph; otherwise, start over.

At the level select screen, scroll down to the sound test at the bottom-right hand corner of the screen. Play the following sounds in order: 1, 9, 9, 2, 1, 1, 2, 4. (24 November 1992 is the American and European release date of Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The Japanese version may have a different code). If a ring sound is heard, proceed to the next paragraph; otherwise, start over from the beginning of this paragraph.

Hold down A until this paragraph says otherwise. Go to any level and press start. Wait for the title card to disappear. The player may now stop holding down A. The purpose of debug mode is likely to test the programming of game features that are not ordinarily set to appear at the player's position; as such, using it, it is possible to spawn objects. The player cannot, however, spawn player characters, bosses, monitors that aren't teleportation monitors, or large, immobile chunks of the level, such as walls or the ground. The player is also able to fly and pass through solid objects. In order to place a certain object, it must first be transformed. To transform into an object whilst Sonic, press B. While playing as an object, the controls are as follows: A to change what object you are; B to transform back into Sonic and C to place the object the player is. The player can also use the control pad to go anywhere in the level, regardless of obstructions such as gravity, hazards, or solid objects. It is possible to use this power to stop from falling off the screen when the player dies and thereby save themselves from death; be warned, however, that if an object is placed after preventing death but before transforming back into Sonic, the game will freeze. Also be warned that if a monitor is placed and then destroyed, all subsequent monitors placed will already be destroyed. Similarly, if a checkpoint is activated, all subsequent checkpoints placed will already be activated; however, this is irrelevant to gameplay, seeing as how checkpoints that have been placed using debug mode will not actually behave as checkpoints anyway.

Despite its status as a glitch, this has been listed in the hints menu of Sonic Mega Collection, and recreated in the 2013 re-release of Sonic 2.

Ashura Glitch

To do this glitch the player must enter the level select and debug mode codes and be four rings. The player must press the A button one more time and the player will disappear. Press the "set down" button and the player will be transformed into a waterfall. If placed at the first hill in Emerald Hill Act 1 or 2, the player will transform into Ashura, a glitched Sonic.

Emerald Hill Zone Scrolling Glitch

The bottom two foreground layers of Emerald Hill Zone do not scroll properly, meaning that they are permanently misaligned.

Chemical Plant Zone Collision Bug

First, play normally through the game (or use level select) to get to Chemical Plant Act 1. Take the lower path, and then continue to go further until you get about 1/4 of the way through the loop, but remember to avoid the boost. Then start going backwards, avoiding all the boosts you see, and then once you see a ramp, remember to roll down it, but do not press any button while rolling. Eventually you should fall down when you're not meant to. (also works with Knuckles in Sonic 2)

Leaf Protection Glitch

In Aquatic Ruin Zone, if Sonic collides with an enemy while behind a leafy section of the background, he will not take damage.

Confused Tails Glitch

First, play any level, but it has to have a spring where you can stand on it. Then, you and Tails must run towards it and right before you hit the spring, jump on it while Tails tries to get to you in a couple seconds Tails will try to do a spin dash to get to you, but this glitch dis-allows him.

Lay Down in Mid-Air Glitch

First of all, you need to activate debug mode. Then, enter debug mode in-level, and go a few pixels away from the goal then place two monitors, one on the right and one on the left with a little space in between the boxes and get up between the boxes and jump on the one on the left and when it goes all white and blue hold down then you should hear yourself spindashing, but you might go to the end of the level or you will be where you were, but in the air standing up, if you do it wrong you will be at the start of the level.

Out of Bounds in Sky Chase Zone

If you Spin Dash really fast it is possible to fall off of Tails' plane and die. This is possibly because Tails wasn't programmed to fly at the speed of a Spin Dash.

14 Continue Cheat Code Glitch

Playing the sounds 01, 01, 02 and 04 in order while in the sound test option will give you 14 continues. But there's a catch; Oil Ocean Zone's music will play non-stop throughout the game. Please note that very late versions of Sonic 2 (including the version in Sonic Compilation) do not have this glitch.

Mess Up Level Graphics, Physics, and Tails

To perform this glitch, activate debug mode (see above) and play as both Sonic and Tails. This is the game default, so if you haven't changed any settings, you don't have to worry about the playing as Sonic and Tails part. Use debug mode to outrun Tails and get to somewhere far away from him so that he has to fly to return to you. While he's flying after you, spawn and smash a teleportation monitor. Turn into an item immediately afterward to prevent yourself from dying in the ensuing chaos and confusion. Move around for a bit until you can see yourself on-screen. In most levels, if this is done properly, the ground will lose physical integrity, causing you to become prone to slipping into it occasionally as though it were not entirely solid. Also, Tails will probably slide around on one foot without walking. In some levels, this glitch will also mess up the graphics. For this purpose, it is particularly recommended trying it out in Aquatic Ruin Zone.

Fight Several Final Bosses at Once

To perform this glitch, activate debug mode (see above). Go to Death Egg Zone. Engage Silver Sonic in battle, then place a teleportation monitor and smash it, preferably before you get hit by one of Silver Sonic's attacks. Immediately turn into an item so as to prevent yourself from dying. Move around for a bit until you can see yourself on-screen, then turn back into Sonic in the small hallway that appears to serve as the vessel's entrance. You will notice as you continue into Silver Sonic's chamber that the game is now able to scroll past it, as though you had already defeated the robot. Continue to the chase scene with Robotnik without first defeating Silver Sonic. Once you have chased him in his machine, turn into an item and go back into Silver Sonic's chamber. As you pass Robotnik's original position, you'll notice he's still there. For the purpose of this glitch, it is inadvisable to chase Robotnik whilst an item. Therefore, transform back into Sonic and chase Robotnik again. Repeat as desired, then defeat Silver Sonic (optional; you don't have to defeat him, but if you don't, the final bosses will look glitched) and continue one last time into Robotnik's chamber.

You will now be locked inside, as is usually the case during a boss. If this was done properly, you will be fighting multiple final bosses. Be advised that this fight is tough and ridiculously unfair, particularly if you restrict yourself to the use of only honest game tactics from that point on. Also be advised that spawning too many final bosses with this technique may cause the game to crash, presumably due to lack of sufficient virtual memory to process the sheer quantity of the number of objects that's happening. Incidentally, spawning any number of final bosses with this technique will probably cause the game to run very slowly. At some point, parts of the final bosses may even become invisible, probably due to lack of sufficient virtual memory to render them, thus making the battle all the more unfair. Sometimes, the game has so much trouble with the final bosses that it can't even figure out how to make you spill rings when you get hit, so if you have any rings, you just keep getting knocked back without losing them when you get hit, so that evens the playing field a bit.

Low-Gravity Tails

In Aquatic Ruin Zone Act 1, go towards the first horizontal spring that sends you up the column. In Debug Mode, place a Transport monitor in front of it, but have enough space in between them so that Sonic has room to stand. If performed correctly, Sonic should be repeatedly pushed forward by the spring, constantly switching between his running and pushing sprites. After a few seconds of watching this happen, make sure Tails is on the other end of the monitor, and then roll into the monitor. Turn into an item to make sure nothing happens to you. When the flash fades, the camera will be back at the start of the level, and make its way to Sonic and Tails. When it gets back to them, Sonic should be in his idle stance, and the background will, if done right, scroll a few seconds after the camera focuses on Sonic again. Jump back onto the platform behind the spring, and Tails will try to follow, but will be pushed slightly backwards. He will do this infinitely, and the only way to stop the glitch is by making Sonic hit the spring and run past Tails, leaving him offscreen.

Boss Corruption

If you go below where the boss is meant to be using debug mode and, then you approach back towards the boss Dr. Robotnik might use corrupted sprites. (Note that this glitch does not always work, sometimes his sprites are only glitched for a few frames before they correct themselves).

Sprite Corruption

Once you get on to Tails' plane quickly enter and exit debug mode. All of Sonic's sprites (except for his standing and looking up sprites) will be corrupted, but they will correct themselves once Tails' plane starts approaching towards Dr. Robotnik's ship.

Boss Delay

If Sonic Spindashes to the right edge of the area where the Aquatic Ruin boss battle takes place, he will quickly reach the other side of the boss battle area. The music for the boss battle will play, but the boss will not appear until Sonic moves away from the edge of the screen. This happens because Sonic is on top of the column that appears upon entrance of the boss.

Walk in Mid-Air Glitch

Once Sonic latches on to the Death Egg, quickly enter and exit debug mode and Sonic will be using his walking animation.

Super Tails Glitch

This glitch requires the use of debug mode. You must also be Sonic and Tails. First, turn in to Super Sonic. Then, place a Transport monitor using debug mode. Finally break the monitor and, while Sonic loses his Super State, Tails should turn into Super Tails. This form is speculated to be incomplete, however, as there are no flickies surrounding him unlike in Sonic 3 & Knuckles. In fact, it is entirely possible that Super Tails had not even been conceived of at the time of Sonic 2's development, as it's fairly clear that all switching places with Tails here does is cause him to behave exactly as though he had obtained both the speed shoes and the invincibility item, both graphically and mechanically. Also, Super Sonic will stay normal, but will go at normal Sonic's speed and can get hurt.

Another Walk in Mid-Air Glitch

If you attempt to transform into Super Sonic after touching the end-of-level signpost you will be walking in mid-air and you'll need to reset the game.

"Hyper" Sonic Glitch

In Oil Ocean Zone Act 2, go to the second platform that shoots you through the air cannons, but hold left, and you will hit the spikes and land in an air cannon, but you will fall straight down. You will land in a gap between the top of another air cannon and a wall. Jump out, and the speed and agility of Sonic will be increased dramatically making Sonic faster than Super Sonic. If you become Super Sonic with this glitch, the stats will be doubled, making Sonic faster than Hyper Sonic. If you Spin Dash or go off screen, the effect wears off.

Golden Sonic

Start the game and enter the codes for Super Sonic and Debug. Play as Sonic alone. In Debug Mode, Place a Transfer Monitors. Turn into Super Sonic and smash it. Sonic will turn back to normal, except his fur will stay golden.

The Super Duo

Do the Super Tails glitch. If Sonic turns Super again, Tails will also stay in super form as well, making to where both are super. They will stay like this until the act is cleared. However, if Sonic runs out of rings or clears the act, Tails will stay super.

Tails' Clone Machine Works

Enter the level select and debug codes, then go to the Sky Chase level. Using debug mode, create a transfer box and break it open. When you hear Sonic die press B to enter debug mode again. Move the cursor up until you see Tails and exit debug mode. To finish, jump and you'll have two Tails.

Spin Dash Forever

While on Versus mode on Sonic Mega Collection Plus, on Casino Night Zone, the player must perform a spin dash on the left wall once all the way up the elevator, and then must move to the right. The player will start spinning even though the character is as if he were walking. This glitch ends once the endpoint is reached.

The Slip and Wall Fall

In Sonic 2 hook Sonic and Knuckles on, then play Knuckles in Sonic 2, then get to Chemical Plant Zone. Once there, climb up the first wall you see, then Knuckles will fall off. It is possible that this wall is not meant to be climbed, however.

Sonic may move through walls in Chemical Plant Zone, the wall acting like spikes.

Tails is Possessed

In Casino Night Zone, if you're playing the pinball section, when you land on the ground, instead of Tails walking, he just moves without using his walking sprite.

Ghost in the Machine

When fighting Silver Sonic, if you jump on his head when he is on the left of the screen for the final hit, he will become a floating flame and you won't be able to move on.

Confused Shield

When a character has a shield if the player were to rapidly pause and unpause the game; the shield's sprite will become "Confused", causing it to remain in the same frame for a few seconds

Spindash in Midair

If the player were to stand on one of the teeter totters in Hill Top Zone and begin spindashing, but does not let go of down, then when sonic springs up into the air, even though the game plays his spring sprite, smoke will still be rising from his feet as though he is spindashing and the spindash sound effect will play, this is because the game did not register sonic as stopping charging the spindash, if sonic touches the ground after letting go of the button he will curl up into a ball and shoot off as though he has just finished charging. If the player continues to hold down after he lands, then  his standing sprite will show with spindash smoke will play until down is released, at which point he will act as though spindash was started from the ground.

Tails Glitch

This is for IOS and Android. Go to the level select. Activate debug mode. Click 00 3 Times. Select Sonic and tails. Go to emerald hill act 1. die with spikes 2 times. Now use debug mode to die by falling out of the world.After game over go to a sonic only account. Now you have sonic and tails! (WARNING:Completing a level will cause you to be stuck with tails!)

Boss Bypass 2.0

If using an old version of the game for the iOS on Hill Top Zone, the boss for it will be bypassed.

Barrier Manipulator/Out of the Barrier 2.0

After a boss, if you run and jump fast enough with Super Sonic, you can go past the normal barrier that is used to lock you from the remaining terrain. In severe cases, it is possible to go to the solid-less loop-back.

Done with Super Sonic, a shield, HPZ, Tails and A glitch.

Please note that Tails is likely required.

Palette Glitch in sonic 2 for iOS

how to do glitch:

Enter Debug Mode

Select Oil Ocean Act 2 (make sure to have tails with you)

Go to final checkpoint (the one before you face Eggman

Become Super Sonic (S Monitor)

After becoming Super Sonic, add a Teleportation monitor, and smash it.

You should be transported back to the Beginning of the level, and tails should have the Invincibility stars around him. now if you look, the background is all messed up. If you Debug all the way to the top of the zone, you will see that the background loops. same with the bottom (where all the oil is) if you debug all the way down there, you will see the sky. 

Proto Palace Zone

Do the level select code for Sonic 2 (2014, IOS). Put in the code 03 03 03 0B 10 10 10 04. Then select Hidden Palace from the level select. You should see the words Proto Palace Zone. This is the exact Hidden Palace from Nick Arcade/ Simon Wai Prototypes!(Note: Like the prototype it is incomplete and the "Master Emerald" just takes you back to the level select)

8th Special Stage

Do the level select code for Sonic 2(2014, IOS). All you have to do is click 7 then Special Stage. It is purple and has a corkscrew at the end!

Sonic 3 & Knuckles

Vertical Scroll

This glitch occurs many times. The glitch is used to skip all the way to the boss or get back to the beginning of the level. The steps are easy. Press and hold down on a certain spot until the screen moves, then jump.

Out of the Barrier

In a very rare and hard case, it is possible to glitch out of the barrier for the Barrier Eggman in Flying Battery Zone. This glitch can only be performed with Hyper Sonic. After you hit the "eye", you have to perform the Hyper Flash/Sonic Boom. This move is extremely hard to perform but if performed correctly, Sonic will glitch out of the left side.

It is also possible to glitch out the right side and move to the Hang Mobile, but that is ever harder to perform. And while on the path leading to the Hang Mobile, parts of the background sprites may be corrupted, or it may be all black. If the background is all black, then it is likely that the normal background will rise up along with the platform.

Endless Spin Dash

This glitch can only be performed in Sandopolis Zone and Carnival Night Zone. When the player is performing a Spin Dash charge on one of those break away platforms, the player may fall into sand. When you manage to get on land, the character will automatically spin dash and will continue for some time. In Carnival Night Zone, the player has to perform a spin dash on the ledge next to a spinning barrel. If the barrel comes to the player while charging the Spin Dash, the dust will stay behind the character and the same thing from Sandopolis will occur.

Knuckles Fights the Carnival Night Boss

If the player doesn't go through the hidden path and takes the default path, the Egg Capsule will not appear and the end of Knuckles' level and the player can't go through the teleporter and advance to IceCap Zone. If this happens, the player will be forced to climb up the tunnel that Sonic and Tails take and has to fight the Graviton Mobile, piloted by the EggRobo. After the boss, the player can just jump into the cannon and is blasted into IceCap Zone, but Knuckles enters the stage through the teleporter.

Doomsday Zone With Non-Super/Hyper Transformations

This glitch can only be performed using the level select cheat code. It is possible to enter Doomsday Zone as Super Tails or Super/Hyper Knuckles, however their sprites will be corrupted, and Super Tails will not lose rings. The only way to avoid the sprite corruption other than hacking is to enter and exit debug mode rapidly (by pressing B twice).

Tails' Invisible Air Spring

In Flying Battery Zone, in the player jumps on an Egg Capsule (with a Spring on the top), Tails will follow and when the player springs up, Tails will also spring up, even though he didn't even touch a spring.

Knuckles vs Robotnik

When playing as Knuckles, fight any of the bosses and then die. When the player fights the boss again, instead of the EggRobo, the pilot will be Robotnik. For some reason, in Flying Battery Zone, the boss will always be Robotnik.

Blue Knuckles

Main article: Bluechidna
Blue Knuckles

Bluechidna is a glitch character that appears in debug mode in Sky Sanctuary Zone. The name Bluechidna is a combination of "blue" and "echidna". Bluechidna is basically Knuckles the Echidna with Sonic the Hedgehog's color palette.

After Knuckles destroys Mecha Sonic and starts to fly off in Sonic's plane turn into an object. Then when the island starts to rise, don't follow the island and wait for it to go off screen and turn back to normal. Knuckles and parts of his shoes will turn sky-blue. If Bluechidna turns Super/Hyper, he will become Knuckles, except the shoes stay the same.

Super Stop

In Sonic 3 (alone), when the player defeats Eggman as Super Sonic in Hydrocity Zone, he will remain Super Sonic and the Super Sonic music will still play, but his quills will drop down like normal. He also stops losing rings. This was fixed in Sonic 3 & Knuckles.

Boss Bypass

In Sonic 3, when Knuckles destroys the bridge in Hydrocity Zone, hold down right on the D-pad. If you do this correctly, Sonic will be able to bypass the battle with Eggman and head straight to the capsule (you have a higher chance of doing this if you're Super Sonic). Opening the capsule will clear the zone, but the game continues after Sonic performs his ending pose, and you won't be able to proceed to Marble Garden unless you reset the game. Bypassing the capsule will let you, with the help of Tails, travel to the point where Hydrocity Act 2 repeats the level's layout. It should be noted that unless you destroy the capsule, you can still go back and fight Eggman as normal, but if you open the capsule and then defeat Eggman, the capsule will have disappeared. You can also perform this glitch by simply running to the capsule, and then running back to defeat Eggman. All of these glitches technically fixed in Sonic 3 & Knuckles but Knuckles does not have an Act 2 boss in Carnival Night Zone.

Score/Ring Sonic

This glitch can only be preformed in debug mode in Angel Island Zone, nothing else. When you have debug mode, you can actually bypass right
Lol hi

Score Sonic's corrupted ring form

 boundaries using it. You can abuse it to bypass the act 1 boss and move on to act 2 without any boss fight. But using it in an abusive way with death entering the loop after bypassing the boundaries. When you respawn, you get a corrupted ring sprite instead of Sonic. If you beat the Act 1 boss using that corrupted character without any debug mode, it doesn't turn you back to Sonic. That means, that you can go on through Act 2 with him. However, falling into the next zone changes him back to Sonic. The glitch character actually has a hyper form. There is actually no  changes to him except for a blue spiky sonic palette as part of the form. The reason it's only in Angel Island Zone because in other zones there is no way to bypass it, since the act 2 map loads on the standing position. Also, when the first Firebreath burns the island to a palette change of fire, Act 2 loads in the progress. It also explains the Sonic 3 only glitch that changes the music to Act 2 when entering a bonus stage and exiting.  

Hyper Score/Ring Sonic

Knuckles in Sonic 2

Climb in Mid-Air Glitch

When Knuckles defeats Dr. Robotnik in Casino Night Zone a wall will disappear. If you are on the wall while it disappears Knuckles' climbing sprite will remain in mid-air until you jump off.

Sonic 3

Skipping the Hydrocity Zone Boss

If you push against the wall during the "cutscene" with Knuckles and speed ahead as fast as you can, you can actually pass the boss and jump on the Capsule. This allows you to destroy the capsule as Super Sonic.

Flying Tails in Bonus Stage

Tails can fly in the Bonus Stage. Hold Jump whilst entering Bonus Stage, Tails will jump when the Bonus Stage starts, press jump to fly as normal.

Super Sonic in Bonus Stage

It is possible for Sonic to transform into Super Sonic in the bonus stage, All Seven Emeralds are required, however. Hold jump whilst entering Bonus Stage, Sonic will jump when the Bonus stage starts, press jump to Transform.

Game Crash in Marble Garden Zone

First of all, set the character to Sonic and Tails (character value 00 in level select). Then go to Marble Garden Act 1. Play normally until you are on the pathway towards the minor boss. Next, make Sonic stand still, then pick up controller 2 and defeat the boss using just Tails. If you did it right the game should crash once the signpost lands. This is because Sonic and Tails are not where they should be when clearing the level.

Knuckles' Chaotix

Wechnia Glitch

Main article: Wechnia

To play as or have Wechnia as a partner, go to the Options menu and select "Color Test". Three pairs of 00 should be surrounded by <>. Hold and press until the first pair is 06. Release, hold and press until the second pair is 0B. Release, hold, and press until the third pair is 11. Now release and press. Three pairs of 04 should now be highlighted. Hold and press until the second 04 is now 00. Release, press, then proceed to the main menu. The option "Stage Select" should now be below Options. Select it, then choose your character or partner as **********. You will have Wechnia. However, most likely this will crash the game, as the character uses corrupt sprites.

Sonic Jam

Out of Bounds in Sonic World

"Out of bounds" glitch in Sonic Jam's Sonic World

If you try to jump in at the very edges of the lake it is possible to get out of bounds in Sonic World and there will be nothing but green texture with a cloudy light blue sky. If you go far enough it is also possible to loop the map and you will be back where Sonic World is supposed to be however there will be no objects, no lakes, no buildings etc. The world and the character will constantly flash with very strange effects. Please note that this may crash your console.

Sonic Adventure

Not-so-safe Safety Rails

Overall, rails tend to be very reliable in preventing an accident that costs a life or two. But those accidents can still happen if the player is at top speed in certain sections, or spindashes into them. One of the worst cases comes from trying to spindash past the double spike trap in Emerald Coast, which can cause Sonic to get through the rail next to the badnik and into the big blue underneath that area.

Skipping to Twinkle Park

In order to perform this glitch, you first must have cleared Windy Valley as Sonic. Go back to Station Square, head to the area that is blocked by police and use the Spin Dash rapidly against the red building on the left side. If done correctly, you should break through the invisible barrier. Head to the sewer, jump on the pipes and up to the hole where you came from, jump over the box, and into the "Twinkle Park Tube" (the red door that Big is supposed to go through). If you complete Twinkle Park and exit to the title screen you will see 50% of Sonic's story is cleared automatically. However, you still have to go through the actual story (when the story demands you to clear it, you can just exit it).

Skipping to Red Mountain

Sonic Adventure DX Light Speed Attack Immediately After Emerald Coast (Red Mountain too)

Sonic Adventure DX Light Speed Attack Immediately After Emerald Coast (Red Mountain too)

A video showing how to perform this glitch.

To perform this glitch, you first have to clear Windy Valley as Sonic. Go to the Mystic Ruins and head over to the rock next to where the cave should be later in the game. Jump on the side of the rock so Sonic is looking at the sky and Spindash off the rock and onto the mountain and then head to the top left (This may take a few tries to get right) and head left until you see a tunnel. Fall through it and go up, then you have to run on the walls and Light Speed Dash into the wall and hope you go through. If you didn't get the Light Speed Dash upgrade before you have to use a glitch to escape the Egg Carrier.

Ancient Light Glitch

To do this glitch you must not have yet got the Ancient Light. Go over to where the Ancient Light is and stand in front of it. Spin Dash so you hit it but still fall off the cliff, you will hear Sonic say "NO!" then it goes up top to the scene where Tikal's spirit is telling you about the Ancient Light.

Ice Cap Glitch

After going up the hill to get inside the cave, you will notice a drawbridge right when you enter the room. Instead of going through all of the obstacles, you can simply go through the drawbridge by jumping towards it (when it's still up). Also, after going through the bridge, there is the section of the level that has a gate (pushing it triggers Sonic to get on a snowboard), and on the left, there is a wall of snow. If you would like to attempt this glitch (this could take time), repeatedly spin-dash towards the wall of snow on the left. Then, Sonic will go through and will appear to fall towards a reflection of the sky above.

Station Square Small Boat Harbor

South of the train station in Station Square, you will notice the boat pier. On the right side of the small harbor, continuously spin-dash towards it. You will then notice that Sonic is now out of Station Square's boundaries (normally, the coast would block you from going any farther). Now you can do whatever you want in that area, even though you still have a risk of death. However, this process may take a while.

Knuckles Destroys the Capsule

In Knuckles' section of the Lost World, if the player performs a triple punch on one of the fire blocks that push out of the wall, Knuckles will glitch through and land on the under loop section for Sonic's section. After going through the wall, the player can jump on the capsule and Knuckles' objectives will automatically be complete.

Defeat the Egg Hornet in One Run

After the Egg Hornet drills into the ground, if the player keeps using the Homing Attack as Sonic, the Egg Hornet will stay in the ground and sustain damage.

Die After Winning

After defeating bosses such as the Egg Hornet, if the player jumps at the Egg Mobile and has no rings, the character will give their victory line, but die, forcing the player to perform the fight again.

Tails in Emerald Coast

There are several different ways to get Tails in Sonic's Emerald Coast stage. The most popular way to do this is to have him fly into the left hand corner of the hotel; he will glitch through the graphics. Fly him into the picture of the casino, and then fly him through the part of the hotel right in front of the beach. If done incorrectly, he will fall through the sand to his death.

If you stand inside the sliding doors leading to the casino, in exactly the right spot, he will glitch on top of the invisible box in front of the picture of the casino. However, the camera will likely get stuck. Follow the procedure above to get him into the stage.

Another method is to go right when entering the pool area's doors. Once in a little corner of invisible walls blocking the tables, start flying. You will (most likely) go through the ceiling. Move forward a little, and you will land on a corner. From here, fly over to the beach, and you will make it. If you are not teleported, walk over to the gates, and the level start function will be called.

The final way to get him there is to perform the glitch that gets him permanently stuck in the Casino area. To perform this glitch, don't do the stories with any of the other characters. Select Sonic on trial mode, then go back and select Tails. He will have no stages. Press "A", then "OK", and if done just right, he will be in Emerald Coast.

Because of the game's coding, only the first half of the stage is playable. When going to the second part, water and a spring in the middle of nowhere will be seen. If you entered via the pool area, as soon as you reach this point you will be sent back in front of the doors. However, if the level select is used, the end level function will not be called, causing death. When you re-spawn, you'll be jumping on the spring in an infinite loop.

Knuckles in Twinkle Park

Pick up the statue in front of the Burger Shop, bring it with you to the entrance of Twinkle Park. Push him down on the right side of the railing. It needs to have enough space so Knuckles can slip through, but it has to push him through the wall, as well. If done correctly, Knuckles will glitch through the wall. He will be falling through space, but if you fly in a certain direction, you will see the track. Usually, you will die there, but strangely, at the beginning, you can fall infinitely.

Another way to do this glitch is to first stand in the middle, at just the right spot of the closing doors that lead to the entrance of Twinkle park (not the one that lead to the actual stage), then glide to right of the doors, still standing at just the middle; Knuckles should land between the right side door in his climbing animation. Wait until the doors close on him; he should glitch through the top of the ceiling and through the doors. Have him glide out of the graphics, then glide to the left of the building, and to Twinkle Park. if done incorrectly, he will fall to his death. It should be important to know where to glide so that this doesn't happen.

Amy in Emerald Coast

Get the statue in front of the Burger Shop, take it to the gates of Emerald Coast. Place him on the right, place Amy in between the two, and have her hammer jump. If done correctly, she will be glitched into Sonic's version. However, to get past the whale, Hammer Jump over the first corner, then stop. Look behind you and the whale should be gone. Continue as normal (However, when you get to the second section, you will be jumping on a spring in a landless area). Getting past the whale may only be in the DX version.

Knuckles in Emerald Coast

Get the statue in front of the Burger Shop, and take it to the gates of Emerald Coast. Place him on the right, just next to the gate and Knuckles should be able to glide through the gate in between the man and the gate and into the level. If done correctly, he will be glitched into Sonic's version of the level. He can do everything normally in the first part, except the second part of Emerald Coast, where only a spring and a bottomless pit lie. It is a very similar process to bringing Amy into Emerald Coast.

Knuckles in the Sewer

Go to the area where you see red doors that lead to the Speed Highway stage. Run to the left of the building, just before the corner close to the doors, then stop. Jump then glide to the left while in the process of going through the ceiling. Knuckles should be able to go through the entire building and glitch out of the graphics. Afterwards, have him land on the closest building textures that can be found, then stop as he lands. Knuckles should be in his climbing animation. Glide right, then forward until a brick-structured cylinder is seen. have Knuckles try to go through the bricks, then land. The "Loading" screen should show up and Knuckles should end up in the sewer.Knuckles should be able to go through the sewer normally like the other characters. After exiting the door, he will end up in the shop where the Golden Chao Egg is found.

Gamma in Casinopolis

It is possible to glitch E-102 into Casinopolis in the Dreamcast version. If you hop on top of the train going to the Mystic Ruins, you are able to jump-glitch yourself on top of the train station roof. Use the booster to slowly lower Gamma to the inside of the doors. He is able to get in the pinball by standing there and waiting.

Silver Egg Glitch

If you transfer the Silver Egg to Sonic Adventure 2, the egg will hatch into a Chao which is mostly growing polygons that can crash the game if too big.

Standing on the Orca

During the Orca chase, stop and then use a Homing Attack on the orca. If done correctly, not only will the orca jump backwards, but it is possible to "stand" on the orca.

Moonwalk in Station Square (DX)

If you go to the area where the cars come in at Station Square, walk as far down the ramp as you can, and face out, you will be slowly moonwalking.

Glitch out of the window in the shop (DX)

In the shop where you find the golden Chao egg, (and where you exit the sewer with sonic) there is a picture in front of the window. As Sonic, repeatedly aim a spin dash at the right back corner of the picture. 1 of 2 things can happen; 1. you glitch through the window to the outside, and the camera doesn't (so you see sonic through the window) or 2. you don't make it through the window and Sonic goes through the floor and dies.

Emerald Coast Glitch

After you finish the cave part of Emerald Coast when you head to the loop-de-loop if you stay on the right side of the screen you will fall through the floor.

Gliding Through a Cliff

If Knuckles is in the Mystic Ruins, and he jumps off of the cliff, he can glide, turn around, and move straight through the cliff as if there was nothing there. This will eventually cause Knuckles to fall of the stage and die, however, if he flies underneath the bridge, he can climb up on the support pillars and avoid his death.

No Credit Emblem (DX)

Sometimes, if you skip the credits (or just at random), you won't get the emblem for completing the story, but it will be marked as complete.

Unfriendly Camera

A common issue with the camera is that which causes it to stick to behind the wall or snap into an awkward position, making progress difficult. However it seems to only happen with Auto Camera, so you just have to switch to Free Camera to break free from this.

Inside the tube

To perform, you must be in the Final Egg adventure field. Reach the platform of which Gamma was born from as Sonic. Aim at the wall and perform a jump-dash. If done correctly, Sonic will be behind the scenes. Carefully run through the computers, and you will be able to be within the tubes that carry Metal Sonic and Silver Sonic.

Booster Pad Misfire

A certain quarter-pipe ramp in Emerald Coast has these two Booster Pads on each side of it. Normally, they launch you up the ramp and forces you to dash up the ramp towards its middle section, so you can't accidentally fly to the side, right? Wrong. Sometimes, usually after having used them once, the Booster Pad will launch you in the direction you are facing. This can be used to reach another island without having to use the upper area.

Spinning Vertical Attack (DX)

To perform this glitch, play as Tails, and go to the Mystic Ruins. Go to the Icecap path. Do his Rapid Tails Attack while running. As he is doing it, move him towards the walls. For a short moment, he should come off the wall and his attack will seem like a moving car wheel. Please note that this is only do-able if you have the Rhythm Badge acquired.

Sonic Adventure 2

32 Feet per Second

In City Escape, when going through the loop that leads to the building that you run down, if you jump at the right moment, Sonic will fall down the building rather than run down it.

Fall in Metal Harbor

First, you would need to have the Dreamcast version of the game and two controllers in order to do the cheat that allows for Sonic to go through the level with a board under his feet (pressing the "Y" button on a second controller conjures up a board like the one used in City Escape). After getting to the Goal Ring in Metal Harbor (not on the board of course, since doing so is impossible), when Sonic starts his victory pose, press Y on the second controller and Sonic will slide off on his board into the water as the level statistics pop up. He'll seemingly fall forever into the abyss.

Treadmill Pillar Glitch

This glitch can only be performed by Sonic, Tails, or Shadow. Once the character of your choice enters the Hero Garden, have them jump on the white pillar up the small stairway. When they reach it and start running, Sonic, Tails or Shadow will get stuck and will keep running without moving anywhere. To stop this glitch, jump. This glitch cannot be performed by Knuckles or Rouge because their controls are different and Eggman cannot be perform it because he can't jump high enough to reach the pillar.

Chao Lobby Glitch

While in the Chao Lobby, you can use any character to float above the Garden entrances. Simply jump, fly or glide towards the top of the entrances and you will notice the standing in mid-air effect.

Normal Chao Garden Glitch

When inside the Normal Chao Garden, use Sonic (Shadow may be used also) to homing attack against the corner of the Garden. This corner is on the left of the entrance to the Chao Stadium (basically, you should be facing the ocean). After using the homing-attack a number of times, Sonic (or Shadow) will go through the Garden boundaries. The screen will start to continuously shake and you can go as far as you want. Going a certain distance will cause items and Chao to "swim" under the garden. However, going way too far could have a possibility of your game crashing.

Rouge Eye Glitch

Use Rouge in the Hero Garden. The stairs that leads to a circle then a ledge has a circle roof on it, have her climb on it (it's hard to get right the first time), and pause it when she moves towards you. If done correctly, her pupils and iris' will look distortioned.
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Rouge's Eye Glitch

Silver Egg Glitch

If you transfer the Silver Egg from Sonic Adventure, The egg will hatch into a Chao which is mostly growing polygons that can crash the game if too big.

Knuckles needs a Doctor

If you head to the Chao Kindergarten while holding any object from the Chao Gardens, if you look closely while Knuckles is walking towards the building, his right ankle will be twisting continuously. This also happens when you are controlling Knuckles in the actual Chao Kindergarten building.

Knuckles needs 2 Doctors

Play as Knuckles in the Normal Chao Garden, then head to the patch of flowers to the right of the other patch (which is closest to the exit of the garden) while holding an object. If you walk into the flowers continuously, Knuckles' wrist and hand will rotate in an outward direction. This can happen with either the left wrist or the right wrist, but it can also happen with both wrists at the same time.

Jump Stuck

This glitch only works with Sonic, Tails, or Shadow. Head to any corner of the pillar in the Hero Garden. If the A button is pressed to jump, the character will be stuck in a low- air jump for a few seconds as if there was a barrier between the corners that is preventing the character to jump higher before going back down like normal. This glitch cannot be performed by Knuckles or Rouge because their controls are different and by Eggman because he cannot jump high enough to at least reach the pillar.

Black Cocoon Glitch

This glitch occurs rarely, although it may occur a little more often depending on which version of Sonic Adventure 2 is played. Sometimes, when a chao is surrounding itself in a cocoon of any color (Blue, Pink, or Grey), the cocoon may turn black for a few seconds before it turns back to its normal color. This doesn't affect gameplay of any way.

Delayed Evolution

Rarely the theme that plays when a chao is surrounding itself in a blue cocoon is sometime delayed and played later on after the cocoon is formed ,or, even more rarely, doesn't even play at all. This glitch does not affect gameplay, graphics, or anything else. It is unknown if the same thing happens after the chao is surrounded in a grey cocoon. Please note that no theme is played when a chao is surrounded in a pink cocoon.

Merging Characters Glitch

In 2-Player Action Race, get to one of the checkpoints and jump into a bottomless pit. Have the two characters jump off at the same time (it is recommended that you control both characters). If close enough, when the characters arrive at the checkpoint, they will "merge" into each other's body. You can also do the deaths separately, but make sure to not move each character after they die.

Somersault Glitch

During the first Sonic vs. Shadow character battle, if you slightly tap the Somersault button while standing still just as Sonic/Shadow attacks you, the players character will not do the somersault but the hit box for it will still activate, making the game think the players character is still using the Somersault and basically making you invincible to Sonic/Shadows attacks for the fight.

Access Sonic Adventure 2's Test Room


Sonic as he is accessing the game's Test Room

First, go to Sonic's Crazy Gadget stage, then hit the second to last checkpoint. You will see a Chao Key behind it, but don't get it yet.Once you make it to the door with the last checkpoint inside (the checkpoint that is behind a switch), don't go through it and just hit the switch to open the door. Once on the purple platform head to where a G.U.N Beetle is seen. Spin dash towards the wall then once you hit the wall do Sonic's Bounce Attack to do a high jump and land on the highest platform. Afterwards, spin dash and land on the gray platform (the platform with the goal ring). Next, go forward, then once at the edge, jump, kill yourself, and go back on the platform, then when the screen fades, literally kill yourself. If done just right, after you respawn, Sonic should say "yes" and the status screen should show up when you are idle, making the level think it is completed. During the status screen, break the Chao Container that was by the last checkpoint, but don't get the Chao Key yet. You should end up with a "E" rank after your status is shown. Wait until Sonic says "Barely made it" then spin dash into the Chao Key. The screen should turn white and you should end up in a mysterious room with nothing but colorful shapes and numbers, followed by transparent items to pick up, put down, and throw and no music. You are able to roam around in it, and when you reach a bottomless pit, you will fall infinitely. This works with either version of the game.

Sonic Advance

Amy Through the floor

In Neo Green Hill Zone, sometimes when running down the large hill as Amy with the Lightning Shield, she'll fall through the floor and die.

Pushed off the wall

When climbing a wall as Knuckles, if he is crushed by a moving block at a right angle, he'll be either pushed above or below the back and off the wall.

Path Swapper Glitch

Players using Sonic, Knuckles or Amy, can crouch near certain loop-de-loops with their back to them, wait for the camera to go down and move with the camera locked on that position, causing the map to lose its solidity. This can be reverted by triggering a path swapper, which is not easy to do because the ground is not solid as a result of the glitch. This glitch is useful to time attack Angel Island Zone Act 1 as Knuckles, The acts affected are Neo Green Hill Act 1, Secret Base Act 1 and Angel Island Act 1.

Tiny Chao Garden Glitch

The Tiny Chao Garden mini-game has a major glitch. If the game data is deleted, rings obtained in the main game no longer transfer to the mini-game. There are two ways to revert this; using a video game enhancer such as GameShark or collecting the same number of rings that had been collected before the game data was deleted.

Sonic Advance 2


Rarely, if a player dies, they will not lose any lives.

Graphical Error

If a player grabs a blue barrier, and then a invincibility power-up, rings will still float to the player, but the barrier will not appear until the invincibility wears off.

Sonic Advance 3

Ghost Leader

Sonic Advance 3 is rather buggy-0

Sonic Advance 3 is rather buggy-0

As displayed on the right, while using Tails Tag Action, it's possible for the leader to "sink" into the floor. It's unknown what are the proper conditions for this to happen, but is speculated by the user who recorded it that it happens during specific frames of animation. This glitch can cause, as displayed close to the end, the player to fall off the ledge. Potentially lethal when trying to avoid death pits.


A normal reaction to most systems when handling too many objects is to drop the framerate without skipping. This slowdown, while mostly absent in this game, can be a nice exploit in most cases, but there are exceptions where it can hinder your progress and cost a few lives. A prime example Chaos Angel Zone, Act 3, where a badnik comes right before sideways spikes. If your partner and the badnik are on the same screen, the slowdown will prevent you from avoiding the spikes ahead.

Sonic Heroes

Team Blast Glitch

Sonic Heroes Team Blast Glitch

Sonic Heroes Team Blast Glitch

In any version switch to fly formation. Press the attack button and switch to power formation at almost the same time. This may take some time, but - if done correctly - will fill your blast gauge almost 1/3 of the way. Do it a few more times correctly, and you'll have a full gauge.

Chaos Inferno Adjusted Angle Glitch

This glitch can be only performed by Team Dark as Team Sonic's Team Blast has too many scenes and Team Chaotix and Team Rose don't reach the part where the boulders are chasing the team in Ocean Palace. Use Team Dark in Ocean Palace, when you reach the part where the boulder chases you, switch to Speed Formation and keep running until you reach the part close to the speed booster. Activate Chaos Inferno and you will see a "zoomed out" version of the Team Blast.

Darkness Glitch

When on the verge of destroying one of the airships on the stage Egg Fleet just before destroying it normally if the player were to activate his/her Team Blast the ship will be destroyed and the entire Egg Fleet stage will be nothing but pure darkness with the exception of Team Sonic, Dark, Rose or Chaotix characters who will be the only visible thing on the stage. However they won't be able to perform any actions such as jumping, punching and flying with the only action being able to run. Once the player falls off of the stage the game will reset the player at the last checkpoint they touched as well as restoring the game back to normal.

Ocean Palace Extra Mission Glitches

First of all, you have to play the extra mission of Ocean Palace as Team Chaotix. Play normally until you reach the first checkpoint. When you see the next enemy, edge slightly to the left away from the ground. Do not go too far away. Now continue to move forward, and if the glitch was done correctly the enemy will detect you and the game will stop your movement causing you to fall and lose a life. If it was done incorrectly the enemy will not detect you or it will detect you but no life lost.

Sound Looping Glitch

Please note that this glitch is very hard to do and may require a lot of practice. The character must either be Vector or Charmy because Espio cannot go high enough and the rest of the characters cannot do the same mission. To do the glitch as Vector, go through the level until you reach the first current. Then press the jump button twice to float upwards on it. Do not stop moving or else the glitch is impossible to do. If it was done correctly the sound that plays when an enemy detects you will play a second time as the game still thinks it hasn't detected you. To do the glitch as Charmy switch to him after floating as Vector then start flying.

Floating Egg Pawn Glitch

First, select Grand Metropolis as Team Chaotix. Then immediately switch into Espio and turn invisible by using his tornado power. Then, get up to the point where there are Two Egg Pawns on opposite sides of a platform standing on a pile of crates. If you hit the crates at the right angle the Egg Pawns should still be standing in air as if you never hit the crates. This could be because Egg Pawns weren't programmed to notice Espio when he's invisible.

Shadow the Hedgehog

ARK Wall Jump Glitch

In any level aboard the ARK, Homing Attack any wall near an automatic door. Now wall jump towards the automatic door. The door will open before the player can touch it and Shadow will perform an extra long wall jump.

Spotlight Glitch

In Digital Circuit, find any spotlight that points down into an abyss. In a rare, difficult-to-perform instance, if you jump into the abyss, and the spotlight shines on you while Shadow says: "Damn, not here," you will fly back upwards, but you still lose a life.

Protector of the ARK

This glitch can only be done in The Doom stage. When you have healed 9 out of the 10 researchers for the Hero Mission, pick up a Heal Cannon and fill up your Hero gauge (preferably by putting out fires) and when it is full, rush over to the area with the researcher, fire the Heal Cannon at the researcher and at the same time, perform Chaos Control. The level will be cleared, but the screen will stay white for an unusually long amount of time. Shadow will also keep saying "Damn!" or "Damn! Not Here!" while also saying "I will protect the people of the ARK!" or something along those lines.

Reverse Flight

In the part of Space Gadget where Shadow must grind on a long-winded rail in order to reach the Chaos Emerald. If one manages to use Chaos Control there at the proper time, Shadow will fly forward as usual, but once he hits one of the boost rings, he'll fly backwards instead.

Sonic Rush

Death Ride

During Night Carnival Zone, Blaze's Story, you will find yourself trying to outrun a giant wheel that quickly catches up to you if you are not careful and takes away one life. For most cases, boosting is all that you need to avoid them, but one hell-bent exception happens in a section where you run down that hill just to do a narrow U turn that makes you run on the ceiling. That single exception hides a cruel glitch with Blaze: No matter how fast you go, the wheel catches you at the very edge of that turn, crushing you right away. If you manage to go frame by frame, you will see she stands up on thin air for a brief while there, which moves her hitbox up and into the range of the wheel. Thankfully, you can avoid this by jumping off the hill soon after the chases begins, hover until the wheel is gone from your sight, and then running downhill normally.

Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Get to Inaccessible Area in Castle Town

During the first part of the Sonic episode when you're in the Castle Town, go near the ring trail and try to jump to make Sonic go around onto the other side of the bridge nearby. If you jump around it far enough, it will allow you to keep going. Try to reach the other side. If you get to it, you can go everywhere else that is restricted in the Castle Town. Unfortunately, no gates will be open and there won't be any mirrors.

Knuckles Finishes Flame Core

Normally, Sonic is the one who finishes Flame Core in Sonic's story, but through a glitch in Knuckles' section of the level, Knuckles will finish the level in Sonic's place. Simply glide to the uppermost section of the area (right next to the door where the player switches back to Sonic) and press the jump button. If performed correctly, Knuckles will end up in a black section between the two rooms. If the player glides too far away, Knuckles will die. After gliding into the other room (with Sonic in front of the door), the player can finish the stage with Knuckles. And in the section when the player is falling, Sonic's yelling line will play. The player can then reach the goal ring, Knuckles will strike a victory pose, and the player will be graded. Rouge can finish Flame Core too.

Omega Finishes Wave Ocean

When you first start Wave Ocean as Omega, turn to the small pier and walk as close to it as possible. Then hit the jump button to hover, at first it will not let him pass but it will if you go up high. Then go to the rocks where Sonic did the loops and land on each one (Do not hold the jump button to hover, press it multiple times. If you hold it, Omega will not make it and die). When you get to the small island, walk to the small pier and do the same thing as you did on the other one. Then go to the rock next to it and stand on it. It is hard to stand on it but you have to stand on the top. Then hover to the cliff where Sonic ran down by hitting the jump button multiple times. When you land on the bottom, jump to the other side of the loop and walk up the cliff. When you get to the top, walk to the first house on the right. Hit the jump button multiple times to hover over it. When you get past it, keep hitting it to keep hovering. From there you should be able to fly towards the Goal Ring and finish as Omega.

Stuck on Walls

This glitch can occur many times when playing as Knuckles or Rouge. If the player is on a wall, and is trying to jump off, Knuckles or Rouge may stick to the wall and the player may be forced to die on purpose or climb back down (if there is any land below them).

Sonic the Hedgehog is a bad game, and here's why

Sonic the Hedgehog is a bad game, and here's why

Go to 5:45 and you will see this glitch in action (and others).

Flying Box Glitch

In Soleanna New City, play with Sonic, jump on a box and start doing repeated spin kicks. The box will start to fly and get to the atmosphere. Stop doing the spin kicks, and Sonic will land in the sea, in one of the buildings, the abyss, or sometimes even on land.

Friendly Suicide

In rare cases, if you run off screen with your amigo stuck, the amigo will regenerate in his/her death animation.thumb|300px|right|The aftermath of the Amigo Death Glitch

Shallow Construction

When you are in Soleanna New City and you have the Sky Gem equipped, throw it up to the roof. Sonic will fly upwards, falling, but he goes right through the roof. Then he is inside the building, where it is all clear, still being able to see outside. You will walk through stone walls (depending on which one) and if you fall into the water things are all black and Sonic falls in. Also, near the entrance to White Acropolis, throw the Sky Gem up and Sonic will go through the stone, having the ability to walk on a certain amount of water. If you go outside the shaded area, you will die.

Tails Finishing White Acropolis

When switching to Tails in White Acropolis, go back through the door Sonic came from by flying onto the door to your left and fly through the door (otherwise the door will close). Then go back past to the laser gate and fly over it. You'll be in the final section and able to go to the Goal ring with Tails.

Water Strider

In Wave Ocean as Blaze, she can use her tornado move to bounce on the water, being able to enter areas she's not supposed to go. You can also extend the tornado move by 10 seconds by jumping when releasing the Square/X button.

In Kingdom Valley or Tropical Jungle as Silver, use the Square/X button every time before hitting the water. When doing this precisely, he'll be able to keep bouncing and entering areas you're supposed to go as Sonic.

Go Through Closed Doors

As Sonic, use the Sky Gem in the corner of a door. As Shadow, stand near the corner of a closed door and press jump followed by pausing right away. Press jump again right after unpausing to do a homing attack through the door, being able to skip entire sections. As Silver, Place a box near a closed door, stand on it and use Psychokinesis, jump and he'll sometimes clip through the top of the door.

Fun with Silver

By using the Sky Gem in the VS Silver battle as Sonic, it is possible to go through the barriers. There is a catch, however. If one were to jump towards Silver, and was still in the air, Sonic would break through the top barrier and head up into a dark area, referred to jokingly as "space." It is dark because no lighting has been placed that high in the scene. A video of this can be seen on the Gun Drive page. Go out of bounds again, then use the Green Gem to attack him. Rinse and repeat for a faster time with that boss. Switch to the Sky Gem as soon as the battle starts and jump in the air, and then at Silver. Throw the Sky Gem, and as soon as Silver grabs you, you should fly to wherever the Sky Gem landed, thus being free from Silver's hold. You can then use a Homing Attack on Silver while he's stunned, throw the Sky Gem when he gets up, and then rinse and repeat for a faster time.

No Vehicle for Town Missions

As Shadow, when you are asked to do a Town Mission involving vehicles, say "yes" and hold down XboxX on the Xbox 360 version or PSSquareButton on the PS3 version, while in the loading screen. When you start the mission, Shadow should spin around and get off his vehicle. This makes getting an S rank on stages much easier.

Alternatively, for the Car Festival Mission, press and hold XboxA on Xbox 360 or PSXButton on the PS3 version), Start, and down on the analog stick. After going to the pause menu, let go of Start and XboxA/PSXButton, and press Start.

Finish Silver's Crisis City with Blaze

First, just go through the stage normally until you get out of Blaze's section of Crisis City. Jump off the platform and back on to a small block, and then pass Silver. You should then be able to go through Crisis City as Blaze.

I Can Fly!

Each character in the game, except Knuckles, Rouge, Amy and Blaze, have some method of hovering over large gaps via one of their abilities.

As Shadow, use Chaos Spear repeatedly while in midair. As Silver, tap the levitate button as fast as possible. Unlike the other methods, it will end at some point, because Silver will run out of energy. As E-123 Omega, tap the jump button quickly so that Omega won't go down at all, letting you explore the stage you are in. As Tails, just before he gets to the point where he won't go any higher, release the fly button, rinse and repeat. And as Sonic, use Purple Gem to scale to small size, then keep pressing the jump button and jump to where you want to go.

Zoomed out Camera Angle

First, you must have the Purple Gem to activate. Quickly tap the action button (the button that would activate the Gem, depending on the console), and because the camera should zoom in when you shrink, and vice versa for growing, it zooms out depending on how long you tap the action button.

Kamikaze Wyvern

During the Egg Wyvern battle, pull out the Sky Gem and wait for Eggman to charge at the player. Throw the Sky Gem at the platform and grab on to the antenna of the Egg Wyvern. If done correctly, Sonic should fly onto the platform and a few seconds later, the screen will freeze, and you will win the battle. This allows an automatic-S Rank, not to mention normally impossible scores.

Stuck Between a Rock and a Hard Place

In End of the World, during Knuckles' segment, head over to the first eagle in the stage and wait for the first two black holes to appear. If you hit the wall between the black holes just right, Knuckles will be forced up towards the eagle.

Hard Quicksand

During Silver's segment in End of the World, at the starting area a black hole should appear after waiting a few seconds. Head near this black hole. Get on the platform next to it and fall off it, but close to the platform. If done right, Silver will not fall through the quicksand as he is being forced up by the black hole.

Under the water

In Sonic's Wave Ocean right after the first loop, if the player hits the landing platform just right, they may go under it and die.

Heavy Car Glitch

In Silver's Crisis City, just before Blaze's section, in the area where you must use a pipe and a car to progress, tap the Jump button slowly while falling towards the platform instead of using the pipe and car. When you are on the platform, if you use his Telekinesis, a cyan aura will still surround the car, but it can not be picked up.

Bouncy Rail Glitch

In Sonic's version of Crisis City, if you hit the rail in the boarding section just right, Sonic will act as if he hit a wall when he hits the rail. He will continue to bounce until the player heads off the rail or restarts.

Skipping The Shock Bracelet

When heading to White Acropolis as Silver, go towards the warehouse. There are two boxes there. Bring one of the boxes to the laser gate blocking White Acropolis. When it's up against the laser gate, jump on it and levitate it up as high as you can go. Jump, and levitate over the gate. If done correctly, you will see Blaze trying to catch up with you on the other side.

Go Through Walls Without a Box as Silver

If you skip the Shock Bracelet, your Teleport Dash can be extended in two ways. The first way can be done by pressing the action button on the final frame of the Teleport Dash. If done correctly, Silver will go about twice the distance while keeping his speed. The other way can be done by holding the action button on the final frame of the Teleport Dash. If done correctly, Silver will shoot off and can cover large distances. The last way can be used to go through walls without a box. The last way can only be done without the Shock Bracelet.

I Don't Need A Gem!

Occasionally, the first gem you pick doesn't show up on the power gauge, but it is still usable.

Egg Cerberus out of bounds

On occasions, if Sonic performs a homing attack on the Egg Cerberus, he'll be launched to space on the top of the stage.

Knuckles Flame Core with Sonic

When you get out of the dark room in Sonic's section, go on the springs, and go through the flying ring onto the rail. While grinding, repeatedly press the X button and when you get off, you run past Knuckles

Finish Silver's Kingdom Valley With Sonic

To perform, one must only use the Purple Gem to evade Silver on the last part of the stage, and can finish the level without using him.

Sooooo Slow

Sometimes when running around Sonic's max speed will be slower than normal, this happens mostly in Radical Train and White Acropolis.

Homing Attack into space

While in Chaos Boost mode, when Shadow uses his Homing Attack onto rails, sometimes he'll be randomly be transported to "space" and falls for a while until he loses a life.

Whale Glitch

In Wave Ocean, if you use the Purple Gem to skip the part where Sonic rides the whale, and move on to Tails' part, then hit the switch, then Sonic will say his line as normal, but will not jump and it will stay with the whale on screen. As it is not actually frozen, you can leave the stage or restart to fix the glitch.

Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity

Endless Dive

In MeteoTech Sparkworks, if the player uses the Big Bang Extreme Gear and a close start dash to get GP and Attack mode, then quickly runs to the Spring shortcut, the player will collide with the door as it has not been opened yet and will dive away from the track and eventually the entire map.

Sonic Unleashed

Corrected Timing

If you run to the goal ring at the end of any level and pause before it gets to the results screen, restart the level and the level has completed itself. On the results it says, BEST TIME: 0:00.00, and you'll get a massive Time Bonus. In some cases, it could get you an automatic S-rank. In most other cases, it'll result in a minimum of a C-Rank.

Eggmanland Shortcut

In the XBOX 360/PS3 version of the game, there is a glitch that lets you pass through doors. (The combo is XboxXXboxXXboxY on the Xbox 360 or PSSquareButtonPSSquareButtonPSTriangleButton on the PS3, and then hit the shield button in the middle of the final attack) There is a certain area in Eggmanland when you are in a white, mechanical room with an Hourglass. Touch it and transform into Sonic the Werehog and use the glitch on the left side of the door. It will lead to the area with the pipes and fans you would normally have to go through. Jump on top of the pipes, and then off them onto another area.

So...What's Up?

In the Xbox/PS3 version of the game, go to the Spagonia Hub world. During the day, go near the entrance stage, and here Sonic will see two people talking. Jump in between these two people. If done correctly, Sonic will be in between the two people, either standing or in his jumping animation, occasionally moving. To get out of the glitch, simply press the jump button. This glitch cannot be performed by the Werehog because the people will not be there at night.

Standing Still While Grinding

In the Spagonia entrance stage during the day in the Xbox/PS3 versions, go to the wall where Sonic leaned how to do a wall jump. Wall jump up the wall, go off the springs and Sonic should be on the grinding rails. Tilt the control stick to the left, and if done correctly, Sonic will stop grinding but will still be in his grinding animation. In the case when you do it on the part before the spring and jump, Sonic will continue grinding but will be grinding sideways.

Power Steering

In any day stage, drift while boosting. Sonic will not turn, as he normally does while drifting, but will simply continue in the same direction. The camera angle will change, but the boost will not change direction as long as it is in effect, even if you stop drifting and kick off in a different direction.


In any day stage, if the player boosts right before a launch panel, some sort of glitch will occur. For example, if Sonic boosts right before the last launch panel in Windmill Isle - Day, he will land outside the walls of the temple or in the ocean. But if he does this in the battle against Dark Gaia, he will fall through the ground when he lands.

Height Confusion

In any nighttime boss battle, should Sonic jump immediately before ranking, the camera will zoom in above his head.

Beat THIS Mario!!!

In the Wii/PS2 version, play through Apotos day-stage act 2, all the way until you reach the steps before the robot-chase section. Once you touch the bottom of the steps, boost, and jump at the end of the stairs. Sonic will be sent flying up into the air at great heights. This glitch will also briefly stall the chase act from starting.

Where are my rings?!

In the Wii/PS2 version of Sonic Unleashed, during the second nightstage of Shamar ('Scorched Rock') there's a path where fire is shooting out of the walls before the fight against Big Mother. At the path's entrance is a stony threshold with 12 rings. When Sonic walks at the right side of the rings (without collecting them) and enters the path, the first four rings will disappear. But if Sonic/the Player walks back the rings will reappear.

Sonic and the Black Knight

Soul Snag

When using Sonic the Hedgehog's Soul Surge, if there's a chest or indestructible object in the way, you will stay locked onto the enemy but won't hit it, allowing you to max out the hit chain at 99 hits.

Sonic Classic Collection

Game Over Distortion

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Sometimes when Knuckles' lives end (reach 0), the Game Over will appear somehow distorted.

Background and framerate issues

When playing as Sonic or Knuckles in Sonic the Hedgehog 2 the framerate would slow and the background wouldn't be able to keep up it would also flash.This is the only game on Sonic Classic Collection with these issues.

Running Death

Occasionally, when Knuckles drowns in Chemical Plant Zone Act 2 (if the player doesn't make it in time), Knuckles will die, but he'll keep running as he falls down.

Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing

Disappearing Racer

If too many items hit you at once, your character disappears for 5-10 seconds.

Falling Through the Floor

If you drive at just the right speed before driving over a gap with a platform on the other side and the floor is thin enough (eg. Curien Mansion) your character will be half through the floor and will fall through the flow after about 5-10 seconds.

This may also apply in Casino Park tracks, if you make too many collisions on the twisty parts of the track.

What Happened to all the Color

When using the DS Download Play to race someone without the game the game will sometimes remove all textures from the person who sent the game to other person to play will.

Icy Roads

In the DS version at times mostly coming up to forks in the road when the player drifts they won’t get any momentum moving them sideways and thus crashing into the wall.

Seaside Jump-a-Roo

Sometimes if the player lands a little bit before the road in Lost Palace (the Palace part), the racer will jump again into the air.

Rear View Shrink n' Grow

When one looks back in the DS version, you may experience a size glitch, where you become big, small, and then normal size.

Hatcher's Tire Is Missing!!!

In the DS version, while drifting to the right in Billy Hatcher's car, if you look closely... The frontal tire is missing.

Ascending Without a Ramp

Sometimes, after landing a jump, the racer will jump again. This applies for the console versions of the game.

The Escape Blimp

Sometimes, when the Bonanza Bros. go All-Star, the Escape Blimp is up front. But it's not doing anything. It stays still.

Stranded on an Obstacle

Sometimes, if the player accidentally crashes into an obstacle from the track and hits reverse, it will not reverse. It will stay still upon retries until it actually reverses.

Item Re-Election

Sometimes, when a player hits an Item Capsule, it will win the item but it will change to another.

Super Shortcut in Ocean Ruin

In the first section of the stage,if you get the All-Star move,move to one rock,use the move and you will warp to the final pipe of the stage.Here is a video explaining the Glitch

Sonic Colors

Beyond the End in Aquarium Park

In Aquarium Park Act 3, grab an Orange Wisp close to the area where you will find a Purple Wisp. Grab the Purple Wisp, then the Orange Wisp (which will have been dropped). When you reach the bottom, boost forward, Stomp, and then use the Orange Wisp before you hit the ground. If done correctly, you should shoot up into the ceiling. Finally, go back into the water, (this should give you underwater physics everywhere) then jump and boost until you go past the Goal Ring. Quickly boost ahead, as you will only have a little time left before you "drown". Jump into water, then out to get oxygen. You can then continue to the next Goal Ring.

The Hedgehog has Landed

In Asteroid Coaster Act 1, Sonic encounters a few loops while riding the roller coaster. On the second loop, jump sideways halfway through the loop and Sonic will fall onto an asteroid below. Sonic can walk around on the asteroid until he falls off.

Cutting in Line

In Asteroid Coaster Act 1, there are many fences that seem to be made of a string of rings. It is impossible to pass them. However, if you double-jump and boost (in the air) towards the fence (if you can face it), then you can cross to the other side of the fence. This glitch will not work if you cannot face the fence.

Behind the Opening Glitch

Sonic Colors (Wii) Asteroid Coaster - Act 5 - Behind the Start and Sliding Glitch

Sonic Colors (Wii) Asteroid Coaster - Act 5 - Behind the Start and Sliding Glitch


In Asteroid Coaster Act 5, at the very beginning, when Sonic manages to dive down into the platforms, there are two Egg Pawns beside the platform. If the player manages to jump up and defeat two of the Egg Pawns while very close to the side of the platform the robots were at, Sonic can jump to the vertical-like hall to enter a beta-area of some sort. While there is nothing there, the area is only accessible upon doing the glitch.

Sonic Generations

Stuck in Walls

Much like in the Classic games, certain actions can cause the player to get stuck in walls and be forced to restart.

Super Grinding

If Sonic jumps while grinding and turns into Super Sonic in midair, he will not become Super Sonic, but will continue to grind with the Chaos Emeralds revolving around him for a few brief seconds. Sonic will not be able to turn into Super Sonic until he collects at least one more ring.

Sonic Boom

This is very simple and minor glitch. Boost and pause around the same time. Then hit Restart. When you re-enter the level, the wave sent from the boost will be seen.

Static Rings

If you get hit as Classic Sonic in any level and fall next to a wall, a large portion of your rings will stick to and climb up the wall.

Super Sonic Denied

If you get crushed or hit by certain things while trying to turn into Super Sonic, you'll get hit, lose rings, and not be allowed to turn into Super Sonic. This happens more to Classic Sonic then Modern Sonic.

  • Very likely isn't a glitch, but rather a way to prevent exploits that used to happen in Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles, such as going through a crusher or wall.

White Space Camera Glitch

File:2012-08-24 00001.jpg
There is a loop that is right behind Metal Sonic's standing point. If the player jumps over the Dash Panel at the beginning of the loop and stands on the curve, the camera will tilt slightly to the left. This glitch can happen with either Sonic, and stops once the player gets out of the loop.

Loop Jumping

In the same loop mentioned in the above glitch, there is another glitch that allows the player to jump halfway through the loop and fall down directly onto the ground. Should Classic Sonic return to the loop after he has already run through it and jump over the Dash Panel in his way, he can Spin Dash behind the Dash Panel. If he then jumps at exactly the right time about halfway through the loop, between the foreground and background, he will fall down onto the ground, stuck halfway between the foreground and background.

Gravity? What's that?

In Act 1 of Green Hill, go to the area that looks like wooden rigging with swings. While going top speed on the half-pipe at the end of the section, try to stop Sonic at the edge of the half-pipe. If done correctly, Sonic will stand sideways for several seconds.

Glitchy Classic Sonic Animations in Green Hill

There is a 3D hill that Classic Sonic runs down in Green Hill. If the player stops and walks back up a certain way, Sonic will start running in place. Pressing up to look up will cause him to look forward, and pressing down will cause him to look towards the screen.

Rocket Shoes

File:2012-08-06 00069.jpg
In Green Hill Act 2, when Sonic is being chased by the Mega Chopper, the rails dip before a sharp incline, but Sonic does not dip with the rails.

Rewinding Rails

In Act 2 of Green Hill Zone, in the cave section where the Mega Chopper (Sonic Generations) chases you, if you manage to stop and jump off the rail and then go back, the robot will "rewind" and you will be able to grind on the broken rails.

Drifting Off the Edge

In Act 2 of Green Hill Zone, if you keep drifting towards the right wall near the end of the level where you are running in a half-cave with puddles and a yellow dash panel at the end that takes you to the final stretch of the level, you will sometimes go through the wall and fall down a bottomless pit.

Stubborn Box

Normally, if Sonic boosts into a box in Chemical Plant Act 2, he will kick the box back. If Super Sonic tries to do this, however, he will be unable to push or kick the box.

Super Sonic Stuck

File:2012-08-16 00001.jpg

In Chemical Plant Act 2, should Super Sonic boost up a vertical 2D incline, he will stop at the top of the incline if he is still boosting. He will still face upwards, but his boost aura will be horizontal. In order to stop this glitch, the player must stop boosting.

Someone tell Silver about this...

In the Xbox 360 version, if one were to boost in Sky Sanctuary (the part where Sonic uses quick steps), Sonic can glitch out the graphics, and will be floating in mid air. The player can still walk, and dash panels and springs are still visible, as well as usable. If this occurs in the 2D section, Sonic can walk in a 3D manner until walking off an invisible cliff.

Altitude Sickness

At the end of Sky Sanctuary Act 2, when Sonic runs up the crumbling building, should the player boost along the path as Super Sonic, Super Sonic will miss the spring at the end completely, flying directly over it and dying, because he has risen off the ground.

Invisible Speedway

At the end of the Metal Sonic rival battle in Stardust Speedway, should the player defeat Metal Sonic on a long stretch of flat road, the road will disappear in the following cutscene.

Golden Sonic Boost

In Speed Highway, if one were to run out of rings as Super Sonic during the segment where Sonic is running down the building, Sonic would turn back to normal, but the boost would stay gold. This also works on Rooftop Run and City Escape in the Auto-Running sections. It is also possible if you run out of rings as Super Sonic while boosting on a large loop, most notably in Chemical Plant or Green Hill. The inverse can also occur while boosting when activating Super Sonic, the boost will be colored blue. This also happens during Green Hill when the Giant Chopper is chasing Sonic.

Classic Sonic can Slide

Have the Homing Attack skill equipped for this. Go to Speed Highway Act 1. Homing Attack the first balloon on the downhill start, but do not hit it. When you run top speed down the rest of the hill, you will be angled as if running on a flat surface.

Spin Dash Glitch

Go to Act 1 of Speed Highway. At the beginning of the level, once at the section where the second arch is (by the Chao in Space The Search for Tikal sign), stop right before going up it. If you tap the action button repeatedly, Sonic's Spin Dash will glitch. If you try to Spin Dash a certain number of times then stop, both Classic Sonic and the background will become glitchy and slightly shake, and in rare occasions, the camera will shake and tilt to random directions until you stop. However, in even rarer occasions, if you do this too much, the game may crash.


Start Speed Highway Act 1. Begin by charging your Spin Dash to full speed. Let Sonic go, but jump before the massive slope. You will fly towards the first loop, but be stopped by the part of the loop that is going down due to the initial camera angle.

Illegal Skateboard

Equip the Boardmaster skill for this glitch. At the very beginning of City Escape Act 1, hop onto the first grind-rail with a skateboard. Jump onto the second grind-rail above for the shortcut. Continue on the shortcut until a spring launches you diagonally into the background. Instead of landing on the ground, as Sonic would without a skateboard, he will continue through the side of the building and into a bottomless pit.

Super Sonic Skater

The Super Sonic skill is required to perform this glitch. The player must enter City Escape Act 1 and hit the first skateboard monitor, then jump through the dash rings on the board and turn Super Sonic while in midair. Sonic will be in his Super State running animation and ride his skateboard simultaneously.

32 feet per second

During the loop in City Escape Act 2, Sonic can jump just before he runs down the side of the building to fall down the side instead, just like he could in Sonic Adventure 2.

Out of Gas

During the G.U.N. Truck chase in City Escape Act 2, the race can be slowed down almost to frame-by-frame speed. After the first two turns, if Sonic ventures to the right of the screen and too close to the G.U.N. Truck, both will move frame-by-frame for a few brief seconds.

Delayed Reaction

During the G.U.N. Truck chase in City Escape Act 2, if you boost over a dash panel, Sonic will boost over it, and then briefly curl into a ball a few seconds later, rather than doing it as he hits the dash panel.

Behind Seaside Hill, Act 2

It is recommended you have Endless Boost and Power Brake equipped for this glitch. At the start of the level, when Sonic is running forward and along sets of Dash Panels, keep holding down on the left analog stick to have Sonic come to a stop just behind the area where the submerging of the white platforms is usually triggered. Then, go back, remembering to jump over the Dash Panels and to be wary of the awkward camera angles. Jump over the edge of the hill and hold the Boost button and keep moving backwards. You can keep moving until you hit a bottomless pit, go past the buoys, or run out of boost if you don't have Endless Boost equipped. There will be small islands there, but they have no collision detection in place and you will go straight through them.

Slow Motion Running

Make sure you have zero lives before attempting this glitch, and have the Super Sonic skill equipped. Go to Seaside Hill Act 2, and activate Super Sonic in the temple area. Go to the area below where the last Red Star Ring is. Go into the water and wait on a spike trap. Once you have died and gotten the game over, choose to restart the level. Sonic will do his normal scripted action starting the level like usual, except he will move his legs at a slower speed.

Inverted Fall

When running up the loop to meet Shadow above City Escape, hit a wall to fall next to Shadow. Sonic falls, but upside-down. Once he hits the ground, he lands as if he fell the correct way.

Shadow can Bend Space!

When you perform the above glitch as Classic Sonic, he will look glitched until he lands.

Aerial Shot

In the angled curve area of the Shadow Rival Battle, should you quick-step into the outside rail, you will be flung out into space.

Shadow Crash

While battling Shadow, let him get his power-up and then start tapping boost rapidly while sliding to get out of his course before he throws the last Chaos Spear. If done right, Shadow will get stuck on a wall boosting and running and his Chaos Spears will also glitch out (Two will follow you while the other two will be around him, and some may even eliminate all sound from the game).

Shadow Crash (3DS)

The above may also happen in the 3DS version, where Shadow will run in place for a long period of time, but will begin moving after a while. This is very rare, though.

Zoom x2

When fighting Shadow, if you power up, miss a meteorite, and defeat Shadow, the camera will sometimes zoom in for the end scene and the ranking.

Silver's Ghost

If you go between the Perfect Chaos portal and the Crisis City portal, you can see Silver's shadow on the ground near Sonic.

Endless Rewind

In the first loop in Crisis City Act 2, should Sonic attempt to slow down right before the loop's scripted action, the action will glitch. Sonic will appear as if he is running forwards, but he will be slowly moving backwards. Every second or so, the video will skip back to where it was a second ago. The only way out of this glitch is restarting.

Crisis City in 3D

In Crisis City Act 2, when you reach the area where an Iblis Worm is in front of a set of Dash Panels and Springs, if you jump on the springs without both defeating the Iblis Worm and going through the Dash Panels, the camera will glitch out and face Sonic's back, as well as the background will not load correctly, but eventually things will go back to normal after he lands. However, after you land on the area after another 3 springs, the camera will glitch out again and will shift to the right in a 3D perspective, which may make the level difficult to beat. The only way out of this glitch is to either lose a life or restart the level.

Classic Sonic in 3D

File:2012-08-16 00015.jpg
To perform this glitch, you must have the Thunder Shield skill equipped. Go to Act 1 of Rooftop Run and go to the area with the spring that sends you next to a swinging axe. After about half a second of being in mid-air, jump off and back down to the area. If you did it correctly, you should be able to control Classic Sonic in 3D. If you restart from a checkpoint, the controls will glitch and the camera will swing behind you. This glitch can also be replicated with any spring that launches Sonic diagonally into the background.

Classic Sonic = No Sense of Direction

In Rooftop Run Act 1, there is a steep hill Classic Sonic runs down. After dropping down this hill, walk back up it (make sure Classic Sonic is facing the hill the entire time). At the steepest point, let go of the walk button. If done correctly, Classic Sonic will run down the hill backwards and then run sideways for a few seconds.

Do an Awkward Barrel Roll!

To do this glitch, go to the same hill from the above glitch. At the top, tap the spin button so Classic Sonic does a weak spin. Immediately hold the down button. Sonic will start to roll down the hill and at the bottom it will look like he is spin dashing towards the screen, but is moving sideways.

Stuck in a Wall

The Super Sonic skill must be equipped for this glitch. Go to Planet Wisp Act 2, and gain 50 or more Rings before using the Orange Wisp to get into the first factory. Go to the second step before you reach the platform where the rockets launch and harm you. Run into the wall and activate the Super Sonic skill. You will not be able to jump unless you move left first.

Orange Rocket in 3D

File:2012-08-28 00007.jpg
Make sure you are behind the first Orange Wisp in Planet Wisp Act 2. Get an Orange Wisp and go below the point that you got in on. Wait until another Orange Wisp appears and use the rocket. You should still have the rocket power. Then venture through the first factory until the part with red platforms leading up to an Orange Wisp. Use the rocket below the orange wisp, and make sure you still have the rocket power. Continue venturing until an area with a platform and a line of rings. Jump onto the platform, wait until half-way, then homing attack across, avoiding the rocket onto the red platform and then jump to stable ground to the left. Then continue up the red platforms, and wall-jump from left to right to get to the checkpoint. Go to the next checkpoint, and DON'T use the rocket power. Hit the spring set leading to a 3D area, move forward, and USE ROCKET! This is the only time where you can use the Rocket Color Power in 3D; in Sonic Colors, you cannot (Wisps that are only supposed to be used in 2-D in Sonic Colors simply jump out of Sonic's body and eventually, they will fly away).


In Planet Wisp Act 2, at the area where the roof is falling on you, if jump at the roof the split-second before it crushes you, you will end up inside of it. You can move around the inside of the roof. Unfortunately, the only way out is restarting the level.

Houdini's Last Vanishing Act

During the Egg Dragoon boss stage, the Egg Dragoon will sometimes split and fuse without its splitting animation.

Death While Boosting

While fighting the Time Eater, if you die while boosting, you will still be boosting as you fall to your death. The boost will also still be golden.

Past the Boundaries in Ring Collector mission (3DS version)

During the Ring Collector mission in the 3DS version of Sonic Generations, it is possible to go past the lower metal barrier by boosting repeatedly down the hill, jumping when the barrier is in the middle of the right half of the screen and pressing and holding down the boost button in midair in front of the barrier. Tips: make sure not to lose speed when you jump, it must be done very quickly to work, and it requires practice.

Behind the Scenes (3DS)

While playing as Modern Sonic, if you jump off or fall off the side of the top of a loop and boost in the right direction at the right time you'll go behind the stage and die immediately, usually seeing some messed up geometry. If you're in Water Palace, then you'll die when you stop boosting. If you have the temporary infinite boost from maxing the gauge out activated then you can make it to the end of Water Palace just barely reach the goal for a faster time.

Kicked from the Game

In the Xbox 360 version, when you finish one of these stages (Metal Sonic, Chemical Plant-Classic, City Escape-Classic, Crisis City-Modern, and Time Eater ) and the ending stage theme doesn't play, the Xbox 360 can't read the game and will send you back to the home screen of the Xbox 360. This might be due to a scratch in the disc. These glitches can also happen during gameplay this is cause by going in the background of stages and could just randomly do it at any time. If the Glitches continue over and over again (even at separate times) it will start to spread on other stages. The glitch possibly starts by going under the G.U.N. Truck at the end of the level in City Escape act 2. However it does not ruin gameplay or anything else just kicks you from the game.

  • This is most likely to happen due to bad update, reading speed mismatch, scratched media, pirated copy or the lens are dying.
    • In fact, there are various confirmed cases of the game crashing for no apparent reason. When you are in a challenge, playing a stage, learning something from Omochao, obtaining a wisp (see below in Evil Wisps), doing Rouge's Assist Mission, etc.

Fortunately, this glitch can be fixed. The only confirmed way to fix this glitch is to install Sonic Generations to the Hard Drive of your Xbox 360. The game should no longer crash after this and the glitches will be resolved and avoided.

Falling Through the Floor

Near the end of the underwater section of Seaside Hill Act 2, there is a small section with a floor and two moving platforms. If you've set foot on the floor, jump up and try to land back on the floor, you will fall through the floor.

Evil Wisps

This apparently rare glitch happens after you get a wisp. You get it, Omochao begins to explain and...the game crashes. For some it is the pink (Spike) wisp, for others it is the orange (Rocket) wisp. There are no known causes to this.

Camera Glitch

Sonic Generations Classic Sonic In 3D Camera Glitch (Speed Highway Act 1)

Sonic Generations Classic Sonic In 3D Camera Glitch (Speed Highway Act 1)

Classic Sonic's camera glitch.

In Speed Highway Act 1, if you go too fast before the moving platform section in the middle of the level, the camera will break. Many times Classic Sonic will appear from the front in a 3D perspective, or the camera will flip it's position. It is still possible to beat the level with this glitch.
  • A variant of this glitch can happen if the camera can't keep up well with the player, causing the camera to turn partially in a curve rather than completely. This causes some objects, such as the rail, to block your movement. But this can be easily dealt with by jumping over that rail, which will force the camera and character to snap into the correct path.

Speed Glitch

Sonic Generations Speed Glitch Tutorial

Sonic Generations Speed Glitch Tutorial

Tutorial on how to use the Speed Glitch

The Speed Glitch is a glitch that can be performed by both classic and modern Sonic that, when used, will send Sonic flying at speeds faster than when going through the level legitimately, often resulting in parts of the level not loading, and is very useful in speed runs. To perform it the player needs to hold the control stick at just the right spot (Just enough so that Sonic starts walking) and then either Spindash (classic) or Boost (modern) and then jump almost immediately after to perform it. In order to keep the glitch going the player needs to hold the control stick in the same position and jump just as Sonic touches the ground.

Frozen with Time

In Speed Highway act 2 if Modern Sonic is equipped with Time Break, the game will crash when Sonic reaches a curve at some point after the pursuit section.

I'm Too Cool to Drown

In Chemical Plant Act 1 or Seaside Hill Act 1, if Super Sonic drowns, he will simply walk offscreen rather than going into the drowning pose that normal Classic Sonic goes into.

Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode II

Double Tails

Let's Glitch The Sonic 4 Saga

Let's Glitch The Sonic 4 Saga

While playing a stage, get to the Goal, cross it and start a Rolling Combo Tag Action; if you look closely you can see there are 2 Tails in the game.

Halting Forever

In Sky Fortress Zone Act 2, if you stop suddenly on a hill after running at high speeds at a precise moment, Sonic will stay in his "halting" animation forever. He won't fall to the bottom until a minute or two passes.

Stuck on the Wall

In Sylvania Castle Zone Act 1, use the Rolling Combo and go through the running on water section and jump at the right time. Sonic and Tails will get stuck on a wall. If the player deactivates the move he/she will be out of the glitch.

Air Submarine

In White Park Zone Act 3 or Sylvania Castle Zone Acts 1-3, using the Submarine Combo at a specific point where the water level is low, Sonic and Tails will do the submarine combo while Tails is outside the water.

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

Menu Islands Glitch

In the menus, fairly often the yellow glow from the Samba De Amigo island is on another island instead.

Game Crash

In the Xbox 360 version of the game at least, then occasionally (usually at the loading screen and Seasonal Shrines) the game will crash. A title update fixed this problem.

Vehicle Glitch

There is a glitch where the vehicles transform into a boat while on the road.

Collision Glitch

When racing alongside another racer the player’s car may suddenly and randomly bounce off of the racer they came in contact with sending them flying into a wall or even off of the stage.

Shinobi Time Attack Freezing

If you retry, the game may freeze upon completion.

Jet Set Gravity!

Usually on Graffiti City, if you fall down at a high speed, your racer will float for a short period of time.

The Road to Eternity

On occasion when finishing an online race you'll have to keep driving even with the countdown going on and will lose the race and get a DNF even though you beat the race.

Start Menu Being Mean

If you press start and then down on the D-pad or analog stick really fast, you will select Continue, but if you select it, it will ask you to restart. If you keep going down, the one you select will have the same effect as the option below it. This can be fixed by pressing up on the D-pad or analog stick.

Burning Depths Door Glitch

On the Nintendo 3DS version of Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, on the first lap of the Burning Depths track, there's part where the track splits into two ways that eventually comes back together by a door, but the door will not open, thus having the player to reset the track.

All-Stars Need No Stunts

In the 3DS version after using an All-Star your character will be unable to do stunts until they transform into plain mode again. This is a problem on all courses that do not feature plane mode except for Sunshine Tour and Roulette Road since they have no jumps.

Possessed Water

In the 3DS when landing a trick in water based on the size of the characters boat mode they will spin out and flail around a lot and even get turned around. This happens more to Amy and other characters that have wide boat forms.

Going past through transformation gates

While driving, stop before the transformation gate (without going through it), turn around and position yourself facing backwards while being as close to the transformation gate. The 'Wrong way' sign will then appear and after a while the character will re-spawn in front of the transformation gate without going through it. This is the only way that the character can be in a transport form they normally shouldn't be in. (A boat in a car section, a plane in a boat section etc.) This however may be fixed in some versions of the game throughout recent patches.

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