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Glitch Sonic (dubbed Ashura by fans) is a color palette glitch in Sonic the Hedgehog 2, where Sonic's sprite becomes green and black.

The glitch can be made to occur by activating Debug Mode and placing waterfalls in a certain pattern/area.

How to Unlock

Activate debug mode and select Emerald Hill Zone. When you find an object that is invisible, place it multiple times in these areas and it will show a large waterfall. Each area unlocks a different color palette.

Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 - Place multiple large waterfalls around the area where Sonic stands to change into a multicolored Sonic (colors change depending on where waterfalls are placed).

Emerald Hill Zone Act 2 - Place multiple large waterfalls on the first "Coconuts" to change into a red, black, and green Sonic.



  • When Sonic is hit by an enemy, the leg colors will revert to blue.
  • When Sonic's palette is glitched, his life icon additionally changes itself to the color swap.
  • If Super Sonic is activated, Sonic's standard sprite returns, due to the fact that his palette after transformation is located within the transformation palette.
  • After performing this glitch, almost everything changes color; the animals, the robots, etc.
    • This only happens if Sonic/Ashura's eyes turn blue - if they remain black, only Sonic changes color.
  • Charles "Kiken" Mugg was the one who discovered and dubbed this glitch as "Ashura".[citation needed]
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