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Eggman's metal mechs will short circuit with frustration as Shadow dodges, rolls, and accelerates out of their reach in this sleek plane.

— Description, Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) website[1]

The Glider,[1] also known as the Jet Glider,[2] is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is an aircraft designed to take Shadow to locations that he cannot reach on his own.



The Glider design seems to be similar to the real-life Glider. The Glider is mostly painted red with gray outlines on the surface. The main body resembles a triangle, in which two wings stick out from it on both sides. Both wings end with termos-shaped rockets that give off fire from back. The Glider has two leashes in order to steer it.

Features and abilities

The Glider is built for to take to the skies and soar over enemies and impassable terrain.[2] The Glider possesses two engines that let it fly in air at speeds even further than the Bike, and can do quick dodges to avoid attacks, namely "Rapid Dodges".[2] The Glider is also equipped with missile launcher.


In gameplay, the Glider is the only vehicle in the game that cannot be get on or take off it at will, as the player switches instantly to through changing to another sections. However, there exist several glitches that allow the player to leave the Glider. The Glider appears in Shadow the Hedgehog's versions of Crisis City, Wave Ocean, and Kingdom Valley.

In order to accelerate with the Glider, press XboxA.png/Cross. Meanwhile, pressing XboxA.png/Cross twice allows it to do a Rapid Dodge. It is also able to fire two rounds of missiles which can home in on enemies and damage them, though it needs time to reload after firing these two missiles. The missiles are powerful and can deal twice the damage a Homing Attack can do. Pressing Xbox-Button-RT.png/R2 fires auto-refilling homing missiles. While the Glider has good maneuverability, it can not withstand many attacks before it explodes, although the player can still speed it up to avoid such circumstances. When its Health Gauge is critical, the Glider starts to smoke, and when it empties, the player will lose one life.



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