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Glacierland is a location that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It is an ice-bound region on earth which also houses volcanoes and scrap yards for Dr. Eggman's machines.


Glacierland is reminiscent of the real-life continent of Antarctica. It is an expansive ice-and-snow-covered region either drifting on top of the ocean or covering a landmass. One cannot see too much fauna here, except for Orcas.

In addition to the large glaciers, one can also find Dr. Eggman's machines around the region, which are bound in the surrounding ice. Despite this, many of them are still operational. Some of these machines can be found in Ice Mountain. However, most of them are located in Frozen Junkyard, where one can also find ice blocks floating in the air. In addition, despite the frozen climate, Glacierland is also home to an active volcano. Either inside or nearby this volcano are hidden caves where ice and magma coexist. Inside these caves also live a monster with giant fists that is made of magma.


Team Sonic Racing

In Team Sonic Racing, Glacierland appears as one of the locations in Dodon Pa's Grand Prix. For this Grand Prix, three race tracks were formed: Ice Mountain, Frozen Junkyard and Hidden Volcano. During the events of the Grand Prix, Glacierland served as the site of many races between various teams that Dodon Pa had gathered.

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