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The Gizoid Centurion (ギゾイド・センチュリオン Gizoido Senchurion?) is an enemy that appears in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood. It is a Gizoid model created and deployed by the Nocturnus Clan. Upgraded forms of the standard Gizoid soldiers, they serve as the elite guardians of the Nocturne.


The Gizoid Centurions look just like regular Gizoids encountered in the game, with some minor differences. It strongly resembles Emerl, with the only significant physical differences being the fin plate on its forehead, which is shaped like a four-pointed star with a split in the top spike, a chest plate, and that it is seen carrying a handheld energy blade.

In comparison to the other regular Gizoid models encountered in the game, the Gizoid Centurion is slightly darker in color and has a sparkling immunity circle around it.


The Gizoid Centurions are the elite guardians of the Nocturne and are both more advanced and far stronger than the standard Gizoid models.

The Gizoid can only be encountered on one occasion in the entire game, which is on Nocturne. Here, Knuckles, Shade and their team encounter a pair of Gizoid Centurions not long after they went after Scylla. Due to their shields, the Gizoid Centurions were nearly invulnerable and almost beat the group. However, thanks to Tails discovering that a specific sonic frequency could take down the shielding, Knuckles, Shade and their team were able to neutralize the Gizoid Centurions' shields with their wrist communicators and allow them to defeat the Gizoid Centurions.

During the first series of rounds with the Gizoid Centurions in gameplay, the player can only deal one Health Point of damage to the Gizoid Centurions for each successful hit, regardless of the strength of the attack. It is only until the second series of round, after their shielding is disabled, that they can be damaged normally.

The Gizoid Centurions' basic attack is slashing their opponents with their energy blade. Following the Gizoids' ability to copy combat moves, the Gizoid Centurions can perform all of Nocturnus Clan and player-character's POW moves.


Number of actions 2[1]
HP 425[1]
Speed 40[1]
Attack 38[1]
Defense 47[1]
Luck 20[1]
Damage 65[1]
Armor 30[1]
Resistance Fire (25%)[1]
Ice (25%)[1]
Lightning (10%)[1]
Wind (10%)[1]
Weakness Earth (25%)
Water (75%)


  • After the Gizoid Centurions' shields were disabled, one of them will say that there will be more Gizoid Centurions ready to stop Knuckles and his team, but the player never encounters any more after that fight.
  • As with many Nocturnus Clan soldiers, Gizoid Centurions take their name from an ancient Roman military rank. A "centurion" is a commander of 100 soldiers in a Roman Legion.
    • Individual Gizoid Centurion enemies are erroneously named "Gizoid Centurions" in battle. However the Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Prima Guide uses the singular term "Centurion".


Sprites and models


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