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Sonic Boom
Give Bees A Chance (transcript)

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This is the transcript of the Sonic Boom episode, "Give Bees A Chance".

[Scene: Ancient digsite, day.]

[Villagers are gathered in front of Mr. Slate and Mayor Fink.]
Mr. Slate: When I first invested in this dig site, I considered it just another tax shelter. But today, it's going to need a tax shelter of it's own, because we've uncovered the ancient and ambiguously powerful Fregosi Sapphire.
[Mr. Slate holds up the Fregosi Sapphire. All the villagers ooh. A mechanical hand from the Eggmobile then grabs the Fregosi Sapphire.]
Dr. Eggman: Yoink! Thanks for doing all the work for me, suckers!
[All the villagers scatter in fear, except for Team Sonic.]
Sonic; Soup's on, Eggdrop!
[Sonic spin jumps towards the Eggmobile's mechanical hand and grabs the Fregosi Sapphire. Sonic then tries running away from Eggman, who follows him in the Eggmobile while firing his Eggmobile's lasers at him. Eventually, Sonic runs up a mountain peak, but is force to come to a halt when he reaches the top. Sonic exclaims. Eggman laughs and fires lasers at Sonic. Sonic jumps off the mountain before the lasers hit him. Eggman follows Sonic in the Eggmobile.]
Sonic: [Turns on his Communicator while falling] Coming in for a hard landing, Tails. You got me covered?
Tails: Roger.
Knuckles: Who's Roger?
Sonic: [In Roger Craig Smith's voice] He's talking to me. [In his normal voice] Thanks buddy, I owe you one.
Amy: On my count, you owe him about a million.
Sonic: Must everyone chime in with a quip?
Amy: Communication is the key to a functional relationship, Sonic.
Sonic: [Quickly] Relationship? Who said anything about a relationship?
[Tails flies in in his plane and catches Sonic before he hits the ground. Eggman and his swarm of Bee Bots follow Tails' Plane. Eggman fires lasers at Tails' Plane with his Eggmobile. As Tails' Plane flies by, Amy jumps in with a mirror and deflects Eggman's lasers into a mountainside, triggering a rockside. Eggman dodges the rockslide with his Eggmobile while screaming, but his Bee Bots are caught in the rockside and are destroyed.]
Eggman: You know, you guys can be a real buzzkill sometimes.
[Eggman flies away in his Eggmobile.]
Sonic: I believe this sapphire is yours. [Presents the Fregosi Sapphire to Mr. Slate.]
Mr. Slate: [Chuckles] Oh, no. With Eggman after it, my premiums are gonna shoot through the roof. For some reason, insurance companies hate supervillians, which is weird since they're basically the same thing.
Knuckles: [Takes the Fregosi Sapphire] I'll watch it for you. People have been complaining that I don't guard enough rare stones.
Amy: You ever wonder what happens to Eggman's minions after a battle.
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks: Nah.
[Orbot and Cubot pick up the remains of a Bee Bot and carry them off-screen. Amy walks among the Bee Bot parts on the ground while looking around. Amy trips over a twitching Bee Bot.]
Amy: This one's still functional.

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Tails works on the Bee Bot.]
Amy: Is she gonna be okay?
Tails: She'll be better than okay. I repaired the circuitry and installed a personality chip.

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

Tails (voiceover): Make sure she stays fully charged.
[Amy plugs a charger into the socket, turning Bea's eyes on.]

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

Tails (voiceover): That her circuits don't overheat.
[Amy checks Bea temperature with a thermometer.]

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

Tails (voiceover): And that she gets enough oil.
[Amy gives Bea a spoonful of oil.]
Amy: Here comes the airplane~ lubricant!

[Scene Change: Meh Burger, day]

[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles (who is holding the Fregosi Sapphire) and Sticks are sitting at a table together. When Amy and Bea arrive, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks get up in their fighting poses.]
Amy: Way to make a couple of girls feel welcome.
Sonic: What girls? You're toting a Bee Bot!
Amy: You mean, Bea?
Sticks: That's what he said. Bee.
Amy: Bea, like in Beatrice. Get it? [Annoyed] It simple. That's why it's so clever.
[The rest of Team Sonic mumble.]
Amy: [Angrily] I said it's clever!
[The rest of Team Sonic respond a little more convincingly.]

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

[A Montage plays. Amy arrives at the door where Bea is, holding a bolt.]

[Scene Change: Outside Amy's House, day.]

[In an attempt to train Bea, Amy throws a hoop up in the air. Bea stays still as the hoop falls to the ground, much to Amy's dismay.]

[Scene Change: Village Center, day.]

[Outside the Mayor's Mansion, Amy introduces Bea to Lady Walrus and her puppy. Bea shoots a laser at the dog as it approaches her. The puppy jumps into Amy's hands.]
Lady Walrus: My puppy! [Takes her puppy from Amy] You need to keep that bee on a leash.

[Scene Change: Outside Amy's House, day.]

[With Bea on a leash, Amy throws a hoop again. Bea flies underneath the hoop and then stares at her with a sad look. Amy brings out a bolt. Bea happily eats it.]

[Scene Change: Outside Sonic's Shack, day.]

[Sonic is watching Bea and Amy.]
Amy: Play dead.
[Bea blows up and the Montage music stops. Amy looks down in horror at the broken Bea.]
Amy: Nooo!

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Inside the workshop, Tails fixes Bea again.]
Amy: Woohoo!

[Scene Change: Seaside Island, day]

[The Montage music resumes. Bea catches the hoop thrown by Amy. She is then fed another bolt from her. The Montage music stops. Nearby, Eggman is doing a workout.]
Dr. Eggman: Alright Eggman. New year, new you. Time to shape up.
[Eggman exhausts himself after a few jump & jacks, and drops to the ground.]
Dr. Eggman: [Panting] Feel the burn now. Don't overdo it.
[Eggman crawls over and lounges on the bench. Eggman sees Amy and Bea pass by.]
Dr. Eggman: Hey, is that my Bee Bot?
Amy: No. This... Is a... Wild Bee Bot. Yeah, that's it.
Dr. Eggman: Well, if it's wild, then I suppose it wouldn't be affected if I activated my homing device.
[Eggman presses a button on his wrist controller. Nothing happens.]
Dr. Eggman: Fine. I'll override you with the passcode.
[Eggman presses his wrist controller again. Amy screams as she holds onto Bea. The buzzer sounds on Eggman's wrist controller.]
Dr. Eggman: Wrong password? Oh, what did I change it to? Err, Orbot's middle name?
[Eggman presses his wrist controller again. The buzzer sounds again.]
Dr. Eggman: Mombot's maiden serial number?
[Eggman presses three more times on his wrist controller. The buzzer sounds again.]
Dr. Eggman: [Angrily] How am I supposed to remember my password? You gotta use a number, a capital letter and a special character! Plus they make ya change every six months! Yeah, I'll keep trying till I get it. [Presses his wrist controller]
Wrist controller: Locked out. Please contact your customer care representative.
[Eggman grunts in anger.]

[Scene Change: Gogoba Village, day.]

[Amy, the Gogoba Chief and Bea are sitting around a campfire.]
Amy: I need a place to hide Bea.
Gogoba Chief: Oh, of course. It's not like we need our tents for shelter or anything. We can huddle together for warmth.
Amy: [Quickly] Okay. Thanks.
[Amy and Bea hide inside a tent.]

[Scene Change: Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Eggman is on the phone via an earpiece.]
Dr. Eggman: So I go to settings, [Presses wrist controller] to general settings, to [Presses wrist controller twice] set general settings. Okay, I see it. Thanks, Kevin. Heh. Now, to get back that bee.
[Eggman presses his wrist controller again while dramatic music plays in the background.]

[Scene Change: Gogoba Village, day.]

[Amy feeds Bea another bolt. Suddenly, Bea receives Eggman's homing beacon and begins colliding with the tent's wall.]
Amy: Bea, are you alright?
[The Gogoba Chief opens the tent's entrance.]
Gogoba Chief: What's going on in there?
[Bea escapes from the tent. Amy is horrified as she notices Bea escaping.]
Amy: [Angrily] You let her out?! [Normally] Don't worry. It's not like I worked my fingers to the bone nursing her back to health.
Gogoba Chief: Sorry. Us Gogobas are immune to guilt, which I really feel terrible about.

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

[Team Sonic are in the house. Tails is reading a book, Knuckles is holding the Fregosi Sapphire in a safety harness, and Amy sobs on her pillow.]
Knuckles: [Miserably] Maybe it's the mother in me, but I can't stand to see Amy so sad.
[Knuckles walks over to Amy and puts a party hat on her head. Amy sniffs.]
Knuckles: Well, that's better.
Sonic: [Quietly] I'm worried about Amy. She really seems out of it.
Knuckles: What are you talking about? She's the life of the party. Just look at that hat!
[Amy continues to cry.]
Sonic: [Annoyed] Okay Ames. This has gone on long enough. [Confidently] We're gonna cheer you up.

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

[Amy sits on a stool grieving. Team Sonic have tried baking and have made a mess all over Amy's kitchen.]
Sticks: It's been three hours. Think the cupcakes are done yet?
[Sticks opens the oven door. The oven emits fire. Tails, Knuckles, Sonic and Sticks scream and run around the house while Amy miserably walks over to the oven and puts out the fire with a fire extinguisher. Amy starts crying again. The rest of Team Sonic notice and try desperately not to make her cry.]
Sonic: No no no no no!
Tails: Don't cry! Oh no!
Knuckles: Man. She must really hate cupcakes.
Tails: [Hesitating] How about we look through your scrapbook. [Holds up Amy's scrapbook]
[The rest of Team Sonic except Amy agree with Tails.]
Sticks: I like that.
[Tails offers Amy a seat. She sits down and opens the scrapbook, which shows documentations of Bea. Tails laughs nervously. Amy reads the next few pages, which also contain content on Bea, and eventually, she breaks down and cries even louder.]
Sonic: There's one thing we haven't tried. Let's [Slowly and miserably] talk about our feelings.
[Amy cheers up.]
Amy: That's just what I need. There are so many things I want to get off my chest. So many emotions. I've been...
[A rumble is heard in the background.]
Sonic: No time for that now, Amy. Eggman's attacking!
[Team Sonic sans Amy leave Amy's house. Sonic throws his apron off and joins his team outside the house. The apron lands on Amy's head.]

[Scene Change: Outside Amy's House, day.]

[Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks confront Eggman, who is riding his Eggmobile, outside the house.]
Dr. Eggman: Hand over the gemstone, Nurples.
Knuckles: [Angrily] He has a name, you know. Herman!
Dr. Eggman: Really? That's pretty weird. Again, I hang out with Orbot and Cubot, and they're no smarter than rocks. Bee Bots, attack!
[As Bee Bots emerge from the scene, Amy turns up.]
Amy: Bee Bots?!
[Sticks prepares to throw her boomerang, but Amy stops her in her tracks.]
Amy: Sticks, no! Maybe one of them is Bea!
[Another Bee Bot fires lasers at Sonic, who dodges. As Sonic launches a spin attack, Amy grabs his leg, sending him down to the ground. Four more Bee Bots and Eggman surround Knuckles, who gets strapped to a wall outside Amy's House by the Bee Bots. Eggman grabs the Fregosi Sapphire off Knuckles' chest.]
Knuckles: Leave Herman alone!
Dr. Eggman: Don't worry. I'll give it a good home. As a power core of my Mega Bot! After the installation he - and by he I mean me - and by me I mean I - will be invincible!
[Eggman laughs evilly and escapes in his Eggmobile with his Bee Bots following him.]
Sonic: We gotta stop Eggman before he installs that sapphire into Mega Bot.
Amy: [Nervous] Guys, I can't risk hurting Bea. So long as Eggman has her, he'll always have the upper hand. You do what you have to do, but I can't be a part of it.
Knuckles: Don't you mean you can't bee a part of it.
[The rest of Team Sonic frown at Knuckles.]
Knuckles: What, nothing?

[Scene Change: Outside Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Eggman, holding the Fregosi Sapphire, places it inside Mega Bot. As he moves away, Mega Bot charges up.]
Dr. Eggman: With these improvements, I'm gonna have to start calling you Mega Mega Bot! Hahahahahaha!
[Mega Bot fires a huge laser that destroys two rocks. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Sticks arrive outside the lair.]
Tails: We're too late!
Sonic: Late? But I'm never late. Well, except for when I'm fashionably late but I plan for that, so that doesn't count. Anyway, let's kick some ro-butt.
[Team Sonic charge at Mega Bot. Sticks throws her boomerang which flies past Mega Bot. Tails flies over Mega Bot with his wench in hand while Knuckles runs past it. Sonic tries to spin attack Mega Bot's eye, but to no effect. Mega Bot then catches Sticks' boomerang. Knuckles punches Mega Bot's wheel. However it moves away, and throws the boomerang at Knuckles, knocking him out and making him collide with Sticks. Mega Bot then fires a laser, directly hitting an approaching Sonic, who is sent flying. Tails quickly flies over and brings Sonic to safety before he falls into the water. Once on dry land, Sonic runs towards Mega Bot.]

[Scene Change: Amy's House]

[Amy is reading her scrapbook. She finds the page with Bea holding a hoop.]
Amy: [Gasps excitedly] That's it!

[Scene Change: Outside Eggman's Lair, day.]

[Sonic continues to spin attack Mega Bot. However he is punched away by the robot, but Knuckles catches him. Knuckles throws a spin attacking Sonic back at Mega Bot. However, it punches him away again and fires lasers. Amy then arrives at the lair, confronting Eggman.]
Dr. Eggman: Well, if it isn't Amy Rose. Where's your little pet? How about I call her for you. [Calling in the distance] Oh, Bee Bots!
[Bee Bots come flying in.]
Sonic: How do we know which one is Bea? They all look alike!
Knuckles: Not cool Sonic.
Amy: Don't worry. I know how to find my Bea.
[As the Bee Bots lunge towards Amy, she brings out a hoop and tosses it up in the air. Bea catches the hoop while the rest of the Bee Bots charge at her. Bea takes Amy to safety while the rest of the Bee Bots chase them.]
Amy: [Laughs] I miss you, girl!
Sonic: Now let's show these Bee Bots whose bee boss! [Quietly] It sounded more clever in my head.
[Team Sonic attack the rest of the Bee Bots. Sonic spin attacks a few Bee Bots, Tails attacks with his wrench and Knuckles punches them. Sticks destroys another Bee Bot with her boomerang.]
Dr. Eggman: You didn't think it would be that easy did you? Mega Bot, [Points at Amy and Bea] blast that hornet turncoat out of the sky!
[Mega Bot fires a laser at Amy and Bea, directly hitting them. As they both fall, Amy lands on Bea before hitting the ground. She gets up and notices Bea has been destroyed again.]
Amy: [Slowly ascending] How. Dare. You!
[Amy unleashes her hammer in rage. With all her might, she hammers Mega Bot's eye, shunting it.]
Dr. Eggman: Oh. Okay. Maybe that was a mistake on my part.
[Amy hammers Mega Bot's chest, which releases the Fregosi Sapphire. A shard breaks off the Fregosi Sapphire as it touches the ground. Tails comes over to pick the shard up, while Knuckles grabs the Fregosi Sapphire and hugs it. Mega Bot shuts down. Tails unloads an Enerbeam and ties it around Mega Bot. Sonic spin attacks Mega Bot's eye, which comes off. Amy picks up Bea and looks at her in misery.]

[Scene Change: Tails' Workshop, day.]

[Tails places the shard from the Fregosi Sapphire inside Bea's body, activating her.]
Tails: That oughta do it. Oh, wait. Almost forgot.
[Tails picks up a magenta paint spray and releases it, creating a purple cloud. After the cloud disappears, Amy smiles as Bea comes back to life again, but now with magenta stripes instead of yellow stripes. They look at each other.]
Amy: [Punching the air] Woohoo!
[Bea charges affectionally at Amy, who falls down to the ground upon impact.]
Tails: [Nervous] Oh yeah. She might be a little stronger than before. That Fregosi Sapphire packs one heck of a punch.
Knuckles: [Patting the Fregosi Sapphire] Don't worry, Herman. Scars looks cool.
[The camera cuts to Amy and Bea hugging each other. The scrapbook with the picture of it closes.]

[Scene Change: Amy's House, day.]

[Amy closes the scrapbook with the picture of the scrapbook.]
Amy: There. That finishes my scrapbook of my favorite scrapbooks! Come on Bea. [Laughs]
[Amy runs outside with Bea as the screen fade to black.]