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The Gigantic Angel Zone boss is a vehicle that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series. It was an aircraft created by Dr. Eggman. It was used by the doctor to combat Sonic.



The Gigantic Angel Zone boss is a bulky aircraft with a windshield, gray armor, and four small gray rockets, two of which sit on the back of the aircraft and two of which are attached to its bottom. The last two rockets also have a red ring encircling their feet. It also has a gray curved nose on the front that has holes in it for ventilation. There is also a large hole on the bottom of the nose where bombs are dropped out of. This hole has a red-rimmed mouth and a yellow arrow on the sides that point downward. Also, behind the nose, on each side of the aircraft, is a circular disk with five holes in it that serve as turrets. The bomb drop hole below the nose also has yellow and black hazard stripes on the edges of its hole's mouth.

Powers and abilities

Eggman's vehicle, as a rocket-propulsed aircraft, is capable of flight. In terms of offensive capabilities, it can fire energy bullets from its turrets and drop minature nukes from the drop hole underneath its nose.


Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure

In Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure, Dr. Eggman used this vehicle to attack Sonic when he took him by surprise in Gigantic Angel Zone. In spite of Eggman's efforts though, his vehicle got destroyed by Sonic in the end.


The Gigantic Angel Zone boss is the sixth boss of Sonic the Hedgehog Pocket Adventure. The player fights it at the end of Gigantic Angel Zone Act 2.

Boss guide

When the player arrives in an empty arena at the end of Gigantic Angel Zone Act 2, Dr. Eggman can be seen thinking, unaware of Sonic's presence. After noticing Sonic though, he will run away in fear before returning in his aircraft, laughing, and initiating the boss battle. During the battle, Eggman's aircraft will fly leftward and rightward above the arena, never going off-screen in the process. While doing this, he will attack by shooting five energy bullets every eighth second in five different directions so that they scatter across the arena. In addition to this, this boss will also periodically drop a miniature nuke. This bomb can cause damage to Sonic if he stands close enough to the bomb's dropping point, but the player can also jump onto the top of the bomb's explosion and set off from it without taking damage. Occasionally, Eggman will also come closer to the ground.

To defeat this boss, the player has to hit Eggman's aircraft eight times. Since Eggman cannot be reached from the ground most of the time however, the player must either use the explosions created by the minature nukes as platforms to jump from in order to each Eggman or wait for Eggman to come closer to the ground. The player must also move around and jump carefully in order to avoid being hit by the explosions and the energy bullets which can potentially be shot at the same time.

After being defeated, the Gigantic Angel Zone boss will blow up. Eggman will then run away while Sonic chases after him to the next Zone, clearing the Zone in the process.


Name Artist(s) Length Music Track
N/A Maitaro 1:08


  • The theme music the Gigantic Angel Zone boss uses is the sub-boss music theme from Sonic & Knuckles.