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Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity
Gigan Rocks

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Quotation1.svg Plummet from the peak of the mountains where the shooting star legends were born. Quotation2.svg
— In-game description

Gigan Rocks is a course in Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity.


The Gigan Rocks is set at a mountainous region of an oriental-inspired civilization near ancient ruins. The area contains ancient ruins that are built on and in the mountain.


With Sonic, Tails and Knuckles having caught up with Amy at Aquatic Capital, they saw her with a broken SCR-HD. Amy recalled Storm grabbing an Ark of the Cosmos that matched something they found earlier at a "Gigan" location, which Knuckles confirming it to be the Gigan Rocks. The heroes were then intent on visiting the Gigan Rocks to learn more about the Arks of the Cosmos with Knuckles leading the way.


Knuckles in Gigan Rocks.

The course starts with two large jumps, the first one having shortcuts for every type leading off of it (the Power and Grind shortcuts are accessed through either wall route of either side from the first jump. After these jumps, a turn leads to a cave, with yet another jump, that takes the racers inside the mountain.

Once landing inside the mountain, there's a Power shortcut for Bikes and Wheel gears and the course's only Spring shortcut if the character is on-foot/Attack mode. After a turn, the player must go to a stretch of course that rises as the racers ride on it until it's going straight up (this is the best time to use Gravity Dive). At the top of the stretch is another jump. The racers land outside near another Power shortcut. There are also grind and air ride shortcuts, but the latter can only be accessed if another character in front has created a slipstream path. There's also another shortcut that can be access via the same slipstream path that can be used by any gear type. After a sharp-turn that can be avoided if the racer used any of the shortcuts mentioned, there is a quick stretch of land that leads to the finish line.


Mission Objective Character Rank requirements
1 Find the fastest route to the goal and reach it within 1 min 12 sec! Sonic
  • Normal: 1:12:00-1:10:00
  • Super: 1:09:99-1:07:00
  • Extreme: <1:06:00
2 Reach the goal with at least 125 Rings! Knuckles
  • Normal: 125-174 Rings
  • Super: 175-199 Rings
  • Extreme: 200 or more Rings
3 Score at least 18 points by performing stunning tricks! Tails
  • Normal: 18-26 points
  • Super: 27-35 points
  • Extreme: 36 or more points
4 Break at least 22 pots before reaching the goal! Knuckles
  • Normal: 22-31 pots
  • Super: 32-38 pots
  • Extreme: 39 pots
5 Earn 7 points performing meteor bursts reaching the goal! Sonic
  • Normal: 7-9 points
  • Super: 10-13 points
  • Extreme: 14 or more points
6 Use gravity dives to destroy at least 9 on the targets set up on the course Knuckles
  • Normal: 9-11 targets
  • Super: 12-15 targets
  • Extreme: 16 targets
7 Reach the goal with at least 110 points remaining! Amy
  • Normal: 110-
  • Super:
  • Extreme: -200

In other media

Archie Comics

Main article: Gigan Mountains

In the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series and its spin-offs published by Archie Comics, there is a location based on the Gigan Rocks on Mobius named the "Gigan Mountains". Jet, Wave and Storm visited this location to get the Key to Babylon Garden.


  • This course, along with Gigan Device, is the only course in the game to have more than two shortcuts for power type characters.
  • This is the only course to have only one Attack shortcut.
  • A 100 Ring Capsule is located at the end of the course, behind a pile of rocks that can be destroyed using Gravity Control.
  • In the second grinding section, that rail has the rider move at the fastest grind speed in normal races (speed value of 261).
  • The pillars in Gigan Rocks give the most Gravity Points when bursted on, potentially giving more than 300 GP.
  • Both this course and Gigan Device are named after Gigan, a monster from the Godzilla series.


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Sealed Ground N/A 3:46


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