Giga Thomas "Pen" (ギガトーマス “ペン”[1]?) is a character that appears in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. It is a large penguin-based Badnik model created and dispatched by Dr. Robotnik to deal with Sonic and Tails.


Giga Thomas "Pen" resembles a dark-blue colored robotic penguin with a large head, a yellow beak, red eyes with black sclera, a small hatch on its belly and three small yellow jet engines on its bottom.


Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble

In Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble, when Sonic and Tails began climbing the hill that the Gig Thomas "Pen" resided on, the robot tried to stop them by sending Penguin Bombers after them. Unfortunately for Gig Thomas "Pen", this did not stop Sonic and Tails, as the duo soon arrived at its doorstop. Gig Thomas "Pen" proceeded to send more Penguin Bombers after the heroes while fleeing, but Sonic and Tails kept damaging its rockets until it finally exploded and fell into a pit.

Powers and abilities

Gig Thomas "Pen" is capable of rocket-propelled fight and can produce a seemingly endless amount of Penguin Bombers.


The Giga Thomas "Pen" is the fourth boss in Sonic the Hedgehog Triple Trouble. The player fights it at the end of Robotnik Winter Zone Act 3.

Boss guide

The early part of Robotnik Winter Zone Act 3 requires the player to climb up the slopes of an icy hill, all the while being forced to dodge Penguin Bombers Badniks descending from the summit. The player can collect huge amount of Rings during this, though as the player progresses, the screen locks, preventing backtracking. At the top, the player enters the large hall, where Sonic/Tails finally finds the source of this stream of Badniks: Giga Thomas "Pen", a giant flying penguin head that spits the smaller Badniks at Sonic from the depths of its cavernous maw.

At first, Giga Thomas "Pen" will float in one place, spitting more Penguin Bombers from its hatch. Meanwhile, the player must land a Spin Jump on Giga Thomas "Pen" in-between each Penguin Bomber to score a hit while taking care not to touch the harmful exhaust from its jet engines. After receiving its first hit, Giga Thomas "Pen" will begin to move backwards, and for every second hit it receives after it begins moving, one of its rocket exhausts will shut down, starting with the left engine and then the right. For each rocket exhaust brought out of commission, this boss becomes easier to hit. After seven hits, Giga Thomas "Pen" will stop spitting out Penguin Bombers and resort to hovering over a cliff with barely one rocket still online in an attempt to survive. At this point, all the player has to do is land another hit on Giga Thomas "Pen", and it will be destroyed.

After Giga Thomas "Pen" has been defeated, Sonic/Tails will drop into the pit that it fell into. There, they come across Knuckles once again, who will spring another trap by pressing a Switch. However, this time the trap triggers an avalanche that washes Sonic/Tails away to Tidal Plant Zone.


Name Artist Length Music Track
Sonic - Triple Trouble - Boss Theme Yayoi F 1:12





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