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This object exists primarily or exclusively within the IDW Publishing continuity.
Information in this article may not be canonical to the storyline of the games or any other Sonic continuity.


Dr. Eggman, Sonic the Hedgehog #32

Giga Omega[1] is an object that appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic series published by IDW Publishing. It was a gigantic combat mecha created by Dr. Eggman in the likeness of the original E-123 Omega, whom was hardwired into it to serve as its core. It was used by Eggman for an attempt to eliminate his enemies in the aftermath of the Zombot apocalypse.



Based on its namesake, Giga Omega is a several stories tall humanoid mecha. It possesses a stubby, barrel-shaped red torso with a yellow line down its chest area and around its collar area. It also has a a strip of silver metal that runs down the middle of its chest from its neck collar to its upper pelvis. It also possesses no head or neck, having instead a recess with a yellow and black hazard-striped rim around it that the Egg Mobile can fit into. On its back are also two vertically-aligned silver exhaust pipes with curved mouths and surrounding the pelvis area are silver mufflers with an adjustable dark gray rotary cannon attached to each side and a box-shaped red missile launcher attached on the front. Also, on the front of its chest is a port which E-123-Omega fits into to serve as Giga Omega's hardwired core, with restrains added to it for immobilizing Omega's body.[2]

Giga Omega has heavily-armored black, block-like shoulders with a visible Eggman Empire decal on the front and a red handlebar on top of each of them. Its forearms are thick and red with yellow wristbands that are adorned with silver spikes, yet its upper arms are silver and thin. It also has silver, four-fingered hands with sharp claws. It also has thin and silver tights with heavily armored black lower legs, and has red cuffs around the top of its lower legs, which have siver spikes on them.

Features and abilities

Giga Omega harnessing Gemerl and unleashing its arsenal, from Sonic the Hedgehog #32.

Giga Omega is a heavily armed mecha, being equipped with highly destructive armaments, including rotary cannons, a multi-missile launcher, a large frontal laser cannon, and a hidden laser rifle in its right arm. In addition, Giga Omega can release electrical tethers from its chassis that can paralyze and ensnare wayward robots. Giga Omega can then incorporate these robots into itself, thereby exponentially increasing its combat prowess by assimilating these robots' combat code and processing power. In addition, it has no wireless receiver, making it impossible to hack it from a distance.[2]


For all its destructive power, Giga Omega has been noted by Rouge to be sloppily constructed, namely because Dr. Eggman put it together in a hurry. It also possesses an interface port on its back from where one can directly hack Giga Omega's systems.[2]


Out of the Blue

In the aftermath of the Zombot apocalypse and with Sonic currently MIA, Dr. Eggman sought to destroy his remaining enemies while they were still recovering from saving the world.[3] Putting Giga Omega together in a hurry and hardwiring the captured E-123-Omega into its chassis to serve as the mecha's core,[2] Eggman boarded Giga Omega and used it to attack the heroes while they were holding a party in Spiral Hill Village.[3]

Giga Omega battling the heroes, from Sonic the Hedgehog #32.

As the heroes launched their counterattack, Gemerl moved in, only to get immobilized by Giga Omega's electrical tethers and assimilated into its systems, increasing Giga Omega's power. While Giga Omega unleashed its arsenal however, Tails and Rouge snuck onto its back while Eggman was distracted. There, Tails hooked his Miles Electric up to Giga Omega and used a code he had written to interfere with the mecha's system, causing it to eject Gemerl. As Eggman then got distracted by trying to fend off Tails and Rouge himself, Omega's primary systems came back online. This interfered with Giga Omega's system, causing the mecha to freeze up and allowing the heroes to counterattack and deal heavy damage to Giga Omega. Having had enough of toying with his foes, Eggman got Omega back under his control and allowed GIga Omega to resume its assault. However, just as Eggman got ready to have Giga Omega finish off the heroes, Sonic reappeared in the middle of the fight and quickly assaulted Giga Omega until he tore Omega out of its chassis. Omega then proceeded to unleash his full arsenal at Giga Omega, finally destroying the mecha for good while Eggman ejected from it in his Egg Mobile.[2]


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