The Giant Chopper[1] is a giant version of the Chopper Badnik that appeared in the HD version of Sonic Generations. It has a more menacing appearance than its smaller counterpart as it has a gaping mouth and hypnotic eyes.


The Giant Chopper has nearly the same features a basic Chopper, except it is bigger, has a different-looking eye, and yellow and purple whiskers above and below its mouth.

Games appearance

Sonic Generations

In the HD version of Sonic Generations, the Giant Chopper appears as an invincible enemy in Green Hill and Seaside Hill. In Green Hill, it appears swimming when you go inside the dark cave from Green Hill as Sonic grinds on the three rails there. Suddenly Giant Chopper sees him and starts chasing him along a grind rail but fails to catch him up, jumping in and out of the water in the progress of catching him.

However, later in Seaside Hill, if the player starts to go out of boundaries from the level, Giant Chopper starts to follow the player and finally attacks the player when he crosses and catches the player. This will kill even Super Sonic, who is undefeatable by any enemy in one hit (other than some final bosses when the player's ring count is very low).

Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed

The Giant Chopper in front of Shadow in Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed.

In Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, the Giant Chopper is slightly smaller. In this game, it can be seen jumping in the ocean during the last lap of the Ocean View track. While swimming, it acts like an obstacle that creates waves of water on the water routes.

Powers and abilities

Despite its huge size, the Giant Chopper is an expert swimmer, capable of swimming at speeds that rival Sonic's boosting speed. It also has incredible jumping skill, enough to leap far from the surface, and vast amount of strength.




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