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For other uses of "Titan", see Titan (disambiguation).

The Ghost Titan is the boss of Big Swell from Sonic Rush Adventure and the penultimate boss of the game.


The Ghost Titan was summoned to Big Swell to "torture" Marine the Raccoon with tickling after she tried (and failed) to capture Captain Whisker. As it held Marine however, Sonic Spin Dashed into its hand, freeing Marine, whom Blaze the Cat then caught. Turning its attention to the intruders, the Ghost Titan fought Sonic and Blaze. Upon its defeat, the Ghost Titan exploded, causing Captain Whisker's warship to sink into the sea, along with Captain Whisker and his crew.


The Ghost Titan is mainly out of reach so the player must use one of the two gun turrets that appear on either side of the platform. However the turrets are protected by a force field and any contact with it will damage the player. The player must utilize the Ghost Titan's attacks in order to weaken the force field.

The Ghost Titan will use these attacks while airborne:

  • The Ghost Titan bombards the platform with small fish-like drones which come in two variants: red and green (although only one red at most will be fired per usage). Some will approach the ground and explode on impact while some will follow the player. The player can use a Spin Jump/Axel Jump knock the green drones into the force fields to damage them while attacking the red ones will always knock them directly back at the Ghost Titan to damage it.
  • The Ghost Titan's cannon(s) takes aim at the platform near the player's current location before firing a swift blast with its cannon; simply stay away from the targeted point when the aiming laser flashes white. At lower health, the Ghost Titan is more likely to aim with both of its two cannons.
  • The Ghost Titan detaches one of its arms which then slam at the platform from the background. It can be avoided by constantly moving.
  • The Ghost Titan detaches one of its cannons that will appear above the ground and fire blasts at the ground as the cannon hovers across the platform before doing so again a couple of times. At lower health, it will sometimes use both of its cannons for this.

At times, the Ghost Titan will fly down and will use a combination of these attacks before returning airborne.

  • The Ghost Titan will try to punch the player, sometimes multiple times in succession.
  • The Ghost Titan will fire a barrage of gunshots before returning back to its initial airborne position. It can do this in either one long barrage or in a few bursts.

After the turret's force field is attacked a certain number of times, it will disappear, leaving the turret exposed. The turret will fire a damaging wave across the ground between intervals which the player can jump in order to avoid this. The player must destroy the turret's gun by attacking it enough times with their jump in order to enter it. After entering, the turret regenerates its gun to take aim at the Ghost Titan. At this point, two crosshairs will appear where one of them moves around the screen. The player must then press WiiDSA.png for the turret to fire the character to attack the Ghost Titan. If the player presses WiiDSA.png just as the crosshairs align, the turret will fire a "critical shot" at the Ghost Titan; it fires the player with a distinct animation which strikes the Ghost Titan, dealing massive damage and can be followed up with few weaker hits before the player is knocked back to the main platform; otherwise, the turret will only fire the player at the Ghost Titan and hit it once before returning. While the player engages with a turret, the Ghost Titan will not attack the player.

As the fight progresses, the attacks become more frequent and become harder to avoid. There will always be a turret on either side of the stage which means less room for the player to dodge. When taking aim at the Ghost Titan with the turret, the crosshair moves in increasingly erratic patterns, making it harder to take aim for a critical shot. Once its health is almost depleted, the player must land a critical shot from a turret to proceed to the final phase of the battle.

In the final phase, the Ghost Titan drops down to its defeat but it will perform a final attack, firing two lasers at both ends of the platform that slowly converge towards the center. If the player touches the lasers, they will instantly die (regardless of whether they have Rings or not). When the lasers get close to the center, the Ghost Titan's head will fall just into range for the player to jump up and deal the final blow, ending the fight.


  • There are only sixteen rings in total for this boss battle, some of which can only be obtained by jumping off of the turrets and catching them in midair when getting knocked back to the main platform by the Ghost Titan.
  • The music for this battle contains a part from "Wrapped In Black", a song in Sonic Rush.




Name Artist(s) Length Music track
Boss - Big Swell 3:24



Sonic Rush Adventure Boss 8 - Ghost Titan

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