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The Ghost Rex (ゴーストレックス Gōsutorekkusu?) is the boss of Plant Kingdom and the first boss in Sonic Rush Adventure. It is fought by Sonic in the main storyline (however, the player can choose Blaze to fight it any other time after she is unlocked). It was created by Dr. Eggman and Eggman Nega.


Ghost Rex, as the name implies, is a giant, robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex. It has yellow, orange and lime triangle-like patterns all over its body with lime-green spikes on its back. It has green eyes, gray robotic parts on its legs, and a blue mouth along with off white teeth. It also has a red jewel on its forehead.


First phase

In the first phase, the Ghost Rex will move around the ground and follow the player for a short amount of time before using any of the following two attacks:

  • If the Ghost Rex still continues to follow the player in a different stance, it will reach its head out in attempt to bite the player. The player has to avoid the Ghost Rex's bite and then jump to hit its forehead to damage it.
  • The Ghost Rex will jump to one side of the ground and begin charging at the player player can also damage the Ghost Rex while it its charging, it can also hold this off by jumping on its head.

Second phase

Once it has taken enough hits (usually around half of its health gauge), the Ghost Rex will stomp wildly, causing the ground to be cracked open. The fight will continue as normal, however it then takes place in the touch screen and the Ghost Rex gains a new attack, it can stretch its neck to incredible lengths (making it look like the neck of a brontosaurus), in which afterwards, it slams its head at the player and creating a large shock wave around it, the player can also damage the Ghost Rex by jumping on its head, but now the Ghost Rex will move its head left and right as it is being hit, making it harder for the player to hit it multiple times. When almost defeated, the Ghost Rex will lay its head out ready for the player to deal the final blow on it but if left on this state for too long, the Ghost Rex will regenerate some health and the fight continues.

In normal mode, the Ghost Rex gives the player less time to damage as much as possible, particularly during the second phase. Sometimes when biting, the Ghost Rex will bite at the area three times in succession before it is left vulnerable for the player to attack.





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